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Neighbours Episode 1948 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1947 - 1949>>
Episode title: 1948
Australian airdate: 30/06/93
UK airdate: 03/05/94
UK Gold: 19/04/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Jonathan: Alvin Chong
Compere: Honor Walters
Bookmaker: Simon Meates
Summary/Images by: Graham
Annalise taunting Gaby that her dress for the fashion competition at the races will be better than Gaby's.
Julie telling Helen that Jim felt differently about her because she wasn't his.
Debbie asking Sarah if Rick said anything about the school dance.
Rick asking Sarah to the school dance.
Hungry Bite
Sarah gives Rick an excuse that she probably can't go to the dance - her mum won't let her. Rick says he'll talk her round. Sarah says Jonathan will be jealous because *he's* not going. Rick insists he'll talk him round as well! Sarah tells him quickly that she'll do it herself. Rick asks her if she's sure she can swing it and she tells him she can. Rick smiles:
RICK: We definitely have a date, though?
SARAH (giving in, grins): We definitely have a date!
Doug is studying the form on Chukka Mental for the race tomorrow. Lou is sitting with him as Raymond comes over with some beers. Lou invites him and Jenny to join them at the track tomorrow. Raymond thanks him, saying they'd love to. Doug adds that Pam's gone mad buying a new outfit: she reckons that when Chuckie wins, they'll all end up with their pictures in the papers!
No. 32
Julie is sitting on Phil's lap in the lounge room, saying thoughtfully:
JULIE: I suppose I'm lucky, having two fathers - I mean, my natural father, he must have been special as well; otherwise why would mum have been... you know... attracted? He must've been wonderful.
PHILIP (nods): I suppose he *was*.
JULIE: So that's what I'm concentrating on.
There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Julie goes to answer it. She finds Sarah standing on the step. Julie calls for Debbie and then tells Philip that she's going to see Helen. Philip leaves the lounge room to Debbie and Sarah, who sit down. Debbie asks Sarah if she's spoken to Rick. Sarah nods that she saw him. Debbie grins that she won't let on or say a word; she'll just wait for him to ask her. She then tells Sarah that she's lined her up a date for the dance: Simon - he's a bit of a music head, but he's really funny. Sarah sits there awkwardly and just says thank you. Debbie goes on that the next thing is what to wear; Sarah doesn't have anything trendy, hey? Sarah replies that her dad will let her buy something if she asks nicely. She hesitates before then saying:
SARAH: Look, when Rick gets talking, it's hard to get a word in.
DEBBIE: Yeah, he raves on, doesn't he! I just let him! You know, I think that's why it's so good between us: we just fit so well together. Thanks, Sarah - you're such a good friend.
Sarah smiles and sits there uncomfortably.
No. 28
Gaby is busying putting together an outfit on her sewing machine. Pam emerges from the bedroom area and asks Brad to help with the tea. Brad grumbles and asks why Gaby can't help. Pam points out that she's busy. Brad mutters:
BRAD: Yeah - with needle- mania, just to get even with Annalise. I thought women grew *out* of that stuff.
GABY (tersely): Let me spell it out to you, little brother: Annalise is such a pain in the butt, I'll do just about anything to show her up.
Pam then says she must remember to book that restaurant for tomorrow night for Brad's birthday. Doug arrives home as Brad mutters that his birthday's jinxed: Lucy got the job in Singapore on his birthday... and there was the year he pranged his car... and the time he couldn't even get past the first round of the surf titles; all he knows is that if it's his birthday, it's a disaster - in fact, he's not even going to the races in case something happens to Chuckie. Doug warns him that Lauren isn't going to buy that superstitious nonsense; Brad has got to be there to lead the cheer squad for when Chuckie comes home. Brad just mutters that he'll explain it to her.
Driveway of No. 22
Jonathan is washing the Lims' car when Sarah walks up and tells him agitatedly that she's going to the school dance, but she's got a date and now Debbie's gone and got her another one - and one of them is Rick Alessi. Jonathan exclaims:
JONATHAN: What?! That hooligan?
SARAH: No he's not. Just 'cos you two don't get on.
Jonathan asks her if she wants to date Rick or not. Sarah explains that he's supposed to be *Debbie's* date: Debbie asked her to fix it, but when she spoke to him it came out wrong and he asked *her* and she said yes. She adds that she really likes him, but Debbie's her friend. Jonathan tells his sister to leave things to him...
No. 26
Julie is helping Helen prepare dinner as Helen tells her:
HELEN: I'm glad you've sorted out your feelings, darling, because Jim loved you very, very much.
JULIE: It was a big shock... but it's all back into perspective.
Julie then asks Helen if she *knew* Roger Bannen. Helen replies that she only met him once, from memory, at a dinner at Ann and Jim's. Julie asks if he was nice. Helen tells her that he seemed quite pleasant; all she knew about him was that he was a wealthy, respected businessman. Julie murmurs that you never know people the way you think you do. Helen agrees. She goes on:
HELEN: From what Ann said, he intimidated her a little. The first time he came to dinner, she was very nervous - of course, that was very understandable because Jim was just starting out on his career; she wanted to make a good impression on Roger Bannen.
JULIE: Seems that she did...
HELEN (murmurs): Yes.
JULIE: He must've had a lot of charisma. Do you know if he's still alive?
HELEN (exclaims in concern): After all this time, you're not planning to *contact* him?
JULIE: I don't know, gran; I'm not sure. That's what I'll have to think about.
Helen stands there looking worried.
No. 28
Sitting on the couch with Lauren, Brad hands her a good luck charm from Bali. Lauren, however, tells him that him being at the race is enough of a good luck charm for her. Brad, though, tells her that he *mightn't* be because of his birthday jinx: things always go wrong on his birthday - he can't explain it. Lauren tells him that she wants him there; it wouldn't feel right if he wasn't there on her big day. Brad gives in and smiles:
BRAD: All right - whatever you say; but I've told you the situation, so be careful.
LAUREN: I'll take my chances!
No. 28
The next morning, everyone is dressed for the races. Pam shows off her outfit to Brad and Gaby and Gaby smiles that she looks great! Pam comments in concern that it's not really her, but Gaby points out that that's the whole idea - the races are an occasion, so splash out! Doug comes in and tells everyone that Lou will see them at the track. Pam asks him if he got to the bank. Doug takes an envelope of money out of his jacket pocket and says he'll call in at the site on the way home and pay the boys. Pam reaches into her handbag and takes out $50, which she hands to Doug and tells him is his betting money. Doug exclaims:
DOUG: Fair go - I can't manage on *this*!
Pam reminds him that he promised! There's a knock on the front door and Pam opens it to Raymond and Jenny Lim. Gaby looks at the dress Jenny is wearing and exclaims that it's beautiful! The door opens again and Annalise comes in, apologising for being late. She looks at what Gaby is wearing and smiles sarcastically:
ANNALISE: Oh Gaby, I *love* the outfit. See it in a magazine, did you?
GABY (airily): Oh no, it's just a little something I ran up yesterday. Nothing special. You know, that colour looks a little better on you in the morning light, Annalise!
Pam suggests quickly that they head off or they might miss the first race!
No. 32
Philip is looking out the front window and comments to Julie that it looks like half the street is going to the races! Julie has a telephone book on her lap and Philip asks her what she's looking for. Julie tells him that she's checking a couple of government departments to find out if Roger Bannen's company still operates. Philip comments in concern that she's not thinking of *contacting* him, is she? Julie replies that she hasn't decided yet. Philip goes on:
PHILIP: Even if Roger Bannen is still alive, he hasn't contacted you; don't you think that *means* something?
JULIE: I'd just like to know for certain.
PHILIP: What about his wife? She might not even *know* about this affair. Julie, you could be causing awful problems.
JULIE: I'd thought of that.
PHILIP: Sometimes these things are best left alone.
JULIE: I'd thought of that as well.
PHILIP: So there doesn't seem to be much point, does there?
Julie doesn't respond.
Hungry Bite
Debbie is sitting at a table, reading, when Jonathan comes in and asks if he can join her. Debbie smiles that most guys wouldn't even *ask*! Jonathan sits down and then tells Debbie that he'd be honoured if she'd go with him to the school dance. Debbie stares at him and then murmurs that she can't. Jonathan asks:
JONATHAN: Do you already have a date?
DEBBIE: Sort of.
JONATHAN: Is it definite?
DEBBIE (admits): No, not really.
JONATHAN: Look, I'd really like to take you.
DEBBIE: I'm sorry, Jonathan. It's nothing personal but I just can't. Definitely not.
The men decide to go and look for the betting area and the women decide to look at the fashions. Annalise asks if anyone knows where to enter the fashion competition. Jenny tells her that apparently it's an exclusive event; you have to be invited. Pam adds that they have spotters out all over the racecourse. Gaby muses that they're very selective... Pam and Jenny walk off, leaving Gaby to point out to Annalise that someone else is wearing the same outfit as her. Annalise stares in annoyance at a woman talking on a public 'phone.
Over at the betting area, Doug tells Brad that the form horse in the next race is the favourite, Worthy Day. Brad, however, asks a bookie for five bucks each way on Harry O'Lion. Lou joins them and tells them that Chuckie's as fit as a fiddle. Doug places $5 each way on Worthy Day. Raymond bets $500 for a place on Lady Long!
Hungry Bite
Debbie is still reading when Rick joins her and asks if they should call a truce: friends again? Debbie agrees. Rick sits down with her and Debbie asks him what's been happening in his life. Rick shrugs that it's been a bit of this, a bit of that... but he has a bit of a problem with money, which seems to see him and run the other way! Debbie points out that not *everything* that's fun has to cost money... Rick asks her if she's talking about the dance. Debbie asks him if he's going. Rick smiles:
RICK: Yeah, well, it's... you know... nothing heavy or anything. Just a date!
DEBBIE (grins): Is that a fact?!
RICK: You know her really well, actually!
DEBBIE: Really?!
RICK: Yeah, well, I like to make people feel at home, sort of thing; do a good deed. I'm going to take Sarah Lim.
Debbie's face drops.
Doug's horse, Worthy Day, comes in first, winning him $4.50! Brad exclaims that *his* nag came in third and he won $50! Lou muses that *his* horse is still running! Raymond says his horse came in fifth, but not to worry: his philosophy is not to dwell on your losses - buy a bottle of champagne and look to the future! Lou and Doug tell him that they'd be delighted to join him!
No. 26
Helen opens the front door to Philip. He makes an excuse about having to pick up some papers from home, but Helen realises he's there to talk about Roger Bannen. She asks him what he thinks of the situation. Philip tells her that he's very worried: it's becoming a bit of an obsession - Julie keeps building the guy up like he's some kind of ideal father; almost a *replacement* for Jim. Helen muses:
HELEN: Yes... But what if she finds him and he rejects her?
PHILIP: I think if we can possibly talk her out of contacting him, we should - at least for the time being.
HELEN: Oh, I agree.
Pam and Gaby join, Doug, Lou, Brad and Annalise in the stands, Pam groaning that Gaby's dragged her all around the racecourse! Annalise smiles at Gaby:
ANNALISE: All that walking didn't have anything to do with the fashion contest...?
GABY: Sure did! And it worked - I've been invited in as my outfit's both smart and original.
Annalise gives her a withering look!
Hungry Bite
Sarah sits down at a table with Rick, saying she knows he likes Debbie, so she thought maybe he'd rather ask *her*. Rick points out to Sarah that he asked her first; doesn't she want to go with him? Sarah replies that *sure* she does; she just doesn't want to split him and Debbie up. Rick tells her that they're *already* split up. At that moment, though, Debbie comes into the shop and storms over to the table, snapping at Sarah:
DEBBIE: I want to talk to you.
SARAH: I *told* Rick he could go to the dance with you.
DEBBIE: Let's discuss this in private.
Rick chips in that he's not exactly sure what gives, but it kinds of looks like the dance is in there somewhere. Debbie mutters at him not to flatter himself. Rick tells her firmly that he's not going to fight; he asked Sarah first and that's it. He adds that Debbie can get another date easy. Sarah asks Debbie if she's spoken to Jonathan, as he wanted to ask her. Debbie glares at her and snaps:
DEBBIE: How did you know about that?
RICK: Course she knows - it's her brother!
DEBBIE (to Sarah, angrily): Did you talk to him? Did you tell him to ask me?
SARAH: No, it was his *own* idea.
DEBBIE (gasps): What - you talked to him behind my back? I can't *believe* this! How could you do this to me?
With that, Debbie storms out. A look of guilt crosses Sarah's face.
No. 32
Philip arrives home to find Julie with a book in front of her on the coffee table. He asks what it is and Julie explains that she went to the library. Philip looks at the book and exclaims:
PHILIP: List of companies on the Stock Exchange.
Julie tells him that Roger Bannen's company's in there; it says he's still the Managing Director. Philip warns:
PHILIP: Julie...
JULIE: Philip, I just want to *talk* to him.
PHILIP: Well, what are you going to tell him?
JULIE: I'm not sure I'm going to tell him *anything*; I just want to see my real father in the flesh.
Philip sighs heavily. Julie asks:
JULIE: Is that so unreasonable? I just want to *see* him.
Gaby is taking part in the fashion show. She strides across the walkway. She's then followed by another young woman. Sitting with Jenny, Pam comments to her that she knows she's a proud mum and biased, but for her money, Gaby seems to be the winner so far. Jenny nods that she looks very glamorous. The compere then says:
COMPERE: Our next contestant is Annalise Hartman.
A look of shock crosses Gaby's face. Pam's face drops as she realises Annalise is wearing the hat *she* had on earlier, along with a much shorter skirt. She mutters that the girl is up there in a *slip*; she can't *believe* what passes for fashion these days! Annalise stands on the podium, looking pleased with herself. Gaby looks infuriated!
Elsewhere on the course, a stable boy is leading Chuckie out of the stables. Lauren is with him. From behind a nearby fence, Brad tells Lou that he'll grab a photo. He calls out:
BRAD: Hey! Lauren!
At the sound of Brad's voice, Chuckie starts rearing up, and Lauren quickly has to calm him down. Brad sighs that it's the curse. Lou tells Brad to stay where he is, and *he* runs over to Lauren to ask her if she's OK. Lauren, however, tells him that it's Chuckie; he's limping; she thinks he might have jarred his fetlock. She asks Lou to get the vet right away. Lou dashes off as Brad watches in concern.
In the betting area, Raymond and Doug are talking about betting, Raymond laughing about Doug's miniscule bets. Doug insists that that little business of his does pretty well; he's not broke by any means. Raymond insists that that wasn't what he meant. Doug asks him what he's putting on anyway. Raymond smiles:
RAYMOND: I want to show my support for Chukka Mental. I'll put a thousand on.
Doug takes his envelope of cash for his workers out of his jacket pocket, saying he's got big bucks put aside, but the question is whether he lays it on today, before he's seen Chuckie's form. Raymond tells him that if he can't afford to risk it, he shouldn't spend it. Doug, however, declares suddenly that he's decided: today's the day. Walking over to a bookie, he holds out the cash and says:
DOUG: Five thousand dollars on Chukka Mental - on the nose.
<<1947 - 1949>>
Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim in Neighbours Episode 1948
Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim

Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Raymond Lim in Neighbours Episode 1948
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Raymond Lim

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1948
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Debbie Martin, Sarah Lim in Neighbours Episode 1948
Debbie Martin, Sarah Lim

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Gaby Willis

Brad Willis, Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Brad Willis, Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Jonathon Lim in Neighbours Episode 1948
Jonathon Lim

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1948
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin

Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis

Gaby Willis, Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Gaby Willis, Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Brad Willis

Gaby Willis, Annalise Hartman, Jenny Lim in Neighbours Episode 1948
Gaby Willis, Annalise Hartman, Jenny Lim

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1948
Julie Martin

Jonathon Lim, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1948
Jonathon Lim, Debbie Martin

Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis, Pam Willis, Jenny Lim in Neighbours Episode 1948
Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis, Pam Willis, Jenny Lim

Doug Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Doug Willis, Brad Willis

Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1948
Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Raymond Lim, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Raymond Lim, Brad Willis

Philip Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1948
Philip Martin, Helen Daniels

Gaby Willis, Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman, Doug Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Gaby Willis, Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman, Doug Willis, Brad Willis

Sarah Lim, Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1948
Sarah Lim, Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1948
Philip Martin

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1948
Annalise Hartman

Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis

Lou Carpenter, Lauren Carpenter, Chukka Mental in Neighbours Episode 1948
Lou Carpenter, Lauren Carpenter, Chukka Mental

Raymond Lim, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1948
Raymond Lim, Doug Willis

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