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Neighbours Episode 1947 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1946 - 1948>>
Episode title: 1947
Australian airdate: 29/06/93
UK airdate: 02/05/94
UK Gold: 18/04/00
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Kelly: Bernadette Walsh
Kirsty: Jodie Haigh
- "Telephone Booth" by Ian Moss
- "Ordinary Angels" by Frente!
- "Juice" by The Headless Chickens
- "Dreams Of Heaven" by Ground Level
- "Lost" by The Badloves
- "Accidentally Kelly Street" by Frente!
- "Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight" by The Models
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Unavailable
Number 32
Julie realises that Helen didn't intend for her to ever see the letter. Helen tells her that she didn't see the point after so long. Julie thinks that she had the right to know the truth.
JULIE: How could it happen? Mum and Dad always seemed so happy. You were always saying what a wonderful marriage they had.
HELEN: I know very little, apart from what's in that letter.
JULIE: Gran, she was your daughter - you must know something.
HELEN: I've been trying to fit the pieces together but I'm not sure of the facts by any means.
Julie begs Helen to tell her what she knows.
Annalise serves Doug a beer. Gaby is sitting, miserably, next to him. Doug is full of cheer - he reckons he's going to win big at the races. Annalise offers a collection tin to them, as they're saving to get Brad a present for his birthday. Both Doug and Gaby have got him presents already.
DOUG: (to Gaby) Wayne'll come round.
ANNALISE: Ohh, have you and Wayne had a fight?
GABY: (coldly) Not that it's any of your business, but no, we haven't had a fight.
ANNALISE: (sneering) Well, I was just asking!
GABY: Yes, so you can spread the latest goss around the neighbourhood!
Doug wonders if Gaby is going to the racing. Gaby doesn't think it's likely - she doesn't bet, and she wouldn't know one end of a horse from the other! Annalise says that she'll be there, as some of the racing guys will be loaded!
Doug is surprised that the Fashions on the Field competition hasn't tempted Gaby, as he thinks it's just the place for a talented dressmaker to show off her latest designs. Gaby's slightly interested. Annalise interrupts, saying that she's going to have a go herself.
GABY: You?!
ANNALISE: Yes, and why not?!
Gaby tells her that racetrack fashions are a bit out of her league! Annalise huffs off.
Coffee Shop
Debbie sneaks a look over at Rick on the other side of the Coffee Shop. She's sitting with Sarah and Kelly, and they're gushing about the dance. Debbie wonders if Mr and Mrs Lim will let Sarah go, but Sarah doesn't think so. Kelly points out that she doesn't have a partner either, but Debbie says that she can get a date easy enough.
KELLY: You're such an optimist, Deb!
DEBBIE: What about Harvey Johnson? He really likes you.
KELLY: That sleaze?!
DEBBIE: Don't be such a pain, Kelly!
Kelly storms off. Debbie tells Sarah not to worry about her. Sarah says that Harvey *is* a sleaze, but she wouldn't be allowed to go out with another boy apart from Jonathan anyway. Debbie is appalled at the idea of Sarah going with her own brother. She reckons that she can get Sarah hooked up with one of her guy friends - and one that her parents will approve of too. Sarah is excited by this.
Number 32
Julie can't believe that Jim didn't confide in Helen. Helen says that all she ever knew was that whilst Ann was pregnant with Julie, she and Jim briefly separated and she went to live with Rosemary. Julie thinks that Rosemary must know, but Helen assures her that she doesn't. Helen elaborates, saying that as far as Rosemary knew, it was tied up with Jim's work and Ann needing her own space.
JULIE: It must be true. Mum had an affair with Dad's boss.
HELEN: Well, that's what the letter implies, but I can't believe it of Ann. From the moment she fell in love with Jim, she never looked at another man.
JULIE: (tearfully) There must be some explanation, Gran.
Philip cheerfully wanders in, completely unaware of what's going on.
PHILIP: (happily) What are you two talking about?
Julie hurriedly puts the letter away and dismisses the conversation as them not having much time to chat. Philip puts his arms around Julie, and starts to gush about Ruby and how having her around the house will free Julie up to spend some more time with Helen. Julie indicates to Helen not to say anything about the letter.
Helen leaves, and Julie still looks terribly shaken. Philip is completely oblivious to anything being wrong.
PHILIP: Jules, I know I was against the idea of having a housekeeper but *you* were right, and *I* was wrong. Things are going to be very different in the Martin household from now on!
He happily sits with one of Ruby's biscuits. Julie looks devastated.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is making a list of potential boys for Sarah. Annalise pops in, and dismisses what they're up to as kids stuff. Harvey walks over.
ANNALISE: Oh, well well, if it isn't Harvey! Did you enjoy your afternoon?
HARVEY: (annoyed) It wasn't exactly what I had in mind.
ANNALISE: (to Sarah and Debbie) Harvey here thought Beth and I would enjoy a kinky afternoon in one of Lassiter's luxury suites. Spa, champagne, the works.
HARVEY: You're the one who suggested it.
ANNALISE: Yeah, then when he had his gear off for the spa, we did a bit of a runner. Left him with the bill.
HARVEY: How am I going to pay for it after the monster fine I copped in court? I wouldn't have a clue.
ANNALISE: Well, that's your problem, *babe*.
HARVEY: Thems the breaks, babe.
Harvey leaves. Annalise tells Sarah not to look so shocked, after all, he tried his Casanova number on her too. Sarah admits that he tried. Debbie can't believe she dumped Rick for a creep like Harvey.
Number 32
Philip is sitting on the sofa. Hannah is lying on him, stuffing her face with Ruby's biscuits. Debbie is sitting - reading - on a chair in the far corner, and Julie is sitting - reading - in a chair opposite Philip and Hannah.
PHILIP: You'll burst if you eat any more, Button.
HANNAH: Ruby made these especially for me.
PHILIP: I can see she's going to spoil you rotten. She's going to spoil us all rotten if she keeps on cooking meals like the one she cooked tonight. Hey, Jules?
JULIE: (dismissively) Yes, it was good.
DEBBIE: (shooting a look at Philip) You cook just as well though, Mum.
PHILIP: Of course she does, but now she doesn't have to bother about it! ...you do approve of Ruby, don't you?
JULIE: Yes, of course.
PHILIP: You don't sound very enthusiastic.
JULIE: Sorry, I was just thinking about something Gran said.
Julie looks very rattled. Debbie looks concerned. Philip remains oblivious!
PHILIP: Ah yeah, what was the great debate all about?
Julie looks very distressed. She composes herself.
JULIE: Um, can we talk later?
PHILIP: (surprised) Yeah, ok. But you've been off the air ever since you started ploughing through your Dad's letters.
Debbie looks over at Julie, and frowns, worriedly.
PHILIP: (jokingly, cont.) Don't tell me you've come across some old skeletons rattling around in the Robinson closet, have you?!
Julie looks very very pained and then starts to cry.
HANNAH: (getting up) Mummy, what's wrong?
PHILIP: What did I say?
Debbie quickly grabs Hannah and excuses themselves, saying that they're going to do their homework. Philip kneels next to Julie.
PHILIP: (gently) Darling, what is it?
JULIE: It's true, I have found out something.
PHILIP: Well, if your Dad's kept it a secret all these years, we'll leave it that way.
JULIE: He wasn't my father. That's what I found out.
Philip looks stunned.
Number 26
Annalise is showing a bunch of outfits to Helen. Helen warns that people don't tend to dress up for the races these days, unless it's for something like the Melbourne Cup. Annalise reckons there might be a rich guy waiting for her! Helen thinks that in that case, she needs a different approach - something more sophisticated. She compliments Annalise on her figure and comments that she doesn't have to wear a mini-skirt to show what good shape she's in. Helen suggests a well cut classic line so that she can be daring with her acessories. Annalise thinks this is a good idea.
Number 32
Philip and Julie are sitting face to face, talking in low voices.
PHILIP: The important thing is that Jim loved you.
JULIE: He couldn't have felt the same about me as he did Paul, Scott and Lucy.
PHILIP: I don't accept that and I won't let you talk that way. It shows the measure of the man that he was prepared to take you on as his daughter. That makes your relationship even more special.
JULIE: But it does change things. I'm only a half-sister to Paul and the others. Can you imagine how that feels? And worst of all, I can't believe my mother would do such a thing.
PHILIP: ...she...she was human! She made a mistake. Jim made one of his own - Glen was the result.
JULIE: Two wrongs don't make a right, Philip.
PHILIP: Jim was prepared to forgive and forget. Why can't you?
JULIE: He didn't forget. All those years he kept that letter.
PHILIP: He probably didn't even realise it was still there.
Julie sighs, clearly very upset.
JULIE: We'll never know now.
PHILIP: You're still the same person!
JULIE: I'm not Julie Robinson.
Philip looks at Julie and then pulls her towards him, so that their foreheads touch.
PHILIP: (forcefully) You're Julie *MARTIN* and I love you.
JULIE: (tearfully) It's not as simple as that, Philip. I don't know who I am any more.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Rick bump into each other and both seem pleased. They make small talk until Sarah interrupts and Rick leaves them to it, going to sit in the corner. Debbie sadly asks Kristy for a fruit muffin - she's despondent that Rick didn't mention the dance. Sarah suggests asking Rick, but Debbie thinks that's like crawling. Sarah offers to ask on Debbie's behalf, which cheers Debbie. They both leave and pass Harvey, who's just entered. Debbie glares at him.
Harvey sits with Rick and Rick tells him that he owes him 5 bucks. Harvey tells him that everywhere he goes, people are holding out their hands for money. He says it's time for him to move on, so he's lined up a job on a cruise ship. Rick thinks it sounds cool, especially as it means he won't be the junior dogsbody in the kitchen any longer.
HARVEY: (laughing) Give the new kid hell!
Harvey apologises for ruining Rick's relationship with Debbie. Rick tells him that it was Debbie's fault and says there's no point in having any bad feelings between the two of them.
Number 32
Julie and Hannah are sitting on the floor. Julie is brushing Hannah's hair, whilst Hannah looks through some old photos.
HANNAH: That was your mum, wasn't it?
HANNAH: You look a lot like her. Granny Helen says I take after Grandad's side.
Julie stops brushing Hannah's hair.
JULIE: When did she say that?
HANNAH: The other day. She said I was a *real* Robinson.
Julie is upset by this. She starts brushing Hannah's hair again.
JULIE: People say a lot of things when we're little. We change a lot as we grow up.
Hannah looks at another photo.
HANNAH: That was supposed to be a fancy dress party, wasn't it?
JULIE: (happily) Yes.
HANNAH: Were you supposed to be a princess?
Julie nods and takes the photo from Hannah.
HANNAH: Did your mum make the dress?
JULIE: (smiling) No, my dad.
She pauses, and the recent revelations seem to resurface in Julie's mind. She looks pained and corrects herself.
JULIE: Grandad bought it for me.
She passes the photo back to Hannah.
JULIE: When I was very little, he used to call me his princess.
HANNAH: Is that why you're so sad, Mummy? Because you miss Grandad?
Julie bursts into tears, and they hug each other tightly.
Coffee Shop
Kristy serves Gaby. Annalise walks in as Gaby goes to leave. Gaby spies Annalise's shopping bags and tries to peer inside to get a look at Annalise's outfit for the races.
ANNALISE: No peeking! I know about you dress designers stealing each other's ideas.
GABY: I prefer to be original.
ANNALISE: Yeah, well, I prefer to be classy!
GABY: Can't imagine that somehow!
Annalise reckons that they'll find out at the races tomorrow, and warns Gaby that she's going to give her a run for her money in the fashion competition. Gaby doubts it! Gaby leaves and Annalise goes to the counter. The camera moves to Rick and Sarah.
Sarah quizzes Rick about Debbie and their relationship. Rick says that although they were together for a long time, their relationship is ancient history. He asks if she had a boyfriend in Hong Kong. Sarah says that she didn't, as her parents are so strict. Rick thinks that they'd get on well with his parents!
Sarah talks about how Rick's parents must trust him as they've moved to Sydney without him. Rick tells her that they had to face the fact that he was old enough to do his own thing. Sarah wishes her parents were more like Rick's - she was hoping that her parents would "get real" when they moved to Australia, but her mum doesn't even like her having friends!
RICK: Well, you've got Deb.
SARAH: That's true. Debbie's great. I like her heaps.
RICK: Yeah, yeah, she's a good friend.
SARAH: So... That's how you think of her? As a friend?
RICK: (confused) Well...yeah.
SARAH: (happily) She wants to be friends with you too!
RICK: (still slightly confused) Well, I wouldn't have it any other way.
SARAH: (happily) I'm really glad, Rick!
Number 26
Helen and Julie are drinking tea.
JULIE: Gran, I'm sorry to say this... I mean, Mum was your daughter... But I'm not sure I can *ever* forgive her for this.
HELEN: Julie, I'm every bit as shocked as you are, but I'm not going to stop loving her.
JULIE: It's so shattering. Not to even know your own father. ...what was he like? Was I just a mistake?
HELEN: Oh, darling.
JULIE: Did he have any kind of love for my mother?
HELEN: Does it matter? You're a grown woman now. Your own person - a wife and a mother.
JULIE: It's a terrible feeling to know that I was probably never even wanted. Nothing can make up for that.
HELEN: Darling... You've had a happier life and better upbringing than thousands and thousands of children have ever known. Doesn't that count for something?
JULIE: ...Dad didn't really miss me when I went away though, did he?
HELEN: Of course he did! If he spent his life grieving because his children ran off and did their own thing, he'd have had a mighty miserable time of it! Having you and the family back here meant a great deal to him; I know it did.
JULIE: I wonder.
HELEN: Darling, I knew Jim more than *anyone*. He loved you very very much.
Julie tearfully smiles at Helen.
HELEN: And who did you turn to during that terrible time with Michael, when you thought you were literally going out of your mind?
Julie grins.
HELEN: The man who loved and cared for you from the minute you were born. Doesn't that prove something?
JULIE: I suppose so.
HELEN: Whatever Jim's faults, he never had any favourites among his children. And I'm quite sure he'd be devastated if he knew that he left that letter behind for you to go through all this.
JULIE: He did, Gran. He did feel differently about me.
HELEN: Darling, why do you keep saying that?!
JULIE: Because it's true. Why did his will exclude me from a share in this house?
Helen looks sad.
JULIE: Because I wasn't family. To him, I never have been.
Number 32
Debbie is on the phone, raving about how great Sarah is, trying to get her a date. She talks the guy into it and puts the phone down just as Sarah arrives. Sarah tells Debbie that she spoke to Rick and he 'really wants to be friends'. Debbie is disappointed that he didn't mention the dance, as she believes that if Rick really wants them to get back together, he'd definitely take her. Sarah says that she didn't get the chance to ask, but she will if Debbie wants her to.
DEBBIE: Do you think you could just drop him a little hint, maybe?
SARAH: Maybe I could accidentally bump into him again this afternoon?
DEBBIE: Terrific!
Debbie enthusiastically hugs Sarah.
Number 26
Annalise emerges in her outfit for the races. Helen praises it, saying it looks very sophisticated - and reckons Annalise looks cosmopolitan!
ANNALISE: Well, it had better because it cost me an arm and a leg!
There's a knock at the door. Helen says that Annalise will be the belle of the racecourse and opens the door. It's Gaby, who's calling for Wayne...but who looks takenaback at Annalise's outfit. Helen compliments Annalise's dress and Gaby remarks that it could be delightful...on the right person!
Annalise looks very hurt and annoyed when Gaby rabbits on about how the clothes aren't Annalise's style, but it's very clear that Gaby has had a big attack of the greeneyed monster. When Annalise demands to know exactly what's wrong with it, Gaby rips into the fabric and the cut. Annalise is upset, saying that the saleswoman told her that she had the perfect figure for it.
GABY: They'll say anything to get that tat off the rack!
Helen defends Annalise's dress when Gaby starts saying that the colour is wrong, and Gaby sharply tells Annalise that she asked for her opinion, so she gave it! She leaves, clearly rattled by the experience. Annalise sits down in a strop.
HELEN: I didn't realise Gaby had such a competitive streak.
ANNALISE: Hmm! ...I think she might be right about the colour though. I was a bit suss on it myself until the saleslady twisted my arm.
HELEN: There is nothing wrong with the colour *or* the cut. You look wonderful!
Annalise smiles tightly.
Number 28
Doug is reading the paper when Gaby rushes in with all sorts of material.
DOUG: What's going on? Has we had an urgent call from Madonna for a few new cozzies?
Gaby tells him that she needs something for the races. Doug is confused - he thought Gaby had already decided on an outfit. She tells him that she had...until she saw Annalise's new outfit!
GABY: Stand aside, Father! This is war!
Doug laughs to himself.
Number 32
Hannah is sitting on the floor petting Holly. Philip is sitting on the sofa playing with a Rubik's cube. Julie walks in, with Debbie close behind and Debbie is whining about wanting a new dress for the school dance. Debbie doesn't want to be the only one who looks like a total dag.
JULIE: Hannah, if that dog messes on the carpet, there'll be trouble!
HANNAH: She won't. I just took her outside and she did a WHOPPER.
Julie and Debbie roll their eyes. Philip laughs.
PHILIP: You've got an answer for everything, haven't you, Button?
Hannah grins and nods! Debbie continues to badger Julie for a dress. Julie tells her to stop bothering her and to go and do something constructive - like her homework!
DEBBIE: It doesn't have to cost a fortune!
JULIE: I said leave it.
PHILIP: I'm sure we can scratch a few dollars together for such an important occasion, Deb.
Julie looks exasperated with Philip for giving in! Debbie is delighted and rushes over to hug him.
JULIE: You spoil her rotten, Philip.
DEBBIE: That's what dads are for!
Philip and Debbie grin and hold each other tightly. Julie looks very upset and storms out. Philip's face falls.
HANNAH: Why do you need a new dress when you haven't even got a date?
DEBBIE: That's all you'd know, stupid.
HANNAH: Well, you don't have a boyfriend now Rick's dumped you!
Philip looks a bit concerned. Debbie gets up and approaches Hannah.
DEBBIE: He didn't *dump* me. And er, any time now, we'll be an item again. So drop on your head, brat.
Debbie pats Hannah on the head and walks out. Hannah shrugs her shoulders at Philip and kisses Holly!
Coffee Shop
Sarah has indeed met up with Rick again. Rick is talking about his time in London and explains that he didn't want to go to Italy because he has too many relatives in that part of the world for his liking. Sarah asks if he's been to Hong Kong. Rick says he hasn't, but once he gets some cash together, he's going on a cruise ship as it's the only way to really see the world and have a great time (he's obviously been listening to Harvey!).
Sarah asks if he's going to finish school. Rick says he is, as he made a deal with his oldies but after that, his folks can eat his dust! Sarah says she'd never be allowed to do anything like that - her parents have a panic attack if she goes to the shops on her own! Rick talks about how tough it must be being in a new place, with a new school and not knowing people.
Sarah says that she isn't good at making friends quickly. Rick says that she knows him now. Sarah says that she wouldn't be able to approach a guy that she'd just met and ask him out. Rick says it's tough for guys too - well, some guys!
SARAH: If you wanted to take someone to the school dance, you'd go right ahead and ask, wouldn't you?
RICK: Well, yeah, sure.
SARAH: I was wondering...have you made up your mind who you're taking?
RICK: Ah, I hadn't really thought about it that much.
SARAH: I thought maybe you had someone special in mind?
RICK: No. ...hey, how about you? Have you got someone lined up?
RICK: So what do you say?
SARAH: ME?! But-
RICK: Yeah, come on! It's a date!
Rick grins. Sarah looks flattered.
SARAH: I'd love to but-
RICK: No buts - it's on!
Sarah looks shocked.
<<1946 - 1948>>
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1947
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Doug Willis, Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1947
Doug Willis, Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis

Kelly, Sarah Lim, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1947
Kelly, Sarah Lim, Debbie Martin

Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1947
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Harvey Johnson, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1947
Harvey Johnson, Annalise Hartman

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1947
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1947
Annalise Hartman

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1947
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1947
Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Harvey Johnson, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1947
Harvey Johnson, Rick Alessi

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1947
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1947
Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis

Sarah Lim, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1947
Sarah Lim, Rick Alessi

Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1947
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Debbie Martin, Sarah Lim in Neighbours Episode 1947
Debbie Martin, Sarah Lim

Helen Daniels, Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1947
Helen Daniels, Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis

Gaby Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1947
Gaby Willis, Doug Willis

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1947
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim in Neighbours Episode 1947
Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim

Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim in Neighbours Episode 1947
Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim

<<1946 - 1948>>
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