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Neighbours Episode 1924 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1924
Australian airdate: 27/05/93
UK airdate: 30/03/94
UK Gold: 16/03/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lauren tells Brad that she doesn't think it's a good idea for them to be together - it's over between them. It's wrecked everything.
Just then, Lou comes in and throws Brad out(!)
Rick is on the phone to Cathy telling her that everything is great in Erinsborough. When he puts the phone down, Debbie tells him she counted 11 lies he told Cathy(!) Debbie tells Rick that he stinks of garlic but kisses him anyway. But he has to dash off to work.
Ben is speaking Japanese very badly and Gaby is trying to tutor him. He begs her to come along tomorrow as his personal assistant. Wayne agrees that they could postpone their plans.
Troy comes to visit and suggest he, Wayne and Gaby go out on the town. Gaby is not impressed!
Restaurant Kitchen
Rick is peeling potatoes but is then told to mop the floor and do the lunch dishes.
A letter has arrived from Queensland for Brad. Pam is dying to open it, but Doug won't let her. Brad comes in and opens the letter. All that's inside is Beth's engagement ring with no note.
PAM: Ohhh, I was hoping she'd calm down, give you another chance.
BRAD: Doesn't look like it.
PAM: Oh, it's a damned shame...
DOUG: I was hoping too. Still, can't blame her I suppose.
BRAD:(staring at the ring) So, that's it then.
Restaurant Kitchen
Rick is fed up of washing up. The chef tells him he has to clean the ovens before he can eat. Rick tells him he needs a break and a meal right now, so he decides to quit.
No.24, the following morning
Lou comes in from a swim in the pool and tells Lauren that medical science could have advanced by the time Lauren is ready to have kids.
Rick comes round and tells them he's quit his job. He asks Lou for some work at the yard, but Lou says he'd have to consult with the other partners.
Bentio meets the Japanese delegation and does quite well at first. But then he throws their business cards down and they look a bit shocked. Benito quickly picks up the cards and they ask him to show them round the shopping centre. He assures them that the stories they've heard about lazy Australian workers are not true. His workers are very committed.
Brad is brooding about the engagement ring. He tells Doug that he's kind of relieved in a way, but he would have liked to stay friends with Beth. Doug advises him not to stir things up with Lauren - he needs to think things through. However, Brad decides to go and see Lauren.
BRAD: Ever since me and Beth got engaged, I've been trying to do what's right for everyone else. And look what it got me. This time I'm doing something for me, and everyone else can go jump!
Lauren is sitting looking depressed and reluctantly gets up to answer the door. When Brad calls out to her she decides not to open it.
BRAD:(through the door) I know you still feel the same as me. I know you'd be talking to me if you didn't. Laurie, please?
He walks away, defeated.
Coffee Shop
The chef (Harvey) sees Rick in the Coffee Shop and offers him his job back. He insists he wasn't picking on Rick, but he'll take it easier on Rick if he comes back. Rick reluctantly agrees.
Benito is very tired after showing the Japanese round. Gaby says that Benito has done just about everything wrong(!) He sends her off to get the presents he's prepared for the Japanese men.
Wayne and Troy come out of the lift with a beer in hand each and talk to the Japanese, much to Benito's despair.
Rick and Debbie are hanging out and kissing. They decide to go out to eat and watch a movie. Debbie tells him she's looking forward to having some time together, but Rick has fallen asleep!
The Japanese are quite enjoying their conversation with Troy about cattle while Benito has gone to check on Gaby. Wayne invites them to come and have a look at Thunderbolt the bull and the Japanese enthusiastically agree. Wayne writes a note for Gaby and leaves it on the table, then they all leave!
A path
Brad sees Lauren and runs up behind her and hugs her. She's not too pleased. Brad tells her that Beth has sent the ring back, so he's free to be with anyone he wants. Lauren says she wants to keep her friends, and Lou wouldn't be happy anyway. Brad says they could just keep it quiet(!) Lauren agrees and they kiss.
Gaby and Benito arrive back at the hotel lobby to find the Japanese and Wayne and Troy gone. Benito is besides himself and hopes it hasn't cost him his job. He picks up the note and reads it in horror.
BENITO: They've hijacked them! God knows what's going to happen to them!
He and Gaby dash off after them.
Pam and Doug are talking about Brad. Pam goes on that Beth was the perfect daughter- in- law, but Doug says it's up to Brad, and Pam will have to come to terms with his decision.
Just then, Beth herself turns up! Pam and Doug welcome her enthusiastically.
PAM: Have you come back for good?
BETH: Well, I hope so. I've done a lot of thinking, and I've decided it's really important for me and Brad to try again.
<<1923 - 1925>>
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