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Neighbours Episode 1878 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1877 - 1879>>
Episode title: 1878
Australian airdate: 24/03/93
UK airdate: 25/01/94
UK Gold: 12/01/00
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Attractive Woman: Nichole Jennings
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Fiona and Jim wait with baited breath.
JIM: You can't destroy the career of someone who's never done you any harm, an honest hard- working young bloke who doesn't deserve any of this! (louder) Can you?!
JIM: There.
FIONA: Oh, Annalise, what's the matter with you?!
ANNALISE: I really liked Wayne! He treated me like a kid. And then when everyone believed me, it was just easier to let them.
JIM: Right, that's it. I expect you to repeat what you've said to your mother and me to Mr Knotts. The least you can do is clear Wayne's name.
ANNALISE: Yeah, well...I might...I might not.
FIONA: That's enough. (to Jim) Leave her alone, can't you? Annalise and I will put things right.
Beth tells Gaby that there might not be a marriage with Brad at this rate. Gaby is shocked and says she'll send Brad over. Beth insists that Brad has to make the first move on his own, or there's no point.
Pam is trying to throw out some of Brad's old clothes(!) She asks if Brad has patched things up with Beth, and he is blase about it, saying he tried to fix things, and now it's up to Beth. Pam asks what the fight was about - if it wasn't important, he should just apologise to Beth and move on, before it gets blown out of all proportion.
Jim is telling Helen and Wayne the good news about Annalise's confession. Wayne says he's still thinking of leaving teaching - this was the second time something like this has happened to him, and maybe he'd be better off doing something else.
Just then, Julie comes in. Helen explains that Annalise has admitted she lied, and says that Julie had better apologise to Wayne. Julie responds by just saying airily that neither Annalise or her mother can be trusted!
Coffee Shop
Fiona and Annalise have been to put things right at the school. Annalise has to make a public apology in assembly, but she insists she's not going to - she's decided to leave school instead. Fiona encourages her to stay, but she'd rather get out into the world and earn a living. She's going to ask Phil for a full- time job.
Phil and Julie are discussing Annalise. Julie wants Phil to sack Annalise, but he says he'll need to talk to her first. Phil is not happy that Julie listens to gossip so much and they end up having an argument. Gaby overhears from the outer office.
When Julie has stalked out, Phil sends Gaby to pick up some data.
The phone rings and Phil answers it - it's not good news.
Pam is massaging Doug (yuk, and it doesn't look very restful). They talk about Beth and Brad - Pam thinks Brad might be going cold on the idea of marriage. Doug isn't concerned. Pam suggests that Doug has a talk to Brad, but he says they can work it out for themselves. Pam eventually talks him round.
Phil shows a lady out of a hotel room, and Gaby sees him. She looks horrified.
Outer Office
Gaby rings Prue on reception and asks who's booked in to Room 35 - turns out to be no- one.
Phil comes in with Annalise and they go through to the inner office. She asks him if there's a chance of a full- time job now she's decided to leave school. Phil says she's a good worker, but he doesn't have a full- time position right now. He'll keep her at the top of her list of vacancies. On her way out, Phil asks her to make up the bed in Room 35. Gaby looks horrified.
Fiona apologises to Jim for Annalise's behaviour, saying she's not a bad kid really. Jim tells her it isn't her fault - it's really hard being a single mother. He offers her a lift.
Doug is explaining to Brad that sometimes blokes have to swallow their pride and make the first move. Brad says he already has made the first move and it didn't work! He admits that Beth is upset because he told her about his history with Lauren. It's all about whether Beth trusts him or not now.
Coffee Shop
Fiona and Annalise are discussing her plans now she's decided to leave school. She says they could live together for a while, until Annalise finds a full- time job. Annalise isn't sure. Phil overhears and comes over, offering Annalise a full- time job after all. Also, she could live in if she wants. Annalise is delighted.
A packet arrives for Jim. Wayne hasn't spoken to Mr Knotts yet as he's still considering his teaching career.
Inside Jim's package is a present for him from Jill Weir - an expensive watch. Helen tells Jim off for encouraging her. He says he was just being polite. He'll give the watch back.
Doug has come to see Beth to talk about the trust issue between her and Brad. He asks her to talk things over with Brad.
Coffee Shop
Wayne comes in and goes over the Annalise. He tells her that he's heard she's leaving school and doesn't think it's a great idea - her education is important. She says she feels even more embarrassed for the way she's behaved. But she explains she's got a full- time job, and apologises for all the trouble she's caused Wayne. He says he doesn't believe in holding grudges and wishes her luck. Gaby sees this.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Gaby waits for Wayne and apologises to him when he comes out. He tells her to stick it.
Beth pops round to see Brad. They chit- chat awkwardly and then argue again.
BRAD: Look, I only told you about Lauren because I thought you'd understand.
BETH: What?! You had some hormone surge, and now you're over it?! That's very reassuring(!)
BRAD: I thought we were supposed to be honest with each other. What do you want me to do, lie all the time?
BETH: Of course not.
BRAD: Yeah, but you can't handle the truth. Look, what's the point in getting back together if you don't even trust me?
BETH: Good question.
She stalks out.
Helen is waiting for PHil and chatting to Gaby. Helen says how busy Julie is lately, and how it's affecting her relationship with Phil. Gaby thinks they're talking about the same thing, and says that Phil shouldn't be playing around.
HELEN:(shocked) Philip?!
GABY: ...I thought you knew! I'm sure there's some other explanation.
HELEN: Gaby, what make you think that Philip's cheating on Julie?
GABY: I could be wrong, I probably am.
HELEN: Please tell me, I *am* her grandmother.
GABY: Helen, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. Obviously, sometimes I see and hear things around Lassiters, but that's all I can say. Julie and Philip's private lives are their own business.
Helen looks worried.
Wayne has decided to stay in teaching after all. Helen and Jim are pleased. Jim is just heading out, dressed in a suit, but won't say where he's going.
Gaby is just packing up for the day when Phil comes in. She tells him that Julie rang about five minutes ago. Phil asks Gaby to ring Julie and tell her he's in a late meeting. Gaby says there isn't any meeting in his diary.
GABY: I'm not going to lie to your wife for you, Philip.
PHIL: I beg your pardon?
GABY: If you keep doing this, you're going to get caught! Not that you don't deserve to.
PHIL:(confused) What are you talking about?!
GABY: You haven't been as clever as you thought. I know what you're up to, cheating on Julie.
PHIL: What?! Are you crazy or something?
GABY: Drop the act, Philip, the surprise won't work with me. I know all about what went on in Room 35, I know about the escorts...
PHIL: Escorts?!
GABY: Yes, the Blue Rose Agency!
<<1877 - 1879>>
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