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Neighbours Episode 1877 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1876 - 1878>>
Episode title: 1877
Australian airdate: 23/03/93
UK airdate: 24/01/94
UK Gold: 11/01/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Goran: Carl Lindgren
Customer 1: Christopher Grady
Customer 2: Brad Lindsay
Delivery Person: Malcolm Sim
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick sends Thomas away.
- Cathy and Benito are surprised to find Goran sleeping in their bed.
Benito tells the young man to get out. Rick comes in, and Goran basically reveals that Rick has been running a backpackers hostel in his parents' absence!
Jim tells Wayne that all he needs is for Annalise to own up. Wayne can't understand why she's doing it, and wonders if he should pack it in as a teacher altogether. Jim offers to have a word with Annalise, but Wayne says he'll handle it.
Benito is interrogating Rick in the living room. Cathy has also heard from Wayne that Rick has had a party. Benito lays into Rick and asks if there's anything else they should know. Rick is evasive.
Cathy says they can't really throw the backpacker out, so she lets Goran have Marco's room for the night. Once Rick has taken their guest upstairs, Benito smiles.
BENITO: Ten bucks a night? Not bad! I think there's hope for our boy yet!
They laugh.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Stephen and Phoebe are waiting for Cathy. Phoebe says they've been successful overall, and at least they can *ask* Cathy about a permanent job.
Jim comes in and Lou asks him about the Wayne/Annalise rumour. Jim assures him that it is just a rumour, although Wayne has been suspended from his job because of it. He asks Lou to keep it to himself.
Fiona is ranting about Wayne to Annalise. Annalise tells Fiona to drop it.
Rick is relating the events of the previous night to Debbie, who is giggling. She asks what they said about the phone bill. Rick admits his parents don't know about it yet, so he'd better get some cash fast.
Benito is ranting to Lou about the car yard books. He says they're terrible, and that Lou's cars are all rubbish. Lou counters that he has a new consignment coming in, so things will pick up soon.
Rick comes in and asks Lou for work so he can cover the $1,000 phone bill.
LOU: That's what I like you about you, Rick. You never do things by halves!
Lou and Rick haggle, and agree on $7.50/hour for car detailing.
Coffee Shop
Debbie crossly tells Annalise that Wayne dobbed Rick in to his parents about the party. Annalise tells her that Wayne has been suspended because of her.
ANNALISE: It serves him right. Especially as he didn't do anything.
ANNALISE: Yeah, well, we never go it on, I just said we had. And now that he's dobbed, I don't care what happens to him.
Debbie looks shocked.
Cathy tells Stephen that the Coffee Shop books are looking impressive. She asks how he managed it and he just says they've been friendly to the customers. He asks Cathy if he'll take him and Phoebe on, but she doesn't think she can afford it. She'll have a think about it though.
Car Yard
Lou is giving a customer some sales patter. He offers him $1000 off the asking price, but the man still isn't interested, and leaves.
Rick and Lou are discussing their woes when the new consignment arrives. Lou is delighted until Rick looks inside a car on the transporter's lower deck and sees that it's left- hand drive, then the delivery man says they all are.
LOU: I can't convert these, that'll cost me a fortune!
Debbie comes to talk to Jim. She tells him that Annalise admitted to her that she lied about her and Wayne having a relationship. Jim is relieved, but Debbie says it'll be hard to get Annalise to admit it to anyone else. Jim tells Debbie that he'll sort something out.
Coffee Shop
Lou tells Wayne that he's heard there have been some problems with Annalise. Lou says he thinks Annalise is starved of affection - they got on very well, but the age- gap was too big. Wayne says there's nothing between him and Annalise. Lou ignores this and wishes them "both the very best"(!)
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Stephen tells Phoebe that Cathy is thinking about taking them both on. He admits that he didn't tell Cathy about the trouble with the Brasserie. Phoebe is not happy. Stephen says they'll just have to keep the profits up so Cathy won't be able to afford not to take them on.
Car Yard
Rick is on his own working hard when another customer comes up and asks him about a car. The man asks how much, and Rick offers him $1000 off for money up front.
Coffee Shop
Cathy sees that the profits are down this week, and Stephen and Phoebe are forced to come clean. Stephen explains that they've been undercutting the Brasserie, and now they are retaliating. Cathy doesn't mind and says it was a good use of initiative. She suggests a more scaled- down business lunch. But she can only take one of them on as manager. It's OK for them to job- share if they want, though.
Jim is appealing to Fiona to hold confront Annalise.
Outside the Pub
Lou sees Annalise looking thoughtful and goes over to her. He tells her not to let people get her down - she's 18 now and can do what she likes with Wayne. Annalise tells him it's all a mess and everyone is calling her a liar (though she *is* one). Lou is gullible and comforts her.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is upset, saying she's going to miss working at the Coffee Shop. She'd like them to job- share permanent so they both get to spend time with Hope. Stephen agrees.
Car Yard
Lou is impressed that Rick has sold the car. Rick asks for a commission and Lou suggests 5% - while calculating how much this is, they realise that Rick has sold the car cheaply since its price was $9,999 and he held the sticker upside- down. Lou is angry & disgusted with him.
Jim and Fiona have called Annalise in. Jim sits her down and tells her what Debbie said.
JIM: This is very serious. Did it happen, or didn't it?
JIM: Remember that Wayne's whole career is on the line over this.
FIONA: Go on, love, just tell Mr Robinson the truth.
<<1876 - 1878>>
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