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Neighbours Episode 1844 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1843 - 1845>>
Episode title: 1844
Australian airdate: 04/02/93
UK airdate: 08/12/93
UK Gold: 25/11/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Wayne Duncan: Jonathon Lee
Jordan Farnsworth: Jay McCormack
Eric: Brian Davison
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 24
Brad asks Cameron if he's OK. Cameron admits that he could use a sympathetic ear. He and Brad sit down and Cameron explains about how a Yank called Eric delivered a big parcel of money to Hayward's office - and he kept it and even spent some of it; and now he gets this message that Eric's coming round to see him. Brad suggests that he tell the cops. Cameron replies that he'd have to explain why it took him so long to hand it in. Brad suggests that he tell Eric he's already handed the cash in - there's nothing he can do about it and Cameron can just hide the cash and give it to his mate on the force later. Cameron ponders where they can hide it.
No. 26
Jim opens the door to a young man. He immediately assumes that he's another prospective house- buyer and starts ranting at him, but Helen interrupts and introduces him to Jim as Wayne - her cousin Thelma's son, who's staying with them. Jim calms down and shakes Wayne's hand!
No. 32
Julie walks hesitantly into the lounge room where everyone except Debbie is watching television. She asks Michael if he had a nice time at Jordan's and he nods that it was tops. Philip gets up and heads out into the hallway. Julie asks if they can talk, but Philip says it'll have to be later - he just got a message from Gaby saying she wants to see him. Julie tells him that she just wanted to say sorry for getting so upset before - she's been under a lot of strain lately. Philip goes to head out. Julie stops him and assures him that she feels much better now. Philip just suggests they talk about it later. He walks out. Julie leans against the wall, tears in her eyes. Hannah joins her and asks in concern what's wrong. Michael calls from the lounge room to stay out of it. Hannah asks her mum why she and Philip are fighting. Julie, however, snaps at her to stop pestering everyone and go to her room. Hannah presses:
HANNAH: But I only wanna—
JULIE (screams): I said go to your room, and I mean *now*.
Hannah runs off, crying that it's not fair. Julie tells Michael meekly that she'll just have a little rest; freshen up or something. When she's gone, Michael goes and quietly locks Hannah's door and removes the key. He smiles to himself, nastily.
No. 28
Gaby tells Philip that she wants her old job back; she was wrong to make such a big deal about wanting the Bar Manager's position. Philip smiles that she's in luck: they're short- staffed and she can start tonight. Gaby grins that he won't regret it. Philip heads out just as Doug and Pam come in, Pam warning Doug that if he doesn't pay the electricity bill, they'll be cut off. Doug retorts that he's not paying: the bill's astronomical - there's no way they use that much electricity. He picks up the 'phone to call the electricity company.
Coffee Shop
Cathy hands Rick an envelope, telling him that it arrived today, addressed to him and Debbie. Rick joins Debbie, who looks at the letter and exclaims that it's from George! Cathy asks who *that* is and Rick explains that it's a friend from London. Debbie opens the letter and reads (in a George voiceover):
GEORGE: Dear Debbie and Rick. Thanks for the postcard. Sorry I haven't written before, but we've had a bit of grief here. Terry didn't make it.
A look of shock crosses Debbie's face.
No. 24
Cameron is panicking about having hidden the bag of money under the seats in Lou's car, but Brad assures him that it'll be safe there. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Cameron goes and opens it to Eric. Cameron introduces him to Brad. The three of them sit down and Eric asks Cameron if he's heard about Hayward. Cameron nods that he has. Eric goes on that things are shaping up badly and he made need some legal representation - and he was wondering if Cameron could help him out. A look of relief crosses Cameron's face!
No. 32
Philip carries a sobbing Hannah into the kitchen and tells Julie that he just found her locked in the bedroom. Julie asks Hannah in astonishment who locked her in. Hannah cries:
HANNAH: *You* did, mummy... You told me to go to my room, then you lock—; locked the door.
Philip yells at Julie that Hannah's just a *child*; what if there'd been a fire? Julie cries that it must have been Michael - he's always playing tricks on her. Michael snaps 'indignantly':
MICHAEL: Oh great! Thanks very much. First it's the grog, now this. You're *never* going to believe me.
Julie bursts into tears and cries that she doesn't know what's happening to her. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Michael goes and opens it to Jordan, who asks quietly how things are going. Michael smiles that they couldn't be better. He asks Jordan what he's doing there and Jordan replies that his olds have gone out and he wondered if Michael felt like coming out and causing some heavy- duty mayhem. Michael says he'll just go suck- up to his dad.
In the kitchen, Julie is holding Hannah and crying that she didn't mean to. Michael asks Philip if it's all right if he goes out with Jordan for a while. Philip tells him not to be late.
Ramsay Street
As Michael and Jordan walk across the front garden of No. 32, Michael muses that he needs a break - it's a pain being mummy's favourite boy all day; what can they do? Jordan looks across the street to Lou's sports car parked outside No. 24. He suggests to Michael that they hotwire it and take it for a spin. Michael says warily that he knows the bloke who owns it. Jordan beams that that's great: he won't mind if they borrow it for an hour or so! Michael doesn't look convinced.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is saying to Rick that it's not fair: Terry was such a lovely little guy. Rick points out that at least he's not in any more pain. The shop door opens suddenly and Philip comes in with Hannah, and he tells Debbie that her mum's sick so he's going to leave Hannah with *her* for a while. He heads out again, leaving Debbie to ask her sister what's wrong with their mum. Hannah replies:
HANNAH: I don't know. She's really cranky. Locked me in my bedroom and swore to dad she didn't.
DEBBIE: That's weird.
Hannah then asks Rick if he's OK. Rick tells her that he and Debbie just heard about one of their mates who died. Hannah comments that that's sad. She tells them that she'll cheer them up by buying them both banana splits. She heads to the counter, leaving Debbie to comment to Rick that Terry wouldn't want them moping around feeling sad about him. Rick picks up his milkshake and proposes a toast 'to life'.
No. 24
Brad is saying to Cameron:
BRAD: So when this Eric dude gave you all the cash, he had no idea that Hayward had already been arrested?
CAMERON: No. He must think I already passed it on.
BRAD: Classic! Here we were, packing it, and all he wanted to do was give you a job!
He adds that he's glad it's over. Cameron, however, muses that *he's* still got to explain to the police why he took so long to hand the cash in. He suddenly glances out of the window and exclaims in horror that Lou's car has gone.
A country road
Jordan is driving Lou's car along a deserted country road, exclaiming that it's not a bad set of wheels! He asks if there's any cigarettes on board. Michael looks in the glovebox and finds an expensive watch in a case. He puts it in his pocket. Jordan then suggests that they'd better dump the car before it gets reported stolen. He pulls the car onto a patch of grass and the two of them climb out, Michael commenting that this is as good a place as any; the cops will eventually find her and give her back to Lou. Jordan, however, retorts:
JORDAN: Use your head, dork- brain - we can't just walk away from it. Our fingerprints are all over everything. We're going to have to destroy the evidence.
MICHAEL (smiles): Oh right! This is a lot more fun than I expected.
Neither of them is aware of the bag of money hidden under the seats...
No. 28
Gaby says goodbye to her parents and then heads off to work. The 'phone rings and Doug answers it - it's the electricity people calling back. He listens and then asks the caller if they're sure. He listens again and then protests that there must be something wrong with their computer - they *never* use that much power. He then warns that unless they send the right bill, there's no way they're getting a cent out of him. He slams down the 'phone. Pam shakes her head in disbelief!
Jim and Wayne are having a drink, but Wayne says he'd better get back: he wants to be on his toes to face those students tomorrow morning. Jim smiles that they're good kids at Erinsborough High; he knows a lot of them. Wayne grins:
WAYNE: You may *think* you know them! Little angels at home, but once they step in the classroom a strange metamorphosis occurs, their souls overtaken by the powers of darkness!
Jim says he'll get another beer! He heads to the bar. Gaby comes in from outside and starts clearing the table behind Wayne. He doesn't see her as he leans back and stretches his arms, and he accidentally rubs his hand against her backside. Gaby turns on him and snaps:
GABY: Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing, you jerk?
She then empties the dregs in the glass she's holding over him! Wayne snaps that it was an accident, adding:
WAYNE: Listen - if I wanted to grope a woman in public, I'd pick a good- looking one.
GABY (aghast): How *dare* you! I'm going to make sure you're barred from this place for *life*.
No. 32
The next morning, Jim sits down at the kitchen table with Philip and asks him what's on his mind. Philip replies hesitantly that it's Julie: she's been drinking in secret - and he's only just realised how serious it's got. Jim asks him what he means. Philip replies that she doesn't know what she's doing half the time. Jim asks if he's talked to her. Philip says that when he points it out, she denies it or becomes totally hysterical. Jim, looking astonished, comments that Julie has never been much of a drinker. Philip says:
PHILIP: Jim, I wouldn't be here telling you this if I hadn't seen all the same symptoms once before - in my *first* wife. It terrifies me to think that history might be repeating itself with Julie.
JIM: It sounds like I'd better have a word with her.
PHILIP: Thanks, mate - I'd appreciate that. I'm just about at the end of my tether.
No. 28
Cameron has turned up at No. 28 and he tells Brad that the car has been torched: the police found it last night. Brad exclaims:
BRAD: Poor old Lou.
CAMERON: Yeah, he's pretty stunned.
Brad asks if the thieves found the dollars. Cameron says they'll never know - he's just glad it's all over. With that, he heads back to see if he can cheer Lou up.
Over at the breakfast table, Gaby is telling her parents that she was ready to rip this guy to *pieces*: she practically gets down on her hands and knees to Philip to get her old job back and her first night on duty some guy tries to grope her. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Brad answers it to Helen - who comes in and introduces Wayne! As Doug then introduces the members of *his* family, Gaby looks at Wayne angrily and mutters coldly:
GABY: Wayne and I have already met.
No. 32
Michael, Debbie and Hannah are having breakfast in the kitchen when Julie comes in with a washing basket and asks Michael what he's been doing, as his clothes reek of petrol. Michael replies quickly that they had to put petrol in Jordan's motorbike last night; he guesses he must have spilt some on himself. Julie warns him to be more careful.
Out in the hallway, Philip opens the front door to Jim. Julie joins them and Jim asks her if there's any chance the three of them having a bit of a talk. Julie asks what about and Philip explains that he told Jim about her problem. Julie drops the washing basket in annoyance. The three of them sit down in the lounge room and Jim says to his daughter:
JIM: We've been thinking that maybe it would be good if you got some professional help.
JULIE (retorts): That's ridiculous. I've just been a bit jumpy lately. Philip's blowing it all out of proportion.
PHILIP (hisses): Julie, you've got to face facts.
JULIE (firmly): I do *not* have a drink problem, Philip.
PHILIP: You're the only person who doesn't *see* it as one. Look at the way you're acting: your short- term memory is shot to pieces. You imagined you saw Michael here, which was a physical impossibility.
JIM (gently): I *can* understand why you're so down on Michael, darling, but I do believe he's making an effort.
JULIE (softly): Yeah, I know, dad.
JIM: And it's not just *you* that we're worried about; it's the kids. Philip tells me that you locked Hannah in her room.
JULIE (becoming upset): I know. I know... and I don't even remember *doing* it, dad. I don't understand what's happening to me. It's scary. Maybe I *do* need help?
JIM: So you'll see a doctor?
Philip sits there looking relieved.
No. 28
Pam tells Doug that she's got to do the banking today and she asks if she should pay the electricity bill. Doug, however, retorts that he's not paying until they send the right bill. Pam warns him that they'll be cut off - they've already sent three pay- up- or- else notices. Brad starts blending a smoothie and Gaby is doing some ironing as Doug yells to Pam:
DOUG: They never cut the power off because, well, they let you know—
At that moment, the power goes off and the house falls silent! Brad mutters:
BRAD: Nice one, dad.
No. 32
In the kitchen with Philip, Debbie asks her father if Julie's all right. Philip replies that she's just got a problem with her nerves - it's nothing serious; she's going to see a specialist, so she'll be back to normal pretty soon. Debbie comments that she should stay at home more and look after her, but Philip tells her that if she *really* wants to help, keep an eye on Hannah so Julie doesn't have to worry about her. With that, he heads out. Rick comes in through the back door and tells Debbie that he's been thinking about Terry and they owe it to him today to have some serious fun, even if the holidays are over. Debbie asks him what he had in mind. Rick smiles:
RICK: Our new teacher - Mr. Wayne Duncan.
DEBBIE: What about him?
RICK: Well, it's his very first day at school today, and tradition demands that we give him the kind of initiation he won't forget.
DEBBIE (warily): Wait a minute - you know he's kind of a distant relative of mine...?
RICK (grins): Yeah, well, he's going to be even *more* distant after his first morning with *us*!
DEBBIE: What are you going to do to him?
RICK (beams): Let's just say we're going to have some good old- fashioned fun...
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Brad Willis, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1844
Brad Willis, Cameron Hudson

Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1844
Wayne Duncan

Michael Martin, Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1844
Michael Martin, Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1844
Philip Martin, Gaby Willis

Cathy Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1844
Cathy Alessi

Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1844
Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Eric, Cameron Hudson, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1844
Eric, Cameron Hudson, Brad Willis

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1844
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1844
Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth

Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1844
Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin

Cameron Hudson, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1844
Cameron Hudson, Brad Willis

Jordan Farnsworth, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1844
Jordan Farnsworth, Michael Martin

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1844
Doug Willis

Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1844
Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan

Jim Robinson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1844
Jim Robinson, Philip Martin

Pam Willis, Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis, Doug Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1844
Pam Willis, Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis, Doug Willis, Brad Willis

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1844
Gaby Willis

Philip Martin, Jim Robinson, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1844
Philip Martin, Jim Robinson, Julie Martin

Brad Willis, Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1844
Brad Willis, Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1844
Rick Alessi

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