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Neighbours Episode 1843 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1842 - 1844>>
Episode title: 1843
Australian airdate: 03/02/93
UK airdate: 07/12/93
UK Gold: 24/11/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Tom Merrick: Robert Essex
Jordan Farnsworth: Jay McCormack
Angela Starkey: Pauline Coutts
Les Priest: Richie Akers
Bernard Seaton: Tony Porter
Nathan Starkey: Brian McLean
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 30
Phoebe tells Dorothy that she wishes she wasn't going to be so far away.
No. 32
Philip and Michael are putting bottles of drink into a box in the kitchen, Philip telling his son that they don't want anything near at hand that's going to tempt Julie. Hannah comes in and asks if they're having visitors, but Michael tells her that they're just tidying up. Philip tells Hannah to go off to bed. She does so reluctantly. Philip then tells Michael that he doesn't want Debbie and Hannah finding out. The 'phone starts ringing and Michael says it'll be Jordan. Philip goes to put Hannah to bed. Michael picks up the 'phone in the hallway and tells Jordan that he's got a fantastic idea for the next stage - but he'll need Jordan's help to make it work. He smiles:
MICHAEL: When I've finished, I won't just have everyone *thinking* my beloved stepmother's crazy; she *will* be crazy...
No. 26
It's the next morning and there's a knock on the front door of No. 26. Jim opens it to a woman who introduces herself as Angela Starkey - she's come to look at the house. A boy runs in and picks up a photo. He starts telling his mum he wants it. Angela, though, tells the boy - Nathan - that it belongs to the nice people. Nathan starts bouncing up and down on the couch, snapping that he *hates* this house. Angela explains to Jim and Helen that she encourages self- expression in a child. Nathan suddenly says he feels sick, and he throws the cushions off one of the couches and lies down on it. Jim and Helen stand there, Helen looking annoyed.
No. 32
Julie walks into the kitchen and Hannah asks her if she's OK, as she looks sick. Julie says she still feels a bit off- colour. She glares at Philip and adds coldly that it's nothing to do with what *he's* thinking. Hannah heads outside to play. Philip comments to Julie that if she's that unwell, maybe she should take the day off. Julie snaps that she hasn't been drinking; how does she convince him of that? Philip just gets up from the table and says he'll see her when he gets home. He heads off to work. When he's gone, Michael suggests to Julie that she spend the day in bed and he'll look after the housework. Julie replies that that's sweet, but she really doesn't need any help. She then asks if there's any tea left. Michael points to a cup in front of her and asks what's wrong with it, as she just poured it. (She didn't.) Julie protests that she *didn't* pour it. Michael insists that she did. Julie snaps that she did *not* pour it. Michael shrugs that he must have dreamt it. Julie sits there looking confused.
No. 24
Cameron is setting out a very ornate chess set on the kitchen table. Stephen is with him and offers him a game this afternoon, once Dorothy and Toby are on their way and the farewells are over. He explains about the change of plan and Cameron comments that Beth and Lou will be unhappy they missed saying goodbye. Stephen nods that it was short notice. Cameron says he'll head into town and buy a few toys this morning then. Stephen asks him what he's going to buy and Cameron shows him a catalogue and says he's buying the ones he's circled. He adds that he won some money on the horses. Stephen muses that he wishes *he* could have luck like that!
No. 30
Tom and Toby head out to put a box and a suitcase in the car. When they've gone, Dorothy sits down with Phoebe in the lounge room and tells her sadly that she's going to miss her. Phoebe says:
PHOEBE: You mustn't think that I'm not happy for you and Tom, because I *am*. It's just that it's like losing my family.
DOROTHY: Don't forget you've got a *new* family now.
PHOEBE: But you'll always be part of it. After my parents split up and dad died, I was all alone until you took me in.
DOROTHY: Maybe I should put this off for a little while.
PHOEBE: No, you're right. I've got Stephen and Hope now, and you've got Tom - but I'm still going to miss you an awful lot.
DOROTHY: I think life's going to be pretty exciting for *both* of us - don't you?
PHOEBE: Yeah! Yeah! We'll keep in touch, won't we?
DOROTHY: You'd better believe it. Always.
The two women hug each other.
No. 32
Michael walks into the kitchen, where Julie is pottering around, and tells her that his dad said she should rest. Julie tells him that she's just defrosting a chicken for tonight, she's tidied up and she's ironed Philip's shirt for tomorrow; she's functioning perfectly normally. Michael insists that no one said she isn't - but the idea of resting is to make sure she's fully recovered so she doesn't get sick again. Julie gives in and says she'll get a book and lie down for a while. She heads off to her bedroom. When she's gone, Michael puts the chicken back in the freezer, puts the ironed shirt in the washing basket and takes out a non- work shirt which he starts ironing in its place...
No. 30
Toby comes in and says he found Bouncer. Bouncer isn't with him, though, and Tom remarks that he doesn't think he wants to leave. Dorothy comments that they're *all* going to miss Ramsay Street awfully. The three of them head into the lounge room where Dorothy tells Stephen and Phoebe that she's sorry she can't leave the furniture there for them. Stephen assures her that with the low rent she's charging, they'll soon save enough to get their own. With that Dorothy murmurs that they'd better get going - but she then realises that she hasn't told Helen, and she dashes off. Phoebe sits there looking upset.
No. 26
A few minutes later, Jim is commenting to Dorothy that when she decides to move, she really moves! Helen comments:
HELEN: What am I going to do without you? First Madge and now you.
She adds that Ramsay Street will never be the same without her. Dorothy asks her to keep an eye on Phoebe. Helen nods that of course she will.
No. 30
Everyone is gathered at No. 30 to say goodbye, including Cameron, Jim and Helen. Helen gives Dorothy an emotional hug and tells her to look after herself. Jim tells Tom to look after Dorothy and he tells Toby to take care and say hello to Joe and Melanie. Phoebe tells Dorothy softly:
PHOEBE: I'm really going to miss you.
DOROTHY: Yes, I know. Me too.
She strokes Hope and tells her gently not to forget her Aunty Mim. Toby suddenly asks where Bouncer is - but the front door opens at that moment and he comes in with Hannah. Tom smiles that everyone's present and accounted for; let's go.
Ramsay Street
A short time later, Tom starts his motorcycle - with Bouncer in the sidecar - and pulls away. Dorothy - with Toby - follows in her car, the two of them waving to everyone as they leave.
No. 32
Philip arrives home to find Michael and Julie playing cards in the lounge room. He asks Julie how she is and she snaps that she's fine: they're having a roast for dinner and she's ironed his shirt for tomorrow. Philip nods that that's good. Julie asks him to check if the chicken's defrosted. Philip heads into the kitchen. He finds the food cover on the counter but without any chicken under it. He calls out to Julie, who walks into the kitchen. Michael follows her. She stops in her tracks and murmurs that she remembers *doing* it. Michael tells her that it's an easy mistake. Julie snaps that she *didn't* make a mistake. Philip then spots the shirt and asks if that's the one she ironed him to wear to work. Julie goes through the washing basket, pulls out the shirt she had ironed and insists that that was the one she pressed for him. Michael tells her not to worry - it's no big deal. He then asks his father if it's OK if he goes to Jordan's; and is there any chance of a lift? Philip asks Julie if she'll be OK. Julie snaps that of course she will.
No. 26
Jim opens the door to a rough- looking man who introduces himself as Les Priest and walks straight through to the kitchen and starts looking around. He asks Jim what price he's asking and Jim tells him that it's $180,000. Priest retorts that he'll never get that - these newer places are just chucked together. Jim explains coolly that he's an engineer - he knows the place is solid. He asks Priest if he's seriously interested in *buying* the place. Priest, however, retorts that he's selling *his* place and is just checking out the competition. He starts kicking the step to check it for strength. Jim, though, grabs him in annoyance and manhandles him out through the front door!
Philip's Car/Outside Jordan's House
As Philip drives Michael to Jordan's, Michael says he's *sure* Julie couldn't have got any alcohol without him knowing. Philip replies that he doesn't imagine she's been drinking *today*, but he's concerned that it might have been going on longer than they know, with longer- term effects. They arrive at Jordan's and Michael climbs out of the car. Philip pulls away. As soon as he's out of sight, Jordan joins Michael with a motorbike. He gives him details of a shortcut back to Ramsay Street, adding that there's a mobile 'phone in the bag. Michael grins:
MICHAEL: This is perfect; such a great idea. I can't wait to see the look on her face.
With that, he helmets- up and rides off.
No. 32
Julie is ironing in the kitchen when Michael comes in through the back door. Julie asks him in surprise if he didn't go to Jordan's. Michael tells her that he changed his mind; he thought she might need him *there*. Julie tells him that his concern is appreciated, but she's fine. Michael says that if she wants anything he'll be in his room.
No. 26
Helen is doing some cleaning, and she comments to Jim that Dorothy used to pop in about this time for a sherry. Jim muses that she'll have to satisfy herself with a chat with *him*, instead! Helen, who's by the window, suddenly notices someone coming to the front door. Jim tells her that it'll be Mr. Seaton - another prospective buyer. Helen remarks that he looks a bit more promising than the others. Seaton knocks and Jim invites him in. He offers to show him round, but Seaton says he's had a good look from outside and this will suit him and the family to a T. He adds that there's just the small matter of price, really. Jim says:
JIM: We're looking for 180.
SEATON (smiles): Well, everybody in this world's looking for *something*, Mr. Robinson. That doesn't mean we can always get it, does it? How would you feel about 140?
JIM (sighs): I'm a reasonable man, Mr. Seaton, but not *that* reasonable.
SEATON: Of course. Does, um, 142 sound like a reasonable compromise?
JIM: No. The price is 180.
SEATON: 145. Final offer.
JIM: Well, in that case, the answer's no, Mr. Seaton. As I say, I'm negotiable, but I'm not *giving* it away.
Seaton hands over his card and tells Jim to let him know when he's decided to accept. Jim sees him out, and then sighs at Helen that he hates all this haggling. Helen suggests that he get an agent to handle the sale for him. Jim muses that it's starting to sound like a good idea.
No. 32
Julie is preparing the chicken in the kitchen when Philip arrives home and says:
PHILIP: I'm back!
JULIE: Where have you been?
PHILIP: I told you: I just ran Michael over to Jordan's place.
JULIE (blankly): What are you talking about? He didn't *go*.
PHILIP: Of course he did. I've just got back from dropping him there.
JULIE: What are you talking about? He's in his room; he came in ages ago.
PHILIP (warily): Julie...
JULIE (tersely): If you don't believe me, go and see for yourself.
PHILIP: I don't *have* to.
With that, Philip heads out into the hallway and picks up the 'phone, saying he's going to call Michael at Jordan's house. He dials the number and Jordan picks up. Philip asks to speak to Michael. Jordan replies that he's out by the pool - he'll just get him. Jordan then dials a number on the 'phone which goes through to the mobile he gave Michael. Michael is actually at the end of No. 32's garden, watching the house. He asks his father what's up and Philip tells him that he was just checking to see what time he'd be home. Michael replies that he'll probably be there an hour or so. Philip puts the 'phone to Julie's ear so she can hear his voice. She asks Michael in surprise where he is. Michael replies that he's at Jordan's; why? Julie stands there looking worried - as does Philip. Outside, Michael grins nastily to himself...
No. 24
Stephen is sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the chess set, when Cameron joins him and asks if he heard the 'phone ring. Stephen nods that it was a guy called Eric: he had an American accent and said he met Cameron at Hayward's office the other day. Cameron asks what he wanted. Stephen replies:
STEPHEN: Oh, nothing. Just checking if he had the right address. Said he's coming to see you later.
CAMERON (uncertain): Is he?
STEPHEN: What's wrong?
CAMERON: Oh, I've got something that belongs to the guy. He probably wants it back.
Tennis Court at Jordan's House
Michael and Jordan finish a game of tennis and Jordan smiles at Michael that that was one flawlessly- executed mindwarp! Michael tells him:
MICHAEL: It's real poetic justice. Julie's always saying that it was mum's drinking that drove her over the edge. The real truth is it was Julie going after dad. She's about to find out how it feels to be on the receiving end.
JORDAN: Well, I'm impressed. You really did a job on her, man.
MICHAEL: I haven't finished yet. No way. I've hardly *started*...
No. 32
In the lounge room, Julie is snapping at Philip that Michael was *there*; she *spoke* to him. Philip asks how Michael could have got back there and then back to Jordan's in the time it took *him* to get *home*; she must have fallen asleep on the couch and dreamed it. Julie snaps:
JULIE: You don't think I know when I'm dreaming?
PHILIP: Let's just say you're out of sorts today. What about the chicken you forgot or the shirt you thought you ironed?
JULIE (irritated): Oh, what do you *think*, Philip: I'm *insane*?
PHILIP (hesitates before saying): No.
JULIE: If you think that... [Yells] Philip, there is nothing wrong with my mind.
PHILIP: Just don't shout.
JULIE (shouts): You tell me I'm crazy and then you tell me not to shout?!
PHILIP: I can't talk to you when you're like this.
With that, Philip heads for the front door. Julie goes after him, crying:
JULIE: Philip, don't you walk out on me. Philip, I am *not insane*.
Philip just marches out. Julie goes and sits on the couch and starts sobbing to herself:
JULIE: I'm not insane. I'm *not*. I'm *not*...
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Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke, Tom Merrick, Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1843
Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke, Tom Merrick, Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Hannah Martin, Michael Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Hannah Martin, Michael Martin, Philip Martin

Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1843
Jordan Farnsworth

Jim Robinson, Nathan Starkey, Angela Starkey, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1843
Jim Robinson, Nathan Starkey, Angela Starkey, Helen Daniels

Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Michael Martin

Stephen Gottlieb, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1843
Stephen Gottlieb, Cameron Hudson

Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1843
Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke, Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1843
Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke, Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Stephen Gottlieb

Jim Robinson, Dorothy Burke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1843
Jim Robinson, Dorothy Burke, Helen Daniels

Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Stephen Gottlieb, Dorothy Burke, Cameron Hudson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Brigh in Neighbours Episode 1843
Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Stephen Gottlieb, Dorothy Burke, Cameron Hudson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Brigh

Hope Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1843
Hope Gottlieb

Hannah Martin, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 1843
Hannah Martin, Bouncer

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Cameron Hudson, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1843
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Cameron Hudson, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Michael Martin, Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Michael Martin, Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Jim Robinson, Les Priest in Neighbours Episode 1843
Jim Robinson, Les Priest

Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1843
Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth

Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Bernard Seaton in Neighbours Episode 1843
Bernard Seaton

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Michael Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Julie Martin

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1843
Cameron Hudson

Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1843
Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Philip Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1843
Julie Martin

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