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Neighbours Episode 1840 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1840
Australian airdate: 29/01/93
UK airdate: 02/12/93
UK Gold: 19/11/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Philip East
Guests: Bar Manager no. 2: Richard Fitzgerald
Davo: Brett Tucker
Summary/Images by: Graham
Benito discovering Jim threw the game of Monopoly.
Stephen asking Hope how he's supposed to be a real dad to her when everyone keeps reminding him that he's not.
Gaby telling Philip to choose between Brad or her. Philip choosing Brad.
Benito celebrating winning at Monopoly.
Gaby telling Philip that she's already got another job.
Gaby looking nervous at having got a job in a topless bar.
No. 26
Jim comments to Helen that it's too quiet there. Helen tells him that he just needs time to adapt. She then asks him what he thinks of Dorothy's new man. Jim remarks that he gives intelligent conversation and a sense of humour... at least he's not a competitive freak! Helen admits that Benito knows Jim let him win: he found the money Jim stashed away when he said he was bankrupt. Jim groans:
JIM: Oh no... I bet he went off like an Italian opera singer, waving his arms around and shrieking!
HELEN (chuckles): You can be very unkind sometimes!
Jim mutters that that Benito has got big problems.
Coffee Shop
Ben storms into the kitchen and snaps at Cathy:
BENITO: That Jim Robinson has a very big problem.
Cathy asks what happened. Benito retorts that Jim is arrogant - smug and arrogant, which makes him insulting and patronising. Cathy asks what Jim did. Benito tells her that he cheated: he hid some money so *he* could win, so Jim could claim moral superiority. Cathy, looking nervous, tells Benito that she thinks this is all *her* fault: she wanted things to get back to normal between him and Jim, so she asked Jim to let Benito win. Benito asks in astonishment why she was plotting with the enemy. Cathy tells him that he'll have to play Jim again and beat him fair and square. Benito, however, retorts that Jim Robinson gets under his skin, so the sensible thing to do is avoid him like the plague.
No. 30
Stephen - holding Hope - Phoebe and Beth walk into the kitchen and Stephen goes to lay out a new nappy for Hope. Beth and Phoebe chuckle that he's not doing it right. After a couple of attempts, Stephen snaps at them that maybe one of *them* had better do it. He storms out.
No. 28
Doug is telling Pam about Philip having a spa he didn't want and Julie being as tight as a ticket. Pam remarks that it hardly seems *possible* that Julie has a drinking problem. Doug comments that if she *is* hitting the bottle, she's very clever about it: she only had a couple of drinks, which certainly wasn't enough to get her blotto. The front door opens suddenly and Gaby comes in. Pam and Doug ask how the job- hunting went. Gaby replies that she got it. Doug asks what sort of job it is. Gaby replies that it's just bar work - no big deal. Doug, however, insists that of *course* it's a big deal - they're very proud of her. Gaby just murmurs that she wishes he'd forget it.
No. 26
The next morning, Jim is commenting to Helen that all the quiet isn't natural. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Jim goes and answers it to Benito, who asks for a minute of his time. He steps inside and comments:
BENITO: I suppose Helen's told you I was onto your cheating.
JIM (sighs): An act of charity hardly constitutes cheating. I just got sick of winning all the time, that's all.
BENITO: Jim, I admit it: I'm competitive - perhaps *too* competitive - but at least I don't patronise people.
JIM (indignantly): Neither do I!
BENITO: Listen to yourself! You're the 'born to rule' syndrome personified. Now, we're neighbours - we can't avoid that - but perhaps it's best if we just don't run into each other, OK?
With that, Benito walks out.
Back yard of No. 30
Gaby and Beth are overlooking the pool and Beth asks Gaby what time she starts her new job. Gaby replies that it's at 4:30 - *if* she starts. Beth asks her what she means. Gaby replies that she doesn't know if she can do it. Beth comments that she hasn't got a clue what Gaby's talking about. Gaby tells her:
GABY: It's at the El Dorado bar. Topless waitressing.
BETH (exclaims): Topless?!
She then remarks that it's really no different from sun- baking topless at the beach. Gaby retorts that it's sheer exploitation. Beth tells her not to do it then, but Gaby says that'll make her look like a prize idiot for making such a big deal out of getting it. Beth tells her that she'll get used to it; after the first day, she won't even notice the guys staring at her. She adds apologetically that she can't really give Gaby advice - it just depends how much she needs the job.
No. 30
Dorothy takes a photo of Phoebe holding Hope and smiles that that one will be exhibition standard! Phoebe asks her how she thinks Tom will go at the Education Department. Dorothy muses that it's late in the piece to reorganise a country transfer, but he knows some people. Stephen comes in and Dorothy tells him that he's the very man to complete a family portrait. Stephen, however, declines and suggests that he take one of Dorothy with Hope and Phoebe, instead of him hogging the limelight all the time. Dorothy, though, says quickly that she's forgotten the washing machine, and she heads through to the kitchen, leaving Phoebe to say to Stephen:
PHOEBE: What's the problem, Stephen?
STEPHEN (mutters): Nothing.
PHOEBE: I thought you were enjoying our baby, so why are you backing- off all of a sudden?
STEPHEN (coolly): Well maybe I'm not such a 'sensitive new- age guy'.
PHOEBE: Of *course* you are. Stephen...
STEPHEN: Phoebe, maybe you don't know me as well as you think you do.
PHOEBE: And what's *that* supposed to mean?
STEPHEN: Well, for one, I have having photos with my hair in a mess. I hate looking like a dag.
With that, he gives a puzzled- looking Phoebe a kiss and walks off.
Ramsay Street
Pam climbs out of her car and walks over to where Jim is working in the garden of No. 26. She comments that she's been keeping an eye out for him but hasn't seen him. She goes on that she's decided to resign from the fundraising committee. Jim says he hopes it's not because of him, and Pam tells him that it isn't. She goes on that Doug is focusing his business back towards smaller jobs so he can spend more time at home; *she* ought to make an effort as well. There's an awkward hesitation before Pam walks off home. Neither of them is aware that Doug has been watching from his car at the far end of the street.
No. 26
Jim heads inside and Helen tells him that she's off to Dorothy's. As Helen opens the door, she finds Doug standing on the step and he asks for a word with Jim. He heads inside and says to Jim that he saw something as he was driving into the street; something that maybe he wasn't *supposed* to. Jim says blankly that he doesn't know what Doug's talking about. Doug says tersely:
DOUG: You and Pam were having a little chat. I thought I asked you to cool it.
JIM (retorts): Pam approached *me* - about the Homeless Kids committee. It was purely business.
DOUG (tersely): I'm not too interested whether it was the homeless kids or basket weavers or the duck shooters' organisation. I asked you nicely to *do* something.
JIM (mutters): You're being unreasonable, Doug.
DOUG: I *asked* you to cool it. Now I'm *telling* you: stay away. You with me?
He walks out, leaving Jim staring after him.
No. 30
In the kitchen at No. 30, Dorothy is commenting to Helen that Jim is a people person, but he'll manage. She adds that it'll be the same at school this term: a lot of the staff have changed. Helen tells Dorothy that she *knows* one of her new teachers: his name's Wayne Duncan. Dorothy asks her how she knows him and she explains that he's a second cousin of hers; the son of her cousin Thelma. Phoebe comes in, looking glum, and Dorothy asks what the problem is. Phoebe sighs that it's Stephen: he's been acting really weird lately - distant and shut- off, and she can't figure out why.
Outside No. 22
Benito is trying to fix the engine of the car, but when Cathy tries to start it, it won't work. Benito mutters that he'll have to call road service. Jim wanders over suddenly and offers a hand. Benito declines, but Jim tells him that he knows a bit about cars and motors. Benito growls:
BENITO: I didn't know you were an automotive engineer as *well*.
JIM: As a matter of fact, I *am*! I ran the repair shop near Lassiter's for quite a while.
Benito just thanks him and insists that he'll call road service.
Ramsay Street
Cathy heads off to work by foot. Jim goes with her and Cathy apologises, saying that if *she* hadn't been there, Benito would probably have said yes - he doesn't hold grudges for long.
Back yard of No. 30
Stephen is taking down washed nappies from the line. Helen joins him and chuckles that it's amazing how one person creates so much washing! She then goes on:
HELEN: Fatherhood can be quite a handful, can't it? More than one expects; especially when people keep on about the circumstances.
STEPHEN (warily): Did Phoebe ask you to come out?
HELEN: No - it was *my* idea. You see, *I* have an adopted daughter, too.
STEPHEN: Really? I didn't know that.
HELEN: And I know how hard you work, proving that you love her... and people keep reminding you that she's somebody *else's* baby. Well- meaning people, too.
STEPHEN (flatly): Even Phoebe...
HELEN: She said anything?
STEPHEN: Not intentionally - but that's just it: she works too hard at *not* mentioning Todd. She's at it full- time, you know, and it just makes it worse. I know it's not her fault. I guess I just have to get used to it.
HELEN: May I tell you something about little Hope?
STEPHEN: What's that?
HELEN: You'll be the only father she'll ever know. So far as she's concerned, you will be her father always.
STEPHEN: I wish I could count on that.
HELEN: At one stage, my daughter wanted to contact her natural mother - a difficult time for the three of us. But once she had, she realised that what mattered was *our* relationship - hers and mine. It strengthened us.
Stephen thanks her.
El Dorado Topless Bar
Gaby walks behind the bar and introduces herself to a barman, telling him that she starts work there today. She asks if she could have a minute for a word.
Coffee Shop
Jim finishes a cup of coffee and thanks Cathy for it. He then asks her if she'd say he was the epitome of the 'born to rule' syndrome. Cathy replies vehemently that she wouldn't - and she apologises for Benito having said that. Jim goes on that, in the past, he's always got on with everyone, but lately he's just been in a rut and he's been sitting there pondering what to do about it.
Building Site
Doug and Beth lead a couple of other men to where their vehicles are parked and Doug asks where they're going for a drink. One of the guys suggests a new place that Lou put them on to: it's just up the road and very 'entertaining'. He adds that there's just one problem: Beth... Beth asks angrily if she's being excluded again. Doug insists that she isn't. Beth asks the guy - Davo - what the problem is. Davo tells her that nothing's wrong. With that, they all get into their respective trucks.
No. 30
Phoebe is poring over Hope in her bassinet. She won't stop crying and Stephen comes in and asks what the problem is. He places his hand on Hope and gently starts stroking her brow. Hope quietens down. Stephen then tells Phoebe that he's sorry if he's been a bit touchy lately - it was just his own insecurities. Dorothy suggests they try again with the family photo.
El Dorado Topless Bar
The builders stop outside the bar and Beth realises where they are. Doug tells her that if she wants to go to the Waterhole, he'll drop her there. Beth suggests quickly that they *all* go. Davo, however, and another guy, head inside. Doug tells Beth that it's no different from being on the beach; topless is natural. He goes to head inside - just as Gaby comes out. Doug asks her in astonishment:
DOUG: What are *you* doing here?
No. 26
Jim arrives home and Helen tells him that she has some good news. Jim remarks that the way things have been lately, he could do with it. Helen continues:
HELEN: I know how down you've been lately because the house has been so quiet.
JIM: Deader than King Tut's tomb, is what springs to mind.
HELEN: So I've decided to do something about it.
JIM: And?
Helen pauses and so Jim presses:
JIM: Come on, come on, this is like have root canal therapy!
HELEN: The news Sports master at Erinsborough High is a cousin of mine. I hope you don't mind: I've invited him to stay with us and he said yes.
JIM (flatly): Oh.
HELEN: He's not coming sight unseen - I do *know* the young man. He's very personable.
JIM: It's not quite as simple as that, I'm afraid.
HELEN: Why not?
JIM: You're not the *only* one who's been doing some thinking. I have as well.
HELEN: What do you mean?
JIM: I've just put an ad in the Erinsborough News. This place is on the market - I've put it up for sale.
Helen looks at Jim in astonishment.
<<1839 - 1841>>
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1840
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Cathy Alessi, Benito Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1840
Cathy Alessi, Benito Alessi

Beth Brennan, Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1840
Beth Brennan, Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Doug Willis, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1840
Doug Willis, Gaby Willis

Benito Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1840
Benito Alessi

Beth Brennan, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1840
Beth Brennan, Gaby Willis

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1840
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Jim Robinson, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1840
Jim Robinson, Pam Willis

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1840
Doug Willis

Doug Willis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1840
Doug Willis, Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1840
Helen Daniels, Dorothy Burke

Cathy Alessi, Jim Robinson, Benito Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1840
Cathy Alessi, Jim Robinson, Benito Alessi

Helen Daniels, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1840
Helen Daniels, Stephen Gottlieb

Gaby Willis, Bar Manager No. 2 in Neighbours Episode 1840
Gaby Willis, Bar Manager No. 2

Cathy Alessi, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1840
Cathy Alessi, Jim Robinson

Davo, Beth Brennan, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1840
Davo, Beth Brennan, Doug Willis

Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1840
Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Beth Reed , Davo, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1840
Beth Reed , Davo, Doug Willis

Gaby Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1840
Gaby Willis, Doug Willis

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1840
Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1840
Helen Daniels

<<1839 - 1841>>
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