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Neighbours Episode 1839 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1838 - 1840>>
Episode title: 1839
Australian airdate: 28/01/93
UK airdate: 01/12/93
UK Gold: 18/11/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Philip East
Guests: Tom Merrick: Robert Essex
Alan Hunt: Norman Steiner
Summary/Images by: Graham
Brad telling Pam and Doug that he can't go to Bali until he balances the books. Pam offering to look at them.
Helen telling Michael that alcohol and medicine don't go together.
Toby electrocuting himself on the kettle.
The lights go out and in the lounge room Dorothy groans about a power cut. Tom checks it out and discovers that it's only a blown fuse. Dorothy calls out to Toby that it's all right. He doesn't answer, though, and so Dorothy goes to check on him. She and Tom find him on the kitchen floor with a burnt hand. Tom quickly tells her to find a bowl of water for Toby to put his hand in and which they can take with them to the hospital.
Coffee Shop
Philip walks into the Coffee Shop. Benito is working at a table. Cathy is working behind the counter and Philip orders some cake for dessert. Michael, however, is sitting there and Cathy tells Philip that his son has already beaten him to it. Philip smiles at his son:
PHILIP: Good on you!
He then thanks Cathy for inviting them to Stephen and Philip's wedding. Cathy remarks that Julie seemed to enjoy herself! Benito joins them comments that Julie seemed impressed with the spa: she said the Martins are getting one. Philip, however, chuckles that a spa's the *last* thing they need - there's no way they're getting one; *no way*!
Pam and Doug are sitting on the couch, reading, when Gaby arrives home, snapping that she *hates* that job. Doug asks what's wrong, and Gaby retorts that Brad being bar manager is what's wrong; while *he's* lying on some beach in Bali, Philip has got *her* working both jobs and she's not getting an extra cent for it. Pam assures her that she can cope for a few more days. Gaby mutters:
GABY: Why should I have to? I should be the manager. I *would* be if you hadn't helped him do the books.
Pam sighs that she would have done the same for Gaby if she'd asked her. Doug tells Gaby that if she thinks Philip is underpaying her, she should tell him she wants a raise; he reckons *he* needs *her* more than *she* needs *him*. After a few moments, Gaby declares that she *will*.
Stephen and Phoebe have arrived home from their honeymoon to an empty house. Dorothy comes in at that moment, with Tom and Toby, and welcomes the newlyweds home. Phoebe comments that she wondered where they were and Toby tells her that he burnt his hand a bit. Dorothy adds that it was a good job Tom was there and knew what to do. Tom remarks that he'd better pay his way while he's staying there and do a few odd jobs round the place. Dorothy then asks Phoebe and Stephen how the honeymoon was. Phoebe replies that the room at Lassiter's was great, but Hope's been a bit grizzly and *she* spent most of yesterday crying, for some reason. Stephen explains that Phoebe's a little bit run down - she hasn't been getting much sleep. Dorothy tells Toby that it's time for bed. Phoebe tells Stephen that she'll make up a bottle for Hope before she goes to bed.
Julie walks into the kitchen, where Michael is doing the wiping- up. She thanks him for getting the mud cake, adding that it was really good. Michael asks her what she thinks about Mrs. Alessi, as she was going on in the Coffee Shop about how they're the only house in the street that doesn't have a pool or spa or anything. Julie replies:
JULIE: That's not true. Dad and gran don't have a spa. Neither do the Willises.
MICHAEL: Everyone else does, though.
JULIE: So what? We could have one if we really wanted one.
MICHAEL: Then what's stopping us?
JULIE (shrugs): Your father and I are both working. Absolutely nothing! I've always wanted one, and I don't see why everyone else should have one and we shouldn't!
Michael tells her that it would be a really hot way for his dad to unwind when he gets home from work every night. Julie smiles that she'll go and talk to him about it right now. Michael, however, stops her and suggests they make it a surprise - he reckons his dad would get a really big kick out of it. Julie beams that that's a terrific idea: they could get Doug to do it while Philip's at work. She adds:
JULIE: I can't wait to see the look on your father's face!
Michael grins at her evilly...
It's the middle of the night, and Stephen is pacing the floor of the lounge room, cuddling Hope. Tom comes in and Stephen apologises if they disturbed him. Tom, however, explains that he was getting a glass of water. He looks at the hospital tag attached to Hope's bassinet and comments:
TOM: Hope Landers- Gottlieb. Quite a moniker! 'Landers' - what's that? An old family name, is it?
STEPHEN (hesitantly): Um, no, it's actually Hope's father's name. He died just after Phoebe got pregnant.
TOM: Oh. I'm sorry. I just assumed *you* were the father.
He leaves Stephen to it. Stephen comments to Hope that she probably needs a new nappy.
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Helen and Jim are in the front garden of No.26 when Cathy walks over and says she thought they better warn him that Benito's still nursing a bruised ego; she thinks he's thinking of challenging Jim to another competition. Jim asks what *sort* of competition. Cathy says she's not exactly sure, but she thinks Benito has got it into his head that he's better than Jim at business. She adds that she was hoping she could talk Jim into losing just so they can get some peace. Jim muses that it's against his nature, but he'll see what he can do.
Across the street, Gaby joins Doug by his ute, outside No.28, and asks him if he's seen Philip leave for work yet. Doug says he's waiting for him to leave so he can get started on this job Julie wants him to do. At that moment, Philip walks out to his car. Gaby strides across the street to have a word with him.
As Philip goes to climb into his car, Gaby stops him and asks if he's got a minute. Philip asks what's up. Gaby tells him that she doesn't think it's fair that she should be doing all of Brad's work at the Waterhole on top of hers and still getting the same wage. Philip replies that it's only for a week, and he can't pay two people to manage the Waterhole - it doesn't make sense. Gaby says:
GABY: If you're not going to pay me for the work that I do, then you have a make a decision: it's either Brad or me - it's that simple.
PHILIP (bluntly): I'm sorry, Gaby. It's been nice working with you.
With that, Philip climbs into his car and drives off, leaving Gaby looking incredulous.
Stephen is asleep in an armchair with Hope in his lap. Phoebe, Dorothy, Toby and Tom come in and Phoebe takes hope gently to put her in her room. There's a knock on the front door and Toby goes to get it. He comes back in with a package for Phoebe. Phoebe takes a large white jiffy bag from him and opens it to find a card inside. She looks at it and comments:
PHOEBE: Oh - it's from Annette.
TOBY: Todd's mum?
PHOEBE (nods): Mmm. It says 'To my darling granddaughter'.
She then reaches into the jiffy bag and takes out an outfit for Hope. She smiles at Stephen that *he* won't have to buy everything for Hope now. Stephen doesn't look very happy.
Gaby is looking in the newspaper for jobs. Pam asks her if she's found anything, but she says she hasn't. She then asks how she let her dad talk her into sticking up for her rights. Pam suggests to her that she apologise to Philip, tell him she made a mistake and wants her old job back. Gaby, however, retorts that there's no way - she'll find another job if she has to ring every employer in the country.
There's a small piece of foil on the kitchen counter, with pills lying on top of it. Michael is making sandwiches, and as he hears Julie and Doug coming in through the back door, he stuffs the foil and the pills into his pocket and hands Julie a plate of food. He points Doug to a separate plate on the table. Doug asks if there's any beer. Julie says she doesn't think they've got any. Michael says there's a bottle of wine in the fridge. Doug talks Julie into joining him, and she smiles:
JULIE: I don't suppose one will do me any harm!
Jim is working at the desk when there's a knock on the front door. Helen warns him that if that's Benito and he wants a contest of some sort, for heaven's sake lose. Jim opens the door to find it *is* Benito standing there. Helen offers him a drink and he asks for something soft, as he likes to keep a clear head. He sits down and asks Jim if he wants to do something this afternoon, as he's at a bit of a loose end. Jim asks him what he had in mind. Benito tells him that it'll be nothing strenuous - a board game would be good. He then suggests they play Monopoly! He adds that they've got a board at home. Helen, however, says they've got one there. Benito beams:
BENITO: Great! I'll go banker!
Philip arrives home and Julie dashes out of the kitchen, clearly tipsy. She throws her arms around him and starts kissing him passionately. Philip comments wearily that she's been drinking again. Julie smiles:
JULIE: No! Well... just a couple of teensy weensy little glasses.
PHILIP (suspiciously): How many's a couple?
JULIE: Just two. Stop being such a party pooper. I'm going to show you something.
She leads Philip through the kitchen, telling him to close his eyes. She takes him out onto the balcony and Michael follows them. The sound of gurgling water can be heard. Julie places Philip on the edge of the balcony and tells him to open his eyes. Doug is filling up the spa with water. Philip stares at it in shock as Julie beams:
JULIE: Surprise!
Benito is winning the game of Monopoly. There's a knock on the front door and Helen goes and opens it to Dorothy. She tells her that she thought she'd drop over and thank Helen for helping her come to her senses about Tom. Helen smiles that it's her pleasure! She adds that it's lucky he was there when Toby had the accident. Dorothy reveals that, actually, he's *staying* at her place. She adds:
DOROTHY: I've been waiting a long time to meet someone like him. I'd regret it forever if I just let him go.
HELEN: Why do I get the impression that you're not as happy about this as you should be?
DOROTHY: He's leaving to start a new position next week. They've made him Regional Facilities Manager for the North- East area - where they're opening up Toby's new school.
HELEN (sighs): Oh... so you've finally found the love of your life, only to lose him again. Is that it?
DOROTHY (nods): Something like that.
They suddenly hear Benito let out a roar of delight in the kitchen. Jim sighs that there's no way he can afford the rent on Euston Road with four houses; he'll have to concede defeat. Benito lets out another yell of happiness at having won!
Philip is writing Doug a cheque in the lounge room as Doug tells him that it's a terrific spa; he thought Philip would be rapt. Philip tells him that it's not *his* fault; it's Julie's. Michael is standing in the doorway and Philip says to him:
PHILIP: You knew I didn't want a spa. Did you realise what she was doing?
MICHAEL: I had no idea. I was out all morning and by the time I got back it was too late. I thought she must've talked it over with *you*.
PHILIP: I wish to hell she *had*.
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Philip goes and opens it to Gaby, who asks if her dad's still there. Doug comes to the door and Gaby tells him that a guy called Trevor's been ringing him all afternoon about the retirement village job. Doug walks off home. Gaby then tells Philip that, while she's there, she thought he might like to know that she's already got another job; she's off to see her new boss *now*. She walks off too. Philip closes the door and sighs heavily. Julie walks over to him, still tipsy, and smiles as she tells him to cheer up: it was a simple misunderstanding. She adds that she's going to go and try out the spa; does he want to join her? Philip says in concern:
PHILIP: Julie, this is the second time in a week you've been drinking.
JULIE (dismissively): Oh, Philip, I only had two little glasses.
PHILIP (disbelieving): Yeah. Sure.
JULIE: Now, are you going to join me or not?
PHILIP: No.Thanks.
JULIE (shrugs): Suit yourself.
Julie heads off to the kitchen. Philip walks into the lounge room, where Michael says he hopes Julie isn't developing a drinking problem; she's getting to be a real worry. Philip murmurs that she certainly is...
Pam is re- bandaging Toby's arm in the kitchen. When she's done, she admires Hope, lying in her bassinet, and smiles that she thinks she's got Todd's eyes. Stephen doesn't look happy. With that, Pam heads off home. Everyone goes to see her out, except Stephen, who leans over Hope's bassinet and says quietly:
STEPHEN: Todd's eyes, huh? How am I supposed to be a real dad to you when everyone keeps reminding me that I'm not?
Benito is telling Jim that when he got Bond Street, that's when he knew Jim was finished! He adds that Monopoly is like a microcosm of the real business world, where only the very strongest survive. Before Jim can retort, Helen interrupts and suggests to him that he go and shower and get changed. Jim nods that he said he'd meet Dorothy at six o'clock. He heads off. Benito starts to tidy up. Helen tries to stop him, but Benito moves the board and finds several hundred Monopoly dollars underneath it. He realises Jim threw the game. He picks up the money and throws it down on the table angrily.
A bar
Gaby is talking to a man, asking if the job's hers; it's that easy? The man tells her that she sounded perfect on the 'phone - and the fact that she's so attractive helps. Gaby smiles and thanks him. The man tells Gaby to go through and they'll organise her first shift. Gaby beams that she can hardly wait to get started. The man walks off.
A few moments later, in the main bar area, Gaby picks up a coaster with a logo on it that says 'Eldorado Topless Bar'. She murmurs to herself nervously:
GABY: God...
<<1838 - 1840>>
Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1839
Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke

Benito Alessi, Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1839
Benito Alessi, Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1839
Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1839
Gaby Willis

Phoebe Bright, Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1839
Phoebe Bright, Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke

Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1839
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1839
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Stephen Gottlieb, Tom Merrick in Neighbours Episode 1839
Stephen Gottlieb, Tom Merrick

Cathy Alessi, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1839
Cathy Alessi, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Gaby Willis, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1839
Gaby Willis, Philip Martin

Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright, Tom Merrick in Neighbours Episode 1839
Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright, Tom Merrick

Pam Willis, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1839
Pam Willis, Gaby Willis

Doug Willis, Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1839
Doug Willis, Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Benito Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1839
Benito Alessi

Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1839
Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1839
Doug Willis

Dorothy Burke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1839
Dorothy Burke, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Benito Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1839
Jim Robinson, Benito Alessi

Doug Willis, Michael Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1839
Doug Willis, Michael Martin, Philip Martin

Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1839
Stephen Gottlieb

Benito Alessi, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1839
Benito Alessi, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Alan Hunt, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1839
Alan Hunt, Gaby Willis

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1839
Gaby Willis

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