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Neighbours Episode 1827 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1827
Australian airdate: 12/01/93
UK airdate: 15/11/93
UK Gold: 02/11/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Gavin Heywood: Peter Hosking
Baby: Jessica Allen-Wetzler
- "Hey Boys" by Paul Kelly And Mark Seymour
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Michael is pressured by the detective over whether he was at the cottage.
- Gavin Heywood forces Cameron to work for him, warning Cameron that he expects loyalty from his 'employees'.
- Stephen tells Phoebe that Hope's next 24 hours will be critical.
Number 24
Beth emerges from having a nap, and tells Cameron that she had a freaky dream about being trapped in the fire with Hannah, but when Brad came in to rescue them, the cottage was in the middle of an enormous lake with sharks circling around. Cameron makes her laugh, and then tells her that it's good that she's dreaming about it, as it gets it out of her system - akin to having a good cry! Beth comments on Cameron being in a better mood, and he agrees that he is, although he's busy.
Helen pops around with some food for Beth. Beth asks if there's been any progress with the fire, and Helen mentions that there was a detective around at Julie's earlier on. Beth is surprised to hear that the fire was deliberately lit, and even more astonished when she hears that Michael is the prime suspect. Helen and Beth are both confused about what Michael's motive would be, and Helen acknowledges that Michael has denied any knowledge of the fire, but his track record with lying doesn't help his situation.
Helen has a poke around Number 24 and comments on how much it has changed since Madge has left. She remarks on a poster of a female, and then spies a scantily clad woman on a calendar!
BETH: Don't look at me. That's Lou's!
HELEN: (laughing) Oh well, I suppose his mid-life crisis is a little more serious than we thought(!)
Beth thinks that everyone's having crises - Lou is acting like a teenager, Cameron keeps getting into moods and Brad has given up surfing due to his new shark phobia. Helen thinks that Brad's new phobia is fair enough, but Beth doesn't believe he should let it rule the rest of his life and thinks that it's the same as her being too scared to sit in front of a fire!
Number 28
Brad is reading the Erinsborough News, where he's hailed on the front page as being a hero.
BRAD: One good thing about all this fire stuff - it's got Mum and Dad talking to each other again.
GABY: Yeah, well, I don't know if that means too much. We're even talking to each other.
BRAD: Hey, we are too! Does that mean we're friends again?
GABY: I guess so. For today, at any rate.
BRAD: Ohh, what? So to stay on good terms I've got to get myself nearly burnt to death on a daily basis?!
Gaby jokes that's the least he has to do! As a peace offering, she offers to make him some food - which cheers Brad immensely! He answers the door so that Gaby can concentrate on the food(!) It's Philip at the door, who asks after Brad. Hannah is as good as new, and can't wait to go back to school so she can lord it over all of the kids who haven't had their names in the paper recently(!)
Philip tells Brad that he came over to thank him properly. Brad reckons it was no big deal, but from Philip's perspective, it was. To show Brad his appreciation, Philip tells him that his bar manager's job will be on a higher pay scale than they originally negotiated. Brad is rapt. Philip makes a quick exit to ensure that Julie doesn't spoil Hannah too much!
BRAD: Soooooo, Bradley Willis, moving up in the world!
Hope is in an incubator. Phoebe and Stephen look over her, and Phoebe feels extremely helpless. She reckons the worst thing is not being able to do anything. Stephen thinks that they can do something - get her baptised. Phoebe is upset at this, and adamantly tells Stephen that there's no need - Hope will be fine.
Number 32
Julie and Hannah are watching television. Hannah asks if she can have some more ice-cream, but Julie laughs, thinking that she's had enough. Michael pops his head around the wall.
MICHAEL: (vindictively) Give her some more, maybe she'll puke herself to death!
PHILIP: (warningly) Michael!
Michael disappears off screen and Philip enters the living room. He wonders why Hannah isn't in bed and she informs him that she's 'just having some ice-cream'. Julie suggests that she finish it off in her bedroom and Michael angrily yells out that there's supposed to be a 'no food in the bedrooms' rule. Philip looks weary and Julie unamused. Julie sends Hannah to bed and goes into the hallway looking for Michael.
JULIE: What you'd do well to remember, young man, is that *I* make the rules, so I decide on the exceptions.
They glare at each other as Julie walks off. Philip approaches Michael and asks him if there's anything else he wants to tell him about the fire, warning him that criminal charges aren't a joke. Michael insists that he was playing pinball when the fire occurred. Julie comes back in and points out that his past shows that he can't be trusted. The two angrily disagree over whether he's a liar or not before Julie goes into her bedroom. Philip tells him that the truth will come out soon enough. Michael looks despondent.
Number 24
Beth is looking through the window and then absently starts to look at Cameron's files. He enters the room and is annoyed that she's touched them. Beth queries the fact that Heywood's name is on the front, but Cameron is off with her. She tells him that he should put them away if they're so secretive, but she's surprised that he's working for Heywood. Cameron tells her that it's none of her business.
Brad and Cameron collide as Brad enters and Cameron leaves, and Cameron is annoyed about that too! Beth comments that Cameron's very agitated of late. Brad and Beth kiss and he tells her that Gaby's still snarly about him getting the bar manager's job. Beth mentions a romantic dinner between the two of them and when Brad's positive, suggests that they should sneak off for a couple of days. She tells him to grab his boardies as they could go to the beach. Brad's smile slips.
Heywood's Office
Cameron hands over a file to Heywood, saying that it looks fine to him - apart from the problem with the land being zoned as residential. Heywood isn't concerned - that issue will be dealt with by Slade being on the council; that's why Heywood put him there! Cameron says that Heywood doesn't need him anymore, but Heywood says that he needs Cameron to convince Philip Martin to sign him over access to the land through Lassiter's.
Cameron tells him to shove it, and says that if Heywood starts tossing around more death threats, they can discuss it with the police. Heywood laughs it off and tells him to calm down. Heywood says that he got a bit annoyed when he found Cameron 'burgularing' his premises, but he doesn't think the police will take that too seriously.
Cameron says that if anything suspicious happens to him... Heywood interrupts him and says that nothing will happen; they just had a misunderstanding. Heywood gives him some more papers but Cameron tosses them aside, saying that if they're all cleared up, he's going. He starts to leave.
HEYWOOD: On the other hand, my boys tell me you're pretty tight with that Brennan girl. The one who had to be rescued from the fire last night. Now with someone as accident-prone as that, anything could happen.
CAMERON: Are you threatening Beth?
HEYWOOD: Not at all. I'm just pointing out that some people in life are more at risk than others.
Looking worried, Cameron sits back down.
HEYWOOD: Now, about Mr Martin...
Stephen is watching Phoebe sleep. She wakes and is worried about Hope. Stephen tells her that Hope is fine, but Phoebe wants him to check anyway. He makes to leave, but Phoebe calls him back and apologises. Phoebe tells him that it's getting to her, not being able to hold Hope. Stephen tells her that once Hope's well they'll have the rest of their lives together. Phoebe reckons that she's cursed and talks about losing Todd. Stephen interrupts her and insists that they won't lose Hope.
Number 32
Philip is looking through some papers that Cameron has given to him. Philip reckons that it all seems fair enough, but his reservations stem from his negative perception of Heywood - and most of that came from Cameron! Philip can't believe that Cameron's representing someone who - a couple of days ago - Cameron thought was as shonky as they come. Cameron tells him that what he'd said before was based on totally wrong information, and after checking him out, Heywood is clean. Philip starts to agree to the deal but they're interrupted by Julie and Michael arguing in the hallway.
Julie wants Michael to go to the chemist to pick up Hannah's prescription, but he refuses on the basis that he's not Julie's messenger boy! Philip intervenes and Michael angrily leaves. Philip returns to Cameron and says that he's spoken to Paul about the financial side of things, and Paul thinks that it's a good deal. Philip grabs a pen to sign the papers, when he admits that he's also feeling guilty about Heywood. Cameron is intrigued and Philip tells him that the fire was on Heywood's land, and there's a strong possibility that Michael was the arsonist.
CAMERON: Michael?!
PHILIP: Well, we don't know for sure - he claims he was playing pinball when it happened. It's kind of ironic, if he was involved, Heywood would probably be the first to thank him with the heritage listing on the cottage and all. Now that the cottage has gone... Where do I sign?
Cameron's clearly piecing the puzzle together and looks astonished as Philip signs the contract.
Gaby serves Heywood at a table and he gives her a tip. Gaby is pleased at his generosity. Heywood notes that she's not very busy and offers to buy her a drink. Gaby stalls, saying that it's against the rules. Heywood gets up from his seat and approaches her.
HEYWOOD: Well, I'm not much of a believer in rules. Especially if they get in the way of having fun.
He flirts with her a bit but although Gaby appears charmed, she leaves to carry on her work. Heywood returns to his seat and Cameron enters. Cameron tells him that he should've realised earlier how much Heywood had to gain from the cottage burning down.
CAMERON: It was no accident, was it?
HEYWOOD: What's it to you?
CAMERON: Some good friends of mine were almost killed - that's what it is to me.
HEYWOOD: Almost isn't enough to get upset about.
CAMERON: No, of course not(!) I can't blame Noddy for that, can I? The place was *supposed* to be empty. He had it all set up so that the fire would start late at night. He's not going to hang around on the off chance some dumb pedestrian might walk in.
Heywood says nothing and sips his drink. Cameron is incredulous.
CAMERON: You don't care about anyone, do you?
HEYWOOD: Well, everyone has a secret to their success. How'd you go with Martin? I hope it's the answer I want to hear.
Cameron looks unhappy but silently takes the papers out of his briefcase and hands them over.
HEYWOOD: Ok! Just so you don't think that I'm not appreciative...
Heywood throws two bundles of notes onto the table.
CAMERON: What do you want me to do with that?
HEYWOOD: Well, you could buy yourself some new clothes for a start. Smarten yourself up a bit. You're my lawyer now. I expect certain standards from my hired help.
CAMERON: It's going to take more than this.
Cameron leaves.
Phoebe urges Stephen to get some sleep as he hasn't had much since Hope was born. He tells her to call him if she needs anything. He goes to leave and then returns, saying that he has one more thing to say. He doesn't want to rush her into anything but he talks about re-scheduling the wedding for 3 weeks time. Phoebe doesn't want to talk about it, but Stephen thinks that it should be done soon as the longer they put it off, the more work it'll be to re-organise. Phoebe reckons that it's the least of their worries.
Brad and Beth are larking about on the beach. They sit down when they're worn out and Brad tells her that keeping her entertained is 'no day at the beach'! Beth says that the water looks great, and Brad looks unimpressed. Beth wants to go for a swim, but Brad isn't happy about it. She manages to convince him and the two run towards the water. As they reach the edge, Brad freezes.
BRAD: I can't, Beth!
BETH: Brad!
BRAD: I can't!
BETH: Come on, Brad!
BRAD: I'm scared, all right?!
Number 32
Julie is sorting through a box when Michael comes home. He tells her to catch and throws Hannah's prescription at her. Julie isn't happy that he's late, saying that Hannah should've taken it half an hour ago. Michael tells her that if it was such a big deal, she should've got it herself. Julie angrily agrees, saying that he can't even be trusted with something so simple.
Michael tells her that he doesn't care what she thinks - she doesn't even believe that he didn't start the fire. Julie tells him that he's proven often enough that he's capable of anything. Michael realises that it doesn't matter to Julie whether he's guilty or innocent - Julie would love nothing better than to see him locked away for the crime.
JULIE: You know something, Michael? You are right. You are absolutely right. Because then everyone would see you for what you really are. And the most important thing? You'd be out of my life for good. And frankly, I can't think of anything I'd like better right now.
Julie leaves and Michael looks upset as he slumps onto the sofa.
Number 32 (later)
Philip answers the door to Cameron, who has been doing some detective work. Philip is worried that it's to do with the contract, but apparently it concerns Michael.
PHILIP: God, he's not in more trouble, is he?!
Cameron says that Michael might be in less trouble than they think. Cameron tells Philip that he remembered Michael's alibi of playing pinball, and he remembered that Michael was quite good at it. He went down to the arcade and checked the high score lists. Philip can't believe he didn't think of it himself.
On a new machine, Michael hit number 5 with a score that has last night's date on and the time of the fire. Philip pumps his fist when he realises that Michael was telling the truth. Cameron says that they ought to get the police down there asap before a pinball ace comes in and blows his score off the board!
Cameron says that it's been a long day, and is off to have a drink at the Waterhole. Philip says that he'd go down and shout him one, but he shold get onto the police first. Philip wonders if Michael didn't start the fire, who did? Cameron looks unsure but says that he can't help Philip with that question. He suggests that no-one did - arson investigators always expect the worst. Philip sees Cameron out and then, to himself:
PHILIP: (pumping his fist) YES!
Number 24
Beth is pushing Brad to talk about his fear of the surf. Beth insists that if he goes down to the beach tomorrow and gets into the water, his fear will vanish. Brad says that she doesn't know anything - she's never been in the water with a shark a few feet away from her.
BRAD: You want me to tell you what it was like?
BETH: I *know* what it would be like. I do have some imagination!
BRAD: Yeah, well, that's what I used to think. That I could *imagine* what it would be like. You know something, you can't even start to. When one of those things comes for you, you can smell it. You can smell its rotten skin, its foul breath.
BETH: Brad, sharks don't breathe.
Brad rants about an attack victim that he knows, and how he can't bear to go near the water either. Beth shoots back at him, asking if he wants to be like that - and Brad yells that he *is* like that. He tells her that he can't change the way he feels, so she should stop pushing him. He tells her to get off his case, and stalks out. Beth looks upset.
Number 26
Stephen pops around looking for Dorothy but Helen hasn't seen her, and invites him in for a chat. Stephen says that Hope's doing ok but he's worried about Phoebe. Helen warns that she's under a lot of strain. Stephen says that he loves her, and he thought that she loved him. Helen thinks there's no doubt about it. Stephen says that he has the idea that if Hope dies, Phoebe will call off the wedding. Helen is surprised, but Stephen says that he doesn't know if she ever really loved him, or whether she just wanted a father for Todd's baby.
Phoebe goes up in the dark to sit with Hope. She watches through the incubator as Hope sleeps.
Number 32
Philip is on the phone to the police and he's beaming. Philip happily tells Julie that the police checked the pinball machine and Michael's name is there so there won't be any charges.
MICHAEL: I told you.
PHILIP: Yes, you did!
JULIE: Philip. Those machines aren't like a signed book. Anyone could enter anyone else's name.
Philip tells her that she's being too hard on Michael. Julie isn't so sure. Philip grabs Michael around the shoulders and drags him towards him, proclaiming that they should go out for a family dinner. He and Michael grin at Julie but she walks off, and their smiles fall. Philip sighs, pats Michael's shoulder and follows Julie.
Gaby and Cameron discuss their day and Cameron says that he hasn't had a hard day, but he's had to deal with unscrupulous businessmen.
CAMERON: Have you ever had to work for someone you really dislike?
GABY: Where would you like me to start? Paul, the original yuppie? Benito, who fancies himself as such a crash hot businessman? Sweet ineffectual Philip? And now, NOW I'm having to say 'yes, sir, no, sir, three bags full' to my little brother.
CAMERON: Sorry I asked!
Gaby asks who's been giving Cameron such a hard time, but he tells her that it doesn't matter. She mentions that she's off in a couple of minutes, and Cameron says that he will be too once he's finished his drink. He suggests that she walk him home, but Gaby says that she's going out for a late dinner.
CAMERON: Ohh? Sounds like somebody's day's finishing on a good note, anyway.
Gaby mentions that she's seen the guy around a fair bit, but today's the first day that they've got seriously talking. Cameron teases her a bit and Gaby mentions that he's a patron of the Waterhole. She reckons he's an interesting bloke.
GABY: He's a strong sort of guy. Generous, great sense of humour. I think I could really get to like him.
CAMERON: I think you already have! Either that or you're thinking of applying for his PR agent(!)
They laugh and Cameron tells her to go for it and enjoy herself. Gaby says that she will, and then points out that he's arrived. She introduces her cousin Cameron to her date and as Cameron turns around from the bar, he realises that the man in question is Gavin Heywood!
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Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1827
Helen Daniels

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1827
Brad Willis

Philip Martin, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1827
Philip Martin, Brad Willis

Phoebe Bright, Hope Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1827
Phoebe Bright, Hope Gottlieb

Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1827
Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1827
Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson

Gavin Heywood, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1827
Gavin Heywood, Cameron Hudson

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1827
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Cameron Hudson, Michael Martin, Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1827
Cameron Hudson, Michael Martin, Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Gaby Willis, Gavin Heywood in Neighbours Episode 1827
Gaby Willis, Gavin Heywood

Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1827
Phoebe Bright

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1827
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan

Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1827
Beth Brennan

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1827
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Cameron Hudson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1827
Cameron Hudson, Philip Martin

Beth Brennan, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1827
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis

Stephen Gottlieb, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1827
Stephen Gottlieb, Helen Daniels

Julie Martin, Michael Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1827
Julie Martin, Michael Martin, Philip Martin

Gaby Willis, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1827
Gaby Willis, Cameron Hudson

Gavin Heywood in Neighbours Episode 1827
Gavin Heywood

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1827
Cameron Hudson

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