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Neighbours Episode 1826 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1826 (1993 Season Return)
Australian airdate: 11/01/93
UK airdate: 12/11/93
UK Gold: 01/11/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Gavin Heywood: Peter Hosking
Detective: Peter Williams
Hope Gottlieb: Laura Pearson
- "Head Above Water" by Hunters And Collectors
- "Bedazzled" by Succotash
- "Tribal Voice" by Yothu Yindi
Summary/Images by: Sal
Stephen discovers that Phoebe has gone into labour
Gavin Heywood and his henchmen are about to throw Cameron down a lift shaft
Hannah and Beth are trapped in the burning cottage. Brad rushes in to save them, whilst Phil screams Hannah's name.
Outside the Cottage
Phil is yelling Hannah's name, but he's being held back by Lou and others from the pub.
LOU: It's an inferno in there!
Inside the Cottage
Hannah and Beth are surrounded by the fire. Hannah is scared that they're going to die. Beth tells her to stay low and Brad bursts in to save them.
BETH: Is there a way out?
BRAD: There was a way in!
As Brad speaks, the doorway he came in through sets alight.
Outside the Cottage
Phil is surveying the scene miserably. Doug says that they have to get in there and help them. Phil says that there's no way anyone's getting in there now. Doug spies some wood breaking and they rush over. Brad and Beth come out of the cottage - Brad's holding Hannah. He gives her to Phil.
Number 30
Phoebe is in labour. Stephen is on the phone trying to get hold of Pam but she's not answering. He doesn't understand where everyone is. He tells her that everything is going to be fine. Phoebe begs him not to faint!
Heywood's Offices
Heywood tells Cameron that he made a smart choice. Cameron's got marks on his face and points out that he didn't have much of a choice! Heywood tells him that he likes to get what he wants. He asks Cameron what he's uncovered but Cameron reveals that as far as hard evidence goes, he's got nothing.
HEYWOOD: I hate to sound dramatic but keep it that way. For the sake of your health.
It becomes clear that Cameron had to agree to work for Heywood in exchange for not being dropped down the lift shaft. Cameron wants to know why he was chosen. Heywood explains that Cameron is known as a man of honesty and integrity and warns him that he expects loyalty from his employees.
Number 30
Stephen is on the phone fighting to get an ambulance, whilst Phoebe is in the throes of labour - but it isn't looking promising. Stephen tries to talk Phoebe through the labour. He tells her to hold on but she says that the baby is coming. He walks off and then returns with some towels.
STEPHEN: If you guys are ready, so am I.
Hospital Room
Hannah is in a hospital bed. Phil is stroking her hair whilst she tells him how scary it was.
In the corridor, Julie rushes in and sees Doug - she's worried and confused as to why Hannah and Beth were in the cottage in the first place. Pam appears and says that they're all ok but Hannah needs to stay in for observation over night because she's so young. Brad's suffering from smoke inhalation but Pam is starting to think that he's indestructible! He appears and Julie thanks him for what he did. Julie goes to see Hannah whilst Pam and Doug tell Brad how proud of him they are.
Hospital Room
Julie and Phil are fussing over Hannah. Julie wants to know why Hannah was in the cottage and Hannah says that she went to look for her doll. Julie doesn't understand how the two tie together and Hannah says that Michael took the doll and the cottage is his hangout. Julie and Phil exchange a worried but knowing glance!
Number 30
Phoebe has given birth to a baby girl. Stephen is stoked - she's perfect. Phoebe can't believe that she's a mum and is grateful that Stephen was there. Dorothy arrives back home and is stunned to see the baby. Stephen tells her that there's an ambulance on the way but they've taken ages because it's been a busy night. Dorothy offers to take them in her car but just then, sirens sound. Stephen says that they can let the professionals take over. Dorothy realises that Stephen delivered the baby - and Stephen is pleased that he didn't faint!
In the corridor, Brad and Doug are waiting for news on Beth - Pam tells them that she's resting. Stephen and Phoebe appear and everyone is stoked that she's had the baby - and even more shocked that Stephen delivered it!
BRAD: That must be a first for a bucks night!
Phoebe wonders what the Willises are doing at the hospital but Doug says he'll tell them later. Phoebe is going to stay in the hospital to rest up for a few days and the baby is in an incubator. Brad goes to see Beth and Pam and Doug go to wait for him elsewhere.
Julie and Phil emerge from Hannah's room. Julie's upset that Beth took Hannah to the cottage. Phil says that Hannah has told them why she did it, but Julie doesn't think it's right that Hannah was out in the middle of the night. Phil consoles her, saying that no-one was hurt. He says that they should go home and get some rest and come back first thing in the morning.
Number 28
Pam wishes that Beth had come back to Number 28 so she could keep an eye on her. Doug says that she'll be ok - Brad and Cameron are over at Number 24. Pam says she feels sorry for her not having her family with her at a time like this. Doug reveals that he thought Brad had died. Pam agrees, saying that Brad himself barely batted an eyelid!
DOUG: He's got a lot of guts. We've raised quite a man there.
PAM: I know.
There's a long silence. Pam offers Doug another hot chocolate but he refuses. She clearly wants him to stay but he leaves. He tells her that he'll be in touch. Pam looks solemn.
Number 24
Brad is wondering if he should stay over and crash on the couch. Cameron tells him that Beth's in safe hands with him - and he's only over the road! Beth kisses him passionately as a thank you before he leaves. Cameron looks away! Beth can't believe that they got out of the cottage. Cameron reckons it must be a night for close shaves. Beth wonders what he means but Cameron dismisses it. He tells her that he's got a new job. She wonders what has happened to the expose on Gavin Heywood but Cameron tells her that it was a waste of time. Beth is surprised to hear that he's dropped it and more surprised that Cameron is involved with legal work again.
Number 32
Julie and Phil are telling Debbie what happened. Phil says that Hannah should be allowed to come home tomorrow. Michael walks in.
JULIE: Where have you been?
MICHAEL: Out. What's it to you?
PHIL: You watch your manners, thanks! Where have you been?
MICHAEL: I've been playing with pinnies - is that such a crime?
Julie tells him that his hideout burnt down. Michael plays innocent. Debbie tells him that Julie and Phil know about the cottage.
MICHAEL: So it burnt down - big woop!
JULIE: Hannah went there tonight.
MICHAEL: What, she set the cottage on fire?(!)
Phil tells him not to be ridiculous - he explains that Hannah went there after her doll. Michael admits to taking the doll, but insists that he put it in the toy collection bag. He tells them that he hasn't been anywhere near the cottage. Phil is appalled that he threw Hannah's doll out. He tells Michael that he has to apologise to Hannah for doing such a spiteful thing. Michael is stunned that there's so much aggro over a stupid doll!
Debbie sets on Michael, telling him that the cottage burnt right to the ground - with Beth and Hannah inside. She tells him that if it weren't for Brad, they'd both be dead. She asks him where he was. Michael can't believe that Debbie's turned on him too. Julie tells Michael that he doesn't inspire confidence. Phil tells Julie and Debbie to go to bed.
MICHAEL: What's this, the big father/son chat? It's a bit late, Daddy!
PHIL: I wouldn't get too smart, Michael - you're in too much trouble for that!
MICHAEL: But I haven't done anything!
PHIL: When you went back to Austin Boys Grammar, you were supposed to see the counsellor.
PHIL: Once!
MICHAEL: He was a nerd, Dad!
Phil tells Michael that he needs help - and it's help that he obviously can't give to him.
MICHAEL: What? A shrink? You think I'm psycho?!
Phil tells him that he sees so much rage built up inside of him - and that his silly games put people's lives at risk. He tries to hammer home the fact that Hannah could've died. As Phil talks, Michael looks more and more annoyed!
PHIL: Just because you're angry, it doesn't excuse stupid, irresponsible behaviour. You have to do something about your anger.
MICHAEL: Yeah, well maybe I'm angry because whenever I tell the truth no-one belives me ! Maybe that's what drives me crazy!
Michael storms out. Phil looks deflated.
Number 24
Beth has made coffee for her and Cameron. She tells him that Stephen and Phoebe have postponed the wedding - and she's pleased as she's not really in a bridesmaid frame of mind! Cathy comes in to see if Cameron has heard from Marco. Cameron tells her that he hasn't heard anything and insists that Heywood's operation is all above board. He says that there's nothing clear cut connecting Marco to Heywood. Cathy leaves and Cameron's good mood appears to have evaporated.
BETH: So you were wrong all along about Heywood?
CAMERON: (shortly) Yes.
BETH: So come on, what convinced you?
CAMERON: It's none of your business, Beth, so just butt out, ok?
Beth looks hurt.
Number 32
A detective is quizzing Hannah about what she was doing at the cottage. She tells him that Michael took her doll there.
MICHAEL: No, I didn't you little oink!
JULIE: Michael!
MICHAEL: I'm not going to let that squirt railroad me!
PHIL: Michael!
The detective says that he's not being railroaded. Michael tells him that he was playing pinball but the detective keeps pressing him. Michael looks at Phil. Phil asks if the detective has any reason to keep asking Michael the same question. The detective says he's got evidence to suggest that someone with the initial M was at the crime scene - he pulls out a lighter with an engraving on it. Michael says it could be anyone's but the detective tells him that they also have a witness who saw someone matching his description there late yesterday afternoon. Michael looks uncomfortable.
Hospital Room
Cathy has brought some baby clothes for Stephen and Phoebe. Dorothy asks if they've come up with a name. Phoebe tells them that they've settled on Hope. She says they've been through some bad times and maybe things will turn around. Stephen takes Cathy to see Hope and Dorothy stays with Phoebe.
PHOEBE: He was right.
DOROTHY: Stephen?
PHOEBE: Todd. It was a girl.
Phoebe reckons everything is going to work out fine and that Stephen will be a great dad.
The Waterhole
Cameron is talking to Heywood about Marco - he says that Benito and Cathy are really worried. Heywood says that they should've taught their little boy to mind his own business. Heywood tells him that it wasn't money - Marco just saw something he shouldn't have done.
HEYWOOD: Anyway, Alessi isn't a problem anymore.
CAMERON: Anymore?! Is he...? Have you...?
HEYWOOD: Rubbed him out? What am I? Al Capone?
Heywood chuckles to himself. Heywood says that Marco will be fine as long as he stays out of the country - sometimes you have to play hard, sometimes you don't. Doug comes over and introduces himself. Cameron tells Doug that it's an important business meeting so that he'll leave. Doug does and Cameron tells Heywood that he doesn't want his family involved. Heywood says that he's very wise and they leave for his office instead.
Number 24
Beth is going to cook Brad a special meal. She thinks he's a hero and can't believe how laidback he's being over it all. Brad wishes everyone would stop going on about it.
BETH: What?! Running into a burning building and saving two people is an everyday thing, is it?!
Brad thinks that heroes are supposed to be brave - and he's too scared to go swimming, so he can't be a hero. Beth says that considering a shark attacked him, it's not surprising! Brad is miserable and slopes off!
Number 32
Michael is fuming - he keeps insisting that he was playing pinball. Phil asks the detective if he really thinks that Michael is involved.
DETECTIVE: Well, with the weight of evidence against him, yes. That, on top of his expulsion from school for setting fire to the-
Michael storms across the room and gets into Julie's face.
MICHAEL: You had to open your big trap about that, didn't you?!
PHIL: Michael!
DETECTIVE: Your mother felt I should know.
MICHAEL: She's not my mother!
The detective tells Phil that Michael will be charged with arson. Michael protests that he hasn't done anything. He suggests that Phil should talk to his solicitor. The detective leaves and Phil, Debbie, Michael and Julie all look despondantly at each other.
PHIL: I can't believe any of this.
JULIE: I can. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.
Hospital Room
Cathy, Dorothy and Phoebe are chatting about the wedding and changing the dress because it'll be like a tent. Pam comes in and Phoebe really wants to have Hope. Pam says that the incubator is the best place for her. Stephen comes in - Hope's having trouble breathing and her lungs aren't developed enough. Pam explains that that's why she's in the incubator. Stephen says that she could be there indefinitely (indefinitely?! What, until she's 18 years old?! Stop being dramatic, Stevo!) as they're not happy with her progress. He says that they're not sure if she'll be ok - the next 24 hours will be critical.
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Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin

Hannah Martin, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1826
Hannah Martin, Beth Brennan

Beth Brennan, Brad Willis, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis, Hannah Martin

 in Neighbours Episode 1826

Philip Martin, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1826
Philip Martin, Doug Willis

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Brad Willis, Doug Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1826
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Brad Willis, Doug Willis, Beth Brennan

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1826
Cameron Hudson

Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1826
Stephen Gottlieb

Brad Willis, Pam Willis, Julie Martin, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1826
Brad Willis, Pam Willis, Julie Martin, Doug Willis

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin  Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin Julie Martin

Hope Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1826
Hope Gottlieb

Brad Willis, Stephen Gottlieb, Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1826
Brad Willis, Stephen Gottlieb, Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Phoebe Bright

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1826
Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1826
Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Michael Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Michael Martin, Philip Martin

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Philip Martin

Cathy Alessi, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1826
Cathy Alessi, Cameron Hudson

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Michael Martin

Detective in Neighbours Episode 1826

Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke, Cathy Alessi, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1826
Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke, Cathy Alessi, Stephen Gottlieb

Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis, Gavin Heywood in Neighbours Episode 1826
Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis, Gavin Heywood

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1826
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan

Julie Martin, Michael Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1826
Julie Martin, Michael Martin, Philip Martin

Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1826
Phoebe Bright

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