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Neighbours Episode 1789 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1789
Australian airdate: 15/10/92
UK airdate: 22/09/93
UK Gold: 09/09/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Lindsay Steiner: Jane Longhurst
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Madge is telling Lou off for gambling. He insists he has only had a few bets, and the $1000 in his account must be a computer error. He says he'll go down the TAB and sort it out - just as soon as he'd had lunch(!)
Doug is in a bad mood and snaps at Brad about his inane chatter about food. Pam comes in and Doug tells her the hospital phoned. She doesn't contradict him when he mentions her working on Saturday and Doug gets even grumpier.
Marco is off to work at the Coffee Shop. Cathy has got a royalty payment for the spaghetti sauce - $5000! Everyone is very happy, but Cathy reminds them that the money is going to the Homeless Children's Fund.
Coffee Shop
Toby comes in and Madge asks him quietly if Lou has been betting. Toby says he thinks Lou has given up, though he's very interested to hear about the $1000 from the TAB.
Toby goes over to Lou who is eating his lunch at a table. He's downcast to hear that Madge is making Lou give all his money to charity. Toby says charity begins at home(!) Lou gives him $10 for his cheekiness!
Brad is on the phone arranging to go out with Beth. Doug is still in a foul mood. He starts a row with Pam for not ironing his shirts. She points out that she works too, and she's not the slave of the laundry(!) Doug makes several sexist remarks which Pam ignores.
Coffee Shop
Toby asks Marco to place a bet for him. He is very reluctant, but starts to relent when Toby says he wants to buy a present for Melanie with his winnings. But he'll only put $5 on, not $10.
Madge and Lou pop round to tell Jim that Lou is donating $1000 to the Homeless Children's Charity. Jim is staggered that it's so much money and shakes his hand.
JIM: that is above and beyond the call of duty, you'll get your reward in heaven my son!
LOU:(dryly) Have I got to wait that long?
Doug is ironing his shirts when he burns his hand. Brad comes in. Pam answers the phone to Jim and is very pleased to hear that Lou is donating $1000. She tells him that Cathy wants to meet them both at the Waterhole later. Doug bristles at her being so chummy with Jim.
Toby pops round and Brad is only too glad to get out of the house(!)
Ramsay Street
Brad tells Toby that there's a weird atmosphere at home between Pam and Doug. Toby asks Brad for a favour - it's his Dad's birthday soon and he wants to place a bet on a racehorse so he can buy him a present. Brad reluctantly agrees to place the bet, but just this once.
Pam and Doug are still picking at each other.
DOUG: You lied to me.
PAM: Lied? What about?
DOUG: Oh, you know, you conned me about this weekend.
PAM: Conned you?
DOUG: Yeah. You said you couldn't come to the conference because you were working. Now the hospital says that's not the case. Care to explain?
PAM: With pleasure, Doug. I pretended that I was rostered on because...I don't want to go to the conference.
DOUG: Why not?!
PAM: They're so boring, Doug. An entire weekend with a whole lot of people I've got nothing in common with. The main topic of conversation will be who won what at bingo last week at the club!
DOUG: Oh, thanks(!) Why on earth couldn't you tell the truth? Say how you felt.
PAM: Because I knew you would have got huffy.
DOUG: I wouldn't get huffy!
PAM: Yes, you would, you're huffy now!
DOUG: I'm not! Well, not about that...
PAM: Oh, Doug...you're not a whole lot of fun to be with lately, you know. Sometimes I wonder if this marriage is worth the effort.
Coffee Shop
Brad comes in and chats to Marco at the counter. Jill Weir comes in and in conversation, Brad tells her that Doug is away this weekend to the New Sheraton hotel. Jill is surprised to hear that Pam isn't going to the conference with Doug.
Madge tells Toby how pleased she is that Lou has given up gambling (at least for now!) When Madge has gone, he runs to the telephone.
Coffee Shop
Marco is listening to a race on the radio. Brad and Marco compare notes and it seems that they each put $5 on the horse for Toby - and it lost. They also compare notes on the different stories about birthday presents Toby told them.
Lindsay comes in and she and Marco sit at a table. He asks her to give Cathy and Benito another chance - they gave her away so she could have a family that would care for her properly.
MARCO: Hey, it wasn't easy, or a spur of the moment decision. It broke their hearts.
LINDSAY: Well, what about me? Did they ever stop and think how their new- born baby might feel about being totally abandoned by both its mother and father?
MARCO: Look, Lindsay, I'm not going to try and convince you anymore. Either you come to terms with it, or you don't. But I want to say something about Mum and Dad. They're caring people. And perhaps it was a mistake to give you up. But they couldn't get married right away, and Mum couldn't keep you. But they're not cold- hearted or wicked like you seem to think they are. They're good people. The best.
Lindsay takes this in.
Cathy and Benito present Jim and Pam with a cheque for $5000 for the Homeless Children's Charity - and hopefully there'll be more in the future. Lou also reluctantly hands his own cheque over.
LOU: It is a far better thing that I do, than I have ever done.
Madge snatches the cheque out of his hands and gives it to Pam and Jim. Lou asks her to get him a drink(!)
Brad asks Madge when Joe and Melanie's birthdays are. Apparently they were ages ago.
Cathy opens the door to an unexpected guest.
CATHY: Lindsay. Come in.
She does.
LINDSAY: I do need to talk to you. There are some things that have to be said.
Toby is on the phone to his mate Ben, trying to get his dad to place a bet for him(!) Brad comes in and hears him on the phone.
BRAD: I don't know what kind of scam you're pulling, but I'm going to find out!
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