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Neighbours Episode 1788 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1788
Australian airdate: 14/10/92
UK airdate: 21/09/93
UK Gold: 08/09/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Mr. Knotts: Simon Hughes
Postman: Ron Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie is stressing about the dress she's wearing for this evening saying she looks like the sugar- plum fairy(!) (she much preferred the ruined dress)
Helen comes in and admires Julie's dress. She tells them about Cameron's article about the toxic waste on the site of the proposed childcare centre. Helen reads the editorial and looks shocked.
The editorial is very damning about Dorothy, and even has a cartoon of her! Beth tells Cameron it's might be close to slander, but Cameron says the editor has just stated some incidents from Dorothy's past (eg a marajuana bush in the 1960s) and lets the readers draw their own conclusions.
Lou tells Jim about the extra money in his TAB account. Jim suggests he donates it to a homeless charity, but Lou says he'd better contact the TAB to see if they made a mistake.
Madge tells Jim about the other day when Jill Weir left the pub early, after telling Doug she was waiting for someone.
Pam comes in while Jim is talking to Lou about the car club dinner on Saturday night, and moaning that he doesn't have a date. Madge suggests that he invites Jill Weir(!) Pam is surprised to hear that Jill has been in the pub and Madge fills her in on the incident.
Rick gives in his maths test to Mr Knotts. Outside, Rick thanks Michael for helping him.
RICK: If you hadn't come along, I would have been cactus!
MICHAEL: It's the least I can do.
RICK: I won't forget this mate. Come on, let's go.
Pam comes in to find Doug making dinner. She asks him what he's done(!) She asks Doug about seeing Jill Weir at the Waterhole, but he says he just said hello. He changes the subject, saying they've been invited to a convention in the City this weekend with free accommodation. Pam awkwardly tells him that she's working and that they need the money. She suggests Doug could go on his own.
Rick tells Debbie that Michael helped him on the test.
Helen and Jim are considering the editorial about Dorothy while Phil struggles with his cufflinks. He and Julie head off.
As they're leaving, there's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy. She goes through to the kitchen and Jim shows her the paper.
Dorothy has come to confront Cameron. Her conviction was for smoking one cigarette at a party in the 1960s and that was it. Cameron agrees that she's been poorly treated, and he's already rung the editor to complain. They won't print a retraction though, and anyway, Cameron needs the job. Dorothy is not happy and stalks out.
Phil and Julie come home from their night out which has gone very well apparently. Michael glowers at them and turns up the TV, then stalks off to his room.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Lou is waiting for the postman to intercept his TAB statement. Dorothy comes over to talk to Jim about the newspaper. Lou says that his bad publicity in the newspaper only led to a sales boom - in the same way, Dorothy could end up being Mayor(!) Dorothy doesn't care and is collecting up as many copies of the paper as she can.
Pam comes out and tells Dorothy that she used her copy to wrap up veggies scraps. Dorothy is pleased.
Jim comes over and Pam tells him they're both going to be on their own this weekend as Doug is going away to a conference (er...what?). Jim puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her to pop over if she gets lonely. She asks about the car club dinner, and Jim is about to invite her when Doug comes out.
When Pam has gone, Doug tells Jim that he was hoping Pam was going to come to the conference with him, but she has to work. He asks Jim if Pam said anything and he says she didn't(!)
Coffee Shop
Julie congratulates Cameron on his article about the toxic waste and says she agrees with the editorial about Dorothy! Dorothy comes in and overhears this. Julie thinks Dorothy should resign(!) Dorothy says her past is nothing to do with the toxic waste issue. Helen tells Julie off, but Julie says as a parent of children at Dorothy's school, she has a duty to speak out(!)
Lou has come to see if his TAB statement has been misdelivered, but it hasn't. Doug asks Lou if Jim and Pam were talking for long this morning - and wonders if she came out of Jim's place this morning. Lou says she didn't, but is confused at Doug's meaning.
DOUG: I want you to be straight with me, Lou. Do you think Jim and Pam might be...well, you know.
LOU:(bemused) Know what?
DOUG: You know...
LOU:(wide eyed) You mean having an affair?!
DOUG: Well, something like that, yeah.
Lou bursts out laughing.
LOU: You've been out in the sun too long, mate, no way!
DOUG: So you don't reckon...
LOU: Jim wouldn't be interested in Pam!
DOUG: Why, what's wrong with Pam?
LOU: Well, nothing, I just don't think she's his type.
DOUG: So you're saying she's not attractive, is that it?
LOU: Oh, steady on, mate, I'm not saying that at all.
DOUG: Then, she is attractive?
LOU: Doug...look, I've only got eyes for Madge, mate. I am not qualified to give points on Pam or anybody else. What's got into you?!
DOUG: Oh, nothing. I'm being stupid, really.
Mr Knotts tells Rick that this exam was very unique. He says Rick treated the test as a joke - he'll be demoted and also have some remedial coaching. Rick is stunned.
Rick confronts Michael about the test. Michael tells him he did it on purpose and Rick was sucked in.
Mr Knotts approaches Dorothy with a fax that has arrived for her from the Education Department.
Apparently the Education Department want Dorothy to explain the contents of the editorial because "concerned parents" have complained. Helen is shocked, but Julie less so. Dorothy really blames Cameron though.
Cameron is typing up his latest article on his ancient typewriter. Beth wants to look, but Cameron says it's a secret. He says he's "aligning his objectives with those of the paper"
Ramsay Street
Lou is watering the garden and still waiting for the postman.
LOU: What is this, a postman's holiday?!
Just then, the postman arrives. Lou turns the hosepipe off, and as he does so, Madge comes down the driveway and takes the post off the postman. Lou crowds around Madge and tries to get the mail off her, but she's already looking through. She sees an envelope with TAB on it. Lou snatches it, but Madge makes him open it. She looks at him sternly.
Beth insists that she's ready to come back to work. Doug answers the phone to the hospital who want Pam to bring something in for them. Doug says Pam is working on the weekend, so she'll be able to bring it in them. They tell him she's not rostered on. He looks very worried.
BETH: What's up?
DOUG: Nothing, nothing. Just a change of plans.
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