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Neighbours Episode 1779 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1778 - 1780>>
Episode title: 1779
Australian airdate: 01/10/92
UK airdate: 08/09/93
UK Gold: 26/08/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Dennis Parsons: Martin Crewes
Lizzy Bryant: Marilyn Chestnut
Magistrate Kinsella: Raleigh Robinson
Clerk of Courts: Sue Speechley
Summary/Images by: David
Michael accuses Julie of wanting rid of him again. This is his family and next time she'll be the one who goes.
Number 30
Hannah shows off her new hat to Dorothy. Helen thinks they should go home so Hannah could see her brother Michael. Hannah says he isn't her brother, he's only her half- brother. Helen tells her to try to get on with him. Cameron arrives and they ask him to be Helen's lawyer at the court appearance tomorrow. They have a lawyer already but they're not happy with his attitude. The lawyer thinks that if Helen pleads guilty for driving under the influence then she should also plead guilty for speeding, but Dorothy insists Helen wasn't speeding. Helen accuses the police officer of lying and she won't back down on principle. Dorothy will be there to back up Helen and she has impeccable credentials, or almost impeccable. Cameron thinks they should trust their legal adviser.
Number 26
Michael, Philip and Debbie are laughing as they look through old photos. Julie arrives and Philip fills her in on what they're doing, while Michael drops his smile the moment Julie joins them. Helen arrives and welcomes Michael who gives her a hug. He wonders whether to call her Helen or Mrs Daniels. She says if he feels comfortable with Helen, that's fine. Michael asks Hannah if she's got a great big cuddle for her great big brother, but Hannah looks uncertain as she stands nervously behind Helen. Philip tells Michael not to worry, Hannah just needs to get to know him again. Debbie takes Hannah into her room to look at some posters from school.
Julie takes Philip aside into the kitchen and tells him Michael hasn't changed at all. She informs Philip about Michael accusing her of trying to get rid of him just because she wanted to help with school fees. He thinks boarding school was all her idea. Philip explains that Michael doted on his mother and when they got together it hit Michael very hard. Philip says that of course Michael would be resentful for being sent off to boarding school, but he's a lot better than he was 12 months ago.
JULIE: All that's happened is he's got a lot more cunning.
PHILIP: Oh Julie, please
JULIE: I want to warn you Philip. He's going to try to break us up somehow, I know he will, he's already said so.
PHILIP: You know you overreact. I'll talk to him in the morning, I'll pull him into line for giving you cheek but we all have to get along here and you need to play your part as well. Fair enough.
Number 32 (next morning)
Beth is reading Cameron's letter in the paper. Cameron is pleased it's all been printed so soon. Brad arrives from the bedroom. Beth kisses him and asks what he'd like for breakfast. He says he needs to go home as he has a bit to do today. Beth will come over before work and says they should call Lucy. Brad agrees but doesn't think Lucy will like it.
Number 26
Michael joins everyone for breakfast and tells Julie that she's looking very nice today. Hannah goes to try on the dress that Helen bought her while Helen goes with her to help. Philip wants to have a talk with Michael, telling him they all have to make an effort to get along.
PHILIP: You said some things to Julie yesterday, about her wanting you back at boarding school.
MICHAEL: No I didn't. I said sometimes it looked like that and I didn't want this family breaking up.
JULIE: That's not what you said at all.
PHILIP: Michael, Julie has to be respected. No needling, no sticking the knife in. She really wants to get on with you and we all want to enjoy the next two weeks.
MICHAEL: That's all I want as well dad.
PHILIP: Good boy.
Philip turns to Julie, smiling. Julie does not look impressed.
Number 28
Brad calls Lucy and tells him that he's going out with Beth. Brad smiles happily, checking if Lucy is sure as Beth is Lucy's best friend and everything. Brad happily hands the phone to Beth, telling her she's probably going to cop it. Beth apologises to Lucy, but soon starts smiling. She thanks Lucy for being so good about it.
Number 26
Philip is on the phone to the personnel manager. Julie tells Philip that he's going to get this job, she knows it. Debbie and Michael are heading down to the shops, Michael invites Julie along but she coldly says no thank you, she's got a lot to do. As Michael and Debbie leave, Philip makes a shrugging expression to Michael, which Julie is irritated to see.
Dorothy arrives to see Helen. Helen tells Dorothy that her solicitor has a big case that's been rescheduled so he wants them to adjourn. Helen's decided to plead guilty to both charges and be done with it. The bonus is what she pays in the fine, she'll save on the solicitor, so she will finish ahead financially. Dorothy says she there is a principle at stake, she's letting that crooked Dennis Parsons away with it. Helen thinks he'll get away with it anyway. Dorothy tells Helen to plead not- guilty to speeding. Julie is worried that the policeman will have it in for Helen if she does that. Dorothy thinks you have to stand up to bullies. Even if the magistrate doesn't believe them, they'll have done the right thing. Philip arrives disappointed after his phone call, the position has been filled.
The Coffee Shop
Brad tells Beth he thinks what Marco did was low but he can't help but feel sorry for the guy. Beth thinks at least he admitted what he did. Brad thinks Marco loves Beth, but Brad says he's keen on Beth himself. Beth suggests Brad moves in with her, he's at her place all the time so he might as well live there. Brad tells Beth he likes her a lot, but they've only just started going out. Beth thinks he's right and says it's okay.
Number 32
Lizzy, the editor from the paper, arrives and tells Cameron that they've had very positive feedback about his letter. She'd like to follow it up by publishing the inside story of the Chambers case as she knows that is what inspired him to write the letter. The readers seem to be interested. Cameron thinks the Chambers case put a terrible strain on people around here and rehashing it in the media would put them all through it again, he's not prepared to do that. Lizzy asks him to think about it and let her know if he changes his mind. She likes writing style and would like to see more of it in the Erinsborough News. He promises to think about it.
Number 26
Dorothy suggests Helen wear something dowdy, plain and sad as the magistrate will assess her on that. Helen refuses, he'll assess her on the way she really is. Dorothy tells Helen to get her walking stick as she needs it. Helen won't present herself as a poor helpless victim, this is about a principle, about honesty. Dorothy agrees. Helen will plead not guilty on the speeding charge, not that she thinks anyone will believe her.
DOROTHY: We can't have that jumped up young policeman riding roughshod. If I had known how Dennis Parsons was going to turn out I'd have marked down his grades. Then he mightn't have even made it into the police force.
Julie doesn't think it's good for Helen to argue with the police. Helen says Philip will be at the court for moral support later. As Helen and Dorothy leave, Michael arrives from his bedroom about to light a cigarette. Julie takes the cigarette off him. Michael asks if she's going to run and cry to his dad again. Julie says she just wants what is best for him. Michael aggressively accuses her of wanting to see him disappear to boarding school forever. She edges backwards as he threateningly lectures her.
MICHAEL: I am not going anywhere! You're not my mother and you're not Debbie's! Things were good before you showed up and they're going to be great after you're gone!
Michael storms off.
Number 32
Beth arrives home early. Cameron tells her he's been looking for odd jobs to give him some cash while he works out what direction he's heading in. They discuss Gaby and Brad both rejecting the idea of living with them. Beth says she really loves Brad, she wants to be with him all the time, but she shouldn't crowd him. Cameron tells him to take it easy and enjoy things the way they are. Beth doesn't think she has much choice.
Number 26
Julie tells Philip she can't cope with Michael. Philip says he needs to get to the court, but Julie tells him he has to deal with this now. Philip won't cut Michael adrift, if he has problems he has to help him. Loretta's death hurt the kids badly, especially Michael. Julie says Michael is deceiving him. She says she'll manage until the end of the school holidays but she begs Philip to promise that he'll send Michael back to boarding school. Michael and Debbie appear having heard the argument.
Michael politely asks what the problem is, and offers to go back to boarding school now if he's a problem. Philip tells Michael he isn't going anywhere now, but Michael is not allowed to smoke in the house and he shouldn't give any cheek to Julie. Michael claims he didn't, and tells Julie that if she misunderstood then he's sorry. Philip tells them they all have to try really hard to get along and that's what they're going to do. Philip has to get to the court case so leaves, while Michael goes to his room so he doesn't get in any more trouble. Debbie asks Julie what she has against Michael.
DEBBIE: What do you have against Michael?
JULIE: Nothing.
DEBBIE: You want to get rid of him, I heard you myself.
JULIE: Debbie, you know I wouldn't do that if there wasn't a good reason.
DEBBIE: Do I? He's my brother and you just want to get rid of him. How could you mum?
Debbie leaves, while Julie looks exasperated.
Court Hallway
As Philip stands with Helen and Dororthy, Dennis approaches and assumes Philip is their solicitor. Helen tells Dennis that she'll be representing herself. Dennis thinks this gets better all the time. He tells them they'll love Magistrate Kinsella and smugly tells them he's dying to get into the witness box. As he goes inside, Dorothy tells Helen it was just a tactic to upset her and she's sure the magistrate is fair.
Court Room
Helen tells the magistrate that she's representing herself. He tells her it's a bad idea, this court has strict procedures. Helen says she has had legal advice but her solicitor has been called away, she wants to deal with this today. The magistrate says to get on with it.
Number 28
Cameron asks Brad what Pam had to say when she rang. Pam's managed to talk Cody out of going to Europe with her boyfriend, but she doesn't want to come home yet. Cody's friend Melissa and her folks have a place in the States so Cody is going to stay with them. Cameron asks if Brad told Pam about him and Beth. Brad says that Beth is full on, they've only been together for five minutes and she's already asked him to move in with her. Cameron is sure Beth will ease off. Brad likes Beth heaps, but if she keeps crowding him like this, he's not sure if they'll last the distance.
Number 26
Michael is lying on the sofa when Hannah comes out calling for her mum. Michael calls Hannah stupid.
MICHAEL: You get in cars with strange men.
HANNAH: I do not!
MICHAEL: You get in cars and then tell lies about it.
HANNAH: I don't, he grabbed me!
MICHAEL: No he didn't. I saw, I was there, hiding.
HANNAH: You were not!
Julie arrives and Hannah rushes to hug her, telling her what Michael said. Julie warns Michael to keep away from Hannah.
MICHAEL: Whatever you say, mummy.
(Michael stomps off.)
HANNAH: I don't like him.
JULIE: Neither do I, sweetheart. You keep away from him too alright. I promise you, he won't be here much longer.
Court Room
The magistrate says that the speeding charge has been proved. He asks if there is any character witness before he submits the penalty. Dorothy stands up.
DOROTHY: I know I've already given evidence against the constable but now I'd like to speak on Mrs Daniel's behalf.
MAGISTRATE: Is there anyone else?
DOROTHY: Aren't I good enough your worship?
MAGISTRATE: I beg your pardon!
The magistrate tells Helen that the case has already been protracted by Helen representing herself against his good advice and asks if they should set aside more time tomorrow for any other character witnesses. Helen says it will just be Dorothy. As Dorothy stands up she says that an injustice has been done here today, and starts a speech about marching for justice in the 60s and has fought for it ever since. The magistrate stops her and tells her to go to her seat.
DOROTHY: But I haven't spoken about Mrs Daniel's good character yet!
MAGISTRATE: I think you've said enough. Resume your seat!
DOROTHY: That's right. Try and hush up this whole sorry business.
MAGISTRATE (angrily standing up): If you don't resume your seat immediately I'll find you in contempt of this court!
HELEN (standing up): That's not fair your worship!
MAGISTRATE: That includes you as well!
DOROTHY: I won't be silenced on a matter of principle!
MAGISTRATE: I'm warning you.
DOROTHY: At university, I was arrested twice, it doesn't frighten me.
MAGISTRATE: Very well. I find you in contempt. You are to be arrested.
HELEN: If you do that you'd better arrest me too.
MAGISTRATE: Arrest Mrs Daniels as well.
The officers lead Helen and Dorothy away. Philip looks in shock, while Dennis smirks behind him.
Jail Cell
Helen and Dorothy are locked up.
HELEN: Twenty four hours in here. How did I get into this?
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Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1779
Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Dorothy Burke

Dorothy Burke, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1779
Dorothy Burke, Cameron Hudson

Philip Martin, Michael Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Philip Martin, Michael Martin, Debbie Martin

Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Michael Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Cameron Hudson, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1779
Cameron Hudson, Beth Brennan

Philip Martin, Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Philip Martin, Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1779
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan

Dorothy Burke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1779
Dorothy Burke, Helen Daniels

Beth Brennan, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1779
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis

Lizzy Bryant, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1779
Lizzy Bryant, Cameron Hudson

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1779
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Dorothy Burke

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Cameron Hudson, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1779
Cameron Hudson, Beth Brennan

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Debbie Martin

Dennis Parsons, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1779
Dennis Parsons, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1779
Helen Daniels

Brad Willis, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1779
Brad Willis, Cameron Hudson

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Dorothy Burke, Dennis Parsons, Philip Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1779
Dorothy Burke, Dennis Parsons, Philip Martin, Helen Daniels

Magistrate Kinsella in Neighbours Episode 1779
Magistrate Kinsella

Policewoman, Helen Daniels, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1779
Policewoman, Helen Daniels, Dorothy Burke

Dennis Parsons, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1779
Dennis Parsons, Philip Martin

Helen Daniels, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1779
Helen Daniels, Dorothy Burke

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