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Neighbours Episode 1697 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1697
Australian airdate: 09/06/92
UK airdate: 17/05/93
UK Gold: 04/05/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Mr. Pitt: Roy Thompson
Snr. Constable Hill: Colin Lane
Constable Roberts: Rainer Maier
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth tells Jim he has no right to interfere in her prospective marriage.
Outside No.26
Lucy drives up just as Beth is storming out of No.26 and tells her she's passed her driving test. But Beth walks past her to Rod who is waiting at the bottom of the drive.
Lucy comes up to them and Beth introduces her to Rod. She tells them she's very happy for them. Lucy is sympathetic over the Jim situation.
Coffee Shop
Marco is teasing Rick about his cowering before Dorothy. Rick says it's all part of his plan(!) Marco tells him not to be stupid - his parents will send his to boarding school if he's not careful. Rick looks worried and asks Marco to talk to Dorothy for him. He's not keen - he doesn't think Rick appreciates his efforts.
Lucy doesn't understand why Jim is against Beth and Rod's marriage because she reckons that if it's OK for Elizabeth Taylor to marry a man 25 years old that her, it's OK for Beth(!) Jim plans to talk to Beth's mother - he doesn't want Beth being miserable for the rest of her life once the honeymoon period is over.
Car Yard
Lou is telling Madge off for trying to sell cars. She isn't impressed. Lou says he's going out for a while and says if any customers call in to just take their phone numbers and he'll ring them back.
Coffee Shop
Rod is having a cup of tea and having a chat with Marco. Beth comes in and Marco introduces her to Rick. Beth sits down by Rod. Marco realises Rod is Beth's fiance and looks very shocked.
Car Yard
Madge is ignoring Lou's advice and is selling cars. She knocks 10% off the price of a car. But she can't go on a test drive because she's on her own at the yard. The man talks her round and says he'll leave her a cheque for the full asking price as collateral.
Coffee Shop
Marco can't believe that Beth would prefer a man in his forties to him(!) When Beth is on the phone, Rod asks Marco what his problem is. Marco explains that Beth dumped him for Rod.
ROD: I had no idea how many applecarts I was upsetting when I fell in love with her. What can I say, Marco? You've got great taste in women.
Beth comes in. Jim tells her he's tried very hard to see her point of view in all this, and he doesn't want to fight with her.
JIM: I just want you to know that I care.
BETH: Thanks. That means a lot. You're the first person who's been like a father to me since I was a little kid.
Jim assures her that he has her best interests at heart. Jim says he wants to speak to her mother, but Beth reckons she's already rung her mother and she's happy about the marriage.
Marco and Rick are discussing their plan outside the door and Dorothy can hear every word(!)
Dorothy opens the door and lets Marco in. She says Rick has a lack of social graces and isn't convinced that Rick was joking in the Coffee Shop.
Car Yard
Madge is waiting for the bloke to bring the car back - she's clearly on edge. Just then, Lou arrives back and apologises for what he said earlier. Madge is forced to confess he has taken the Merc for a test drive - and he's been gone over an hour and half. She's rung the bank and the bloke is using a stolen cheque book.
Marco is telling Dorothy about his Uncle Mario who brought shame on the family.
MARCO: He was forced to leave the village and wander the country looking for scraps to eat.
DOROTHY: And you're worried that Rick will have the same fate.
She lets Marco ramble on and then tells him to get Rick in. Dorothy tells him she'll be pleased to have him at Erinsborough High. They'll forget about the incident in the Coffee Shop.
DOROTHY: But know this, Rick Alessi. I am not unaware of your previous scholastic record. And should there be any hint of that type of behaviour at Erinsborough, I will make your life infinitely more miserable that even your poor Uncle Mario's.
RICK:(whispers to Marco) Who's Uncle Mario?
DOROTHY: And don't forget it.
Lou is telling Jim about the stolen car. He tells Jim quietly that he had to go to see Narelle to tell her to stop pestering him. Jim tells Lou about the Beth/Rod marriage and says he still has a few ideas.
Beth/Rod and Lucy/Cameron are going on a double-date. Beth is pleased that her mother is giving Beth her blessing - she knows Rod and knows he'd be good for Beth.
Dorothy and Jim come in. They tell Beth she's going to need a court order to get married at seventeen. Beth is very disappointed. Jim suggests that if the court says yes, he'll give Beth his blessing. But if it says no, he doesn't want her to get married when she turns 18, but to wait a full twelve months instead. Beth agrees - but she doesn't think that the court will say no.
Madge is still upset about the car. The police come around to tell Lou that the car has been used in an armed robbery. They need to clear up a few things. They want to know where Lou was at the time. Lou is reluctant to tell them who he was with in front of Madge.
POLICEMAN: I warn you, Mr Carpenter, it's very possible that we will be charging you with armed robbery.
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