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Neighbours Episode 1580 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1580 (Glen proposes to Gaby)
Australian airdate: 06/12/91
UK airdate: 03/12/92
UK Gold: 20/11/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad, Gaby, Pam and Doug are up before 6am. They make a lot of noise by turning the hoover on and banging saucepans, to wake Faye up. But as they wait for her to stagger form her bedroom, Faye actually comes in through the front door, having been for an early-morning jog! Brad goes off to formulate Plan B.
Brenda is going to a dinner party tonight with a blind date. They talk about Gaby and Guy says the situation is a bit complicated.
Just then, Gaby comes around to visit and invites Guy over to dinner tonight. Guy says she could cook at No.24 since it will be quieter with Brenda out.
Ramsay Street
Brad shows Doug his new secret weapon the "departure enhancer". It's inside his jacket. Gaby comes over and is shocked to see a mouse in Brad's jacket - he's borrowed it from a mate of Toby's.
Glen comes over and asks Gaby if she's free tonight for a bit of a chat, but she says she's got plans and will catch up with him over the next few days.
Faye is dusting while Pam tries to talk to Faye about the dinner party tonight, but Faye says she'll be going to the cinema. Faye comes across the mouse. She isn't scared and captures it, saying she'll let him loose down the road. Brad heads off after her to stop her.
Coffee Shop
Guy and Glen are having a chat. Glen is saying that he's learned his lesson with Gaby and wants to try to get her back. Guy looks uncomfortable.
At the counter, Doug is telling Brenda that she and his mate Nev are made for each other.
No.24 - pool
Gaby and Glen are having a swim after work. Guy asks Gaby how she feels about Glen, but before she can answer, Brad comes along, looking for the mouse which Faye has released. Gaby tells him to just buy the kid a new one. When he's gone, GUy and Gaby kiss, but before they can get into it, Brenda comes out to show them her new outfit - a black suit.
Pam is preparing dinner while Doug and Nev have a beer. Faye sees Nev and introduces herself and starts flirting with him. Faye decides not to go to the pictures after all and tells Pam she'll join them for dinner(!)
Brad comes in - he's found the mouse. Brenda arrives and Doug introduces her to Neville. They get on very well but then Faye tips a glass of wine over Brenda, and blames it on Brenda!
Brad is formulating a Faye exit strategy with Glen, but Glen would rather talk about Gaby. Brad tells him that she's been seeing a lot of Guy - she's over at his place right now.
Nev and Brenda are still getting along well, but Faye keeps criticising her over trivial things. Finally Nev has enough and tells Faye off for being rude and she is forced to apologise.
Glen comes over to have a go at Guy for going behind his back. Guy says he didn't, things just developed on their own, but Glen grabs him by the front of the shirt. Gaby is shocked and tells Glen he's acting like a mad person - their relationship is over.
GABY: What is your problem?
GLEN:(angrily) I'll tell you what the problem is, I happen to love you!
Then he runs out, slamming the door behind him.
Faye goes to wash up and Nev goes to help her out. Doug tells Brenda that she and Nev are getting on very well, and they're sorry about Faye being rude.
Guy is making Gaby a coffee but she is distracted. Gaby tells Guy that she hates mind games - Glen kept his distance all the time they were going out, and now he's trying to scare Guy away. She decides to go and have it out with Glen.
Faye and Nev have just finished washing up and they are getting on much better now. In fact, while they were washing up, Nev has invited her to come on holiday with him(!) Brenda, Pam and Doug are flabbergasted.
GABY: You've got such a nerve! Thinking you can barge into other people's lives and lay down the law!
GLEN: That's not what I was trying to do!
GABY: I'm not part of some dowry, along with a share in my father's business!
GLEN: I thought we'd been through this! That was your old man's idea, not mine!
GABY: You've both got the same mentality. Thinking you can do what you like with other people's lives, it's just not on!
GLEN: I know that!
GABY: Well, I haven't seen any evidence of it, not on tonight's performance!
GLEN: Have you finished, because I've got something to say.
GABY: I'm not interested in anything you have to say!
GLEN: I gave you a hearing, now you give me one! Your old man's a good bloke, but I don't need any business partnership. I've looked after myself in the past and I'll look after myself in the future. That's the first thing. The second thing is, what I said before is true. I'm in love with you.
GABY: Come off it, that's just emotional blackmail.
GLEN: Call it what you like, but it's the truth! I want to get married!
GABY: What?!
GLEN: I want you to marry me. What do you say?
<<1579 - 1581>>
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