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Neighbours Episode 1579 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1579
Australian airdate: 05/12/91
UK airdate: 02/12/92
UK Gold: 19/11/98
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Todd sees that his father's arm is injured and finally cracks and says he could sleep at No.32. It's empty because Helen is buying it - she doesn't own it yet, but she does have the key. Bob thinks it's a bit close to the Robinson house, but he'll just have to lie low. Bob thanks him and says as soon as his arms better, he'll get some money and then he and Todd will have the time of their lives. Er, yes, OK.
Helen admires the Christmas tree, then tells Todd that Lucy is still resting. Todd is on edge, but covers by asking Helen if she'd like him to water the gardens at No.32 as there's a heatwave forecast. She gratefully accepts.
Glen has decided to go out clubbing.
Bob and Todd enter No.32 in the dark. Bob shuts the curtains before he turns his torch on. Todd says Bob could sleep there for about a week. Bob tries the phone and it's still connected. Bob tells Todd that he really appreciates what he's done for him. Todd tells him he's decided not to go back to Adelaide after all - he hasn't seen his dad for ages and is looking forward to spending some time with him over Christmas.
Pam, Doug, Brad and Gaby are having a metting - "What to do about Faye". Doug wants them to be a bit more patient, but Pam says Faye has already been there over a week. Brad is with Doug - he says Faye is pushy, but pretty harmless. Just then Faye comes out and knocks Brad's board over. Instead of apologising, she says he should learn to put things away!
BRAD: I've changed my mind. Let's ditch the witch!
The motion is carried 3-1, but Pam wonders how they're going to get Faye out. Gaby suggests setting fire to the spare room(!) Pam thinks their best bet is to get cousin Cyril to patch things up with Faye - Doug will have to do it.
DOUG: Great(!)
No.26, the following morning
Todd is getting some food out of the fridge and quickly hides it when Helen and Glen come in. Glen tells Helen that he went back to a girl called Sandra's place, but she's not really his type. Glen says that he's had enough of clubbing. Helen suggests that he just tries to be happy with someone he likes - why not talk to Gaby about their relationship and patch things up?
Ramsay Street
Gaby comes over to Guy who is washing the car. They flirt with each other and Gaby thanks Guy for a great night - they agree to do it again sometime. Guy suggests that they meet up for lunch and a dip in the pool.
When Gaby has gone, Glen comes along and tells Guy he's been keeping a low profile lately. He guesses Guy has got a new girlfriend, but Guy says it's noone Glen knows.
Faye is bossing Pam and Brad around as they do housework. Faye criticises Brad's hair and threatens to cut it with her sewing scissors. She goes off to get them. Doug comes in and tells Pam and Brad that he's got Cyril to agree to take Faye back as long as Doug builds him a new chicken shed. Glen comes in looking for Gaby, and Faye tells him that Gaby has been spending all her time with Guy. Pam covers this by saying Gaby knows lots of "guys"!
Gaby has arrived for a dip in the pool. She tells Guy he's been a perfect gentleman, and he says he doesn't want to risk alienating her. She dives into the pool. When she surfaces, Guy invites her around for spaghetti marinara tonight.
Brad is hiding Faye's nail scissors(!) Faye comes in and the phone rings. Doug answers it and it's Cyril. Doug greets him like an old friend, then puts him on to Faye, who takes the phone off to the bedroom. The family celebrate, but their joy is short-lived when Faye comes back and says Cyril has invited her back - but she's quite happy here with the Willises! She'll go back to Cyril's in a couple of months when she moves on from Ramsay Street(!)
Bob tells Todd that he's had some bad news from a mate - there was a break-in at the mine just after he left town and the police think it was him. Bob has no alibi and gives Todd a big sob story about trying to make a new life for himself. He asks Todd to give him an alibi for a couple of days ago - in case the police come asking.
TODD: Dad, I'm sorry, I don't want to get involved. But I don't want to see you go to jail, either.
BOB: You're a great kid, Todd.
Gaby, Pam and Brad tell Doug that he'll just have to tell Faye to go. Doug agrees and says he'll tell her straight - it is *their* house after all. Faye has pushed him around her whole life and he's fed up with it.
GABY: Onya, Dad!
BRAD: Tell the bag to pack her bags!
Faye comes out and Doug approaches her. Before he can say anything, Faye shows him an old photo of them at Shelley Bay. They talk nostaligically about their childhood and Doug doesn't have the heart to kick her out.
Guy and Gaby have just finished up their spaghetti marinara and Guy makes some coffee. Gaby sees some lyrics in the living room and asks Guy if he's writing a song about her. It seems that he is, but it's not finished yet.
Gaby asks if Guy would mind her going home early - they're having a bit of a family crisis. They agree to meet up again tomorrow though.
Gaby creeps in, but luckily Faye has gone for a walk. Doug is refusing to tell Faye to go, so Pam says they should draw a card, and the lowest card gets rid of Faye. Doug draws a 10, Pam a Queen, Gaby a 3...and then Brad a 2!
DOUG:(laughing, in movie-esque voice) Brad Willis *is* the Terminator!
They fall around laughing while Brad looks fed up.
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