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Neighbours Episode 1571 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1571
Australian airdate: 25/11/91
UK airdate: 20/11/92
UK Gold: 09/11/98
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Alister Smart
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Todd, Josh and Guy are playing cricket in the street. Gaby stalks out of No.26 and back to No.28. Guy watches this with interest and gets bowled out in the process(!)
Phoebe comes up the street and Josh hugs her. He tells her how much he's missed her. He asks her to come around tonight, but she doesn't think her father would let her. She says she'll try to sneak out.
Glen tells Doug that he doesn't really blame Gaby for being angry about Doug offering Glen a partnership if he marries Gaby(!)
GLEN: I am not marrying Gaby!
DOUG: What's wrong with her?
GLEN: Nothing's wrong with her, I'm just not ready to get married. And first things first, we're not even talking to each other anymore!
Glen warns Doug to keep out of it.
Outside the Pub
Josh and Todd are having some soft drinks. Josh is talking about Phoebe and how he wishes he could be alone with her more. A bloke at the table behind listens and looks very concerned.
When Josh and Todd have gone, Phoebe comes along and it turns out that the man is Phoebe's father. He tells her she's not going out tonight.
Gaby is still very angry with Doug. He says she shouldn't take things out on Glen, but she says she's sick of a man who skulks around.
Brad comes in wearing a wetsuit looking worn out. He tells them the zip is stuck. Pam tries to release him from it with some zip grease but doesn't have a lot of success.
Glen wishes he's just come clean with Gaby, but tells Guy he can't be bothered to sort it out now - they've both said their piece. Josh asks Glen to borrow the car.
Glen admits that he does want Gaby back. Guy tells him to just swallow his pride.
Doug and Pam are still trying to release Brad from his wetsuit but they just end up falling on to the sofa! Pam wants to pick it apart at the seam, but Brad protests that it's a heat-sealed suit - there are no seams! Doug suggests a blow-torch(!) Brad refuses to let them cut the suit off - it's his "best friend" suit and very lucky. He's used it so much, it's a part of him now.
Guy tries to release Brad from his suit, but no luck. They talk about Paige and Brad apologises for calling Guy a thief. Brad is suddenly a bit overcome by heat and asks Guy if he can have a dip in his pool(!)
Glen has come to see Gaby who is very frosty. He apologises for his behaviour towards her. He asks her if they can start again, but she's been let down before - by a married man in Japan (he didn't tell her he was married). She thinks they should just call it quits - Glen is afraid of commitment, so there's no point wasting their time.
Josh is trying out aftershaves, but Guy says he doesn't need to overdo things. Glen stomps in and sits down at the kitchen table. Josh thanks Glen for lending him his car for his date.
When Josh has gone, Glen tells Guy that he and Gaby have split for good.
Gaby is stomping around. She tells Pam and Doug that she's split from Glen and doesn't want to discuss it. Brad comes out, still wearing his wetsuit. Pam warns him that he'll get heat-stroke and peeling skin. Anyway, he smells bad!
When Brad has gone, Doug suggests cutting off Brad's suit while he's asleep!
Phoebe's house
Phoebe is off to meet a friend for a "science project" and her father says he hopes she's not lying to him - he and her mother just want the best for her. He thinks she's too young to be hanging around with boys. He tells her she'd better be home by 10pm.
When Phoebe has gone, her father goes to the window and watches her walk down the street. Then he sneaks into the garden to get a better view. He sees her getting into a car with Josh.
It's dark now and Josh and Phoebe are parked up on the hill. He gives her a Venus Fly-Trap as a present(!) They have a bit of a pash, but Phoebe breaks it off, saying she has to be home by 10pm. Josh tells Phoebe that he really cares about her, and she agrees, she really cares for him too. He convinces her to stay a bit longer. They kiss again.
Brad is sleeping on the sofa, still clad in his wetsuit. Pam, Doug and Gaby sneak up on him and check he is very deeply asleep - apparently Pam crushed half a sleeping tablet into his orange juice. They think this is a tremendous jape! Apparently this is OK behaviour!! Pam takes the scissors and starts to cut at Brad's collar, and then down his front. Doug sneezes, waking Brad up. He wakes up and sees the vandalism of his wetsuit and loses it.
Phoebe's house
Phoebe's dad is pacing anxiously.
Gaby comes around to see Guy, telling him that Brad is in a foul temper because they cut his wetsuit off him. Guy says he'll take Brad shopping for a new wetsuit tomorrow.
Gaby apologises to Guy for being awful to him around the time Paige was on the scene - she doesn't think she was very fair to him. She explains that she thought Guy was a bit of a cad, but realises now that he's actually a good bloke. She asks him out on a date, but Guy thinks Glen would have something to say about it. Gaby says she's over Glen.
Outside Phoebe's house
Josh and Phoebe are kissing goodnight in the car. She tells him she must go in to the house, but just then, her father appears at the window.
PHOEBE: He's going to kill me!
MR BRIGHT: Open this door right now!
He drags Phoebe out of the car and sends her into the house. Then he opens Josh's side of the car and gets in on the driver's side, pushing Josh into the passenger seat.
MR BRIGHT: We're going to go for a little drive.
<<1570 - 1572>>
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