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Neighbours Episode 1570 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1570
Australian airdate: 22/11/91
UK airdate: 19/11/92
UK Gold: 06/11/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Office
Paul is on the phone to his stockbroker and things are just as bad as he feared - he's lost practically everything he has and trading is about to be suspended in Rafferty's holdings.
Pam and Gaby are looking at Doug's plans for the garden, which he is very enthusiastic about. He's going to start planting tomorrow, and organically too. Gaby asks if Glen has called, but he hasn't. So she calls him but he's not home. Pam suggests she could get one of Brenda's rejects(!)
Brenda is still interviewing for a lodger for the spare room. A bloke is having an enthusiastic look around the house and Brenda can't get a word in. He keeps referring to her as "Gwenda". He tells her that he's a great cook and thinks they could live together in perfect harmony(!) Brenda looks a bit stunned(!)
Paul is cuddling Andrew and explaining to Christina that his greed has brought about his downfall - he can't believe he fell for such an obvious con. Christina doesn't fully understand the implications so Paul spells out that he's lost everything except the hotel and the house - and they are mortgaged!
PAUL: We could lose everything. Oh darling, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Brenda tells Gaby that the lodger talent has been shocking so far(!) Glen drives up and tells Gaby that he's been out with the boys all night. She says he could have given her a call - she's not sure where they're going. Glen is defensive and says he doesn't want to account for every minute of the day. He tells Gaby to stop hassling him.
Caroline asks Paul how things are going with the hotel and is shocked to hear that it's on hold. Paul doesn't elaborate.
Pam is helping Doug to sort out the garden. She makes a scarecrow that Doug thinks looks like Brad(!) Brenda comes over, a bit dejected about her lodger man-hunt. She's thinking of grading each bloke out of 10 but isn't sure how to allocate scores. Doug suggests that she could take mugshot of the blokes so she doesn't get them mixed up(!)
Christina can't see why Paul wants to keep the financial ruin secret from Caroline. Paul explains that he doesn't want anyone to know because it will damage his reputation. Paul thanks Christina for being so understanding with him, but she says she loves him, not the business or the money.
PAUL: Looks like there's only one thing for it, then. I'd better go to New York.
CHRISTINA: What? New York?! Why?
Caroline is telling Gaby about the incident at Martin's place when his wife and kids turned up. Gaby has a moan about Glen and says he's definitely avoiding her, but she doesn't know why.
They sit down and talk about the boutique. Gaby is ready to start introducing a more moderately-priced range now. Caroline says there's something weird going on with Paul, but she doesn't know what.
A bloke called Ernie is having a look around the house and explains that he does "a bit of this and a bit of that" for a living. Brenda gets the distinct impression that he's casing the joint. She says the rent might be a bit high for him. He seems a bit of a slob and Brenda tries to get rid of him - but luckily he says Brenda is a bit too clean and tidy for him(!), so he won't take up the room.
As he leaves, Glen comes in to see how Brenda is going. She's fed up - she hasn't had any half-decent men in yet. She worries that she'll never find a bloke, but Glen assures her that she will.
Gaby and Pam chat about Caroline's new man in Martin. Gaby moans about Glen being weird and distant - she thinks it might be all over.
PAM: Oh, well, there goes the partnership.
GABY: What partnership?
PAM: Oh, I thought you knew about it. Well, it was nothing really important, just your father rambling on the way he does, you know...he said if you and Glen got married he'd offer Glen a partnership.
GABY: In the business? He said *that* to *Glen*?!
PAM: Yeah, well...
GABY: I don't believe this, how could he do this to me?!
PAM: It was just in fun...
GABY: How *dare* he offer a dowry!
PAM: No, no, it wasn't a dowry, it was more hypothetical...
GABY: Oh, come on, Mum, it sounded like an outright bribe. Take my daughter of my hands and I'll make it worth your while!
Brenda answers the door to yet another lodger applicant. She's delighted to see that he's young and quite attractive, and his name is Tony Gillespie. She shows him around the house and he gives her his references. He looks at the room while Brenda reads his references.
BRENDA: Wow, who wrote these, your fan club of something?!
Tony says he can move in straight away and Brenda agrees. But then he goes to call his fiance, so Brenda withdraws her offer(!)
Caroline is cooing over Andrew and then asks Paul why he's off to New York at such short notice. Paul says he has to have some meetings with Rosemary, and he won't be away for long. Paul asks Caroline to concentrate on running Lassiter's while he's away, and not to look at the other investments. Paul says goodbye to Christina and Andrew.
Doug has come around to see Glen. Gaby comes around looking for Doug.
DOUG: G'day Gaby.
GABY: Don't "G'day Gaby" me, just what were you trying to prove?
DOUG: What do you mean?
GABY: Making me part of some package deal with your apprentice here.
DOUG: I don't follow.
GABY: Maybe you should ask me how I feel before marrying me off.
DOUG: I was just thinking of your future, is that so terrible?
GABY: So it was serious!
GLEN: I think it was partly my fault, I didn't exactly make my feelings clear.
GABY: You've made your feelings clear alright, you don't want to be with me, well then, that's fine, only you were too gutless to tell me.
GLEN: Fair go...
GABY: I've had it up to here with yobbos. I wouldn't marry a creep like you if you were the last man on earth!
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