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Neighbours Episode 1566 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1566
Australian airdate: 18/11/91
UK airdate: 13/11/92
UK Gold: 02/11/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug tells Glen that if he marries Gaby, he'll make him a partner in the business(!)
Glen is very taken-aback (well, you would be, wouldn't you!?) but diplomatically tells Doug that he'll need time to think about it. Doug just starts raving on about having grandchildren from Glen and Gaby! Glen points out that he and Gaby have only been together a short time, but Doug is on a roll and bangs on about welcoming Glen into the family!
Surf Shop
Guy is trying to explain things to Brad, who is very angry. Finally Guy shouts that he knows who nicked Brad's boards.
Brenda is ringing the newspaper to put her ad in the newspaper while Pam laughs quietly. She tells them to put SEX at the top of the ad to get people's attention(!)
Just then, there's a knock on the door and Brenda answers it to Toby. He's come to ask Brenda if she needs a hand in the coffee shop - he's looking for a job because "the recession is really beginning to bite"! Unfortunately Brenda doesn't have anything for him.
Surf Shop
Guy is telling Brad that it was Paige that nicked his boards - she was the one with the coin. He says there's one way they can find out for sure, but Brad is adamant that he trusts Paige.
Doug is incredulous when Pam tells him about Brenda's desperate plan to find a man. He says Brenda doesn't need to go to such lengths, she's attractive in herself. Brad comes in looking dejected and stomps off to his room.
Pam asks Doug about his "plans" for the business and he tells her that he's planning to offer Glen a partnership. Pam thinks it's a terrible idea - Glen and Gaby need to make up their own minds in their own time if the relationship is going to work out. Pam doesn't think Glen and Gaby have a lot in common, apart from a physical attraction.
Guy comes in to find Glen polishing his guitar case. They share stories about their bad days. Glen explains about Doug pressuring him into marraige and kids with Gaby and Guy thinks it sounds like a shotgun wedding.
GLEN: I think the world of Gaby, but I'm not going to get married. I've just been down that road.
No.28, the following morning
Brad has already left to go surfing with Paige apparently, while Pam and Doug get their breakfast. Doug is planning to take Glen to lunch at the Waterhole. Pam warns him not to talk about partnerships or marriage, he should just let love run its course. Pam is planning to go the Coffee Shop because Brad and Paige will probably go there after surfing - she wants to check Paige out.
Coffee Shop
Brad and Paige are indeed sitting at a table, while Toby talks to Brenda again about a job. He pulls a sob story about not wanting to ask Joe for pocket-money.
Paige asks Brad if he's OK - he seems to be in a funny mood. He tells her about Guy and his half-coin theory.
BRAD: Is it true? Did you rob me?
PAIGE: Are you serious? You don't believe that jerk?
Brad looks conflicted, and Paige looks offended.
PAIGE: I love you. And if you loved me, you'd never ask a question like that.
BRAD: I'm sorry, he was just so convincing.
PAIGE: I bet he was. What a creep!
Just then, Pam comes in.
PAM: Oh! Hello, you two!
In the kitchen, Toby has finally worn Brenda down and she offers him a couple of shifts.
Outside the Waterhole
Doug and Glen are having lunch. Doug starts going on about young people needing to save for houses, kids and so on - he wants to give Glen a pay-rise. Glen doesn't look impressed and doesn't think the other guys will stand for it.
Surf Shop
A dodgy bloke comes in and gives Brad a paper for Paige. Brad gets suspicious when he says his name is Gary.
When Gary has gone, Brad unlocks the a store cupboard and starts having a look around.
Coffee Shop
Toby is working hard on his shift and has even got kids from school to come in as customers!
A tall, suited man comes in and Brenda starts drooling. Pam happens to know him, and explains that his name is Rob Herbert - a butcher from Elliot Park. He's split from his wife. He's actually just got out of jail for manslaughter for driving a bulldozer through his wife's half of the house - but it turned out his wife was *in* it at the time! Brenda says at least he's out of jail now, and well and truly single(!)
Brad didn't find anything in the store room, so has another go at Guy about it. Guy still thinks Paige is guilty and tells Brad to watch out for himself.
When Guy leaves, Paige comes in and sits with Brad. Brad tells her about the guy called Gary who came in and Paige says there were two Garys working for her. To change the subject, she suggests a romantic dinner at her place tonight.
Pam is debriefing Doug about Paige. She's good-looking and seems pleasant enough, even with the age difference. Doug starts talking about growing his own vegetables and Pam groans.
Guy and Glen are having a rather cheesy guitar-jamming session! Guy teases him about Doug's wedding plans again and advises Glen not to get tied down.
A road
Brad and Paige arrive at Paige's place. Brad offers to put her car in the garage for her, but she tells him not to bother. But Brad is suspicious and opens the garage door. His stolen boards are inside.
PAIGE: Brad, I can explain...
BRAD: No way. How could you do this to me?
<<1565 - 1567>>
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