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Neighbours Episode 1565 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1565
Australian airdate: 15/11/91
UK airdate: 12/11/92
UK Gold: 30/10/98
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam is raving about baby Andrew but tells Doug not to get any ideas about having any more kids themselves!
Brad comes in listening to his walkman and Doug shouts to get a word in to him. Brad is really enjoying his job and Pam tells him she's worried about Paige being 10 year older than him - and having a daughter at school as well! Brad says calmly that age isn't important and goes off cheerfully to have a shower.
DOUG: The boy's in love. Stop being a killjoy.
Brenda is moaning about being unlucky in love, and Guy is dejectedly strumming his guitar. He's not sure what to do about Brad and Paige - he has to tell Brad that she may have been involved in the robbery, he's just worried about Brad's reaction.
Brad is moaning that Pam has washed his favourite T-shirt - apparently Paige thinks he looks hot in it. Then he moans that there's no milk left for his morning smoothie, so goes off to the Coffee Shop to get one.
Glen comes in and Doug tells him he'll be starting work late today - he has to go to the bank. Doug tells Glen to tell Roy to keep an eye on things in his absence - they can't afford to get behind on their contract.
Pam looks at Doug suspiciously and says he'd better be banking that cheque from Paul.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is fawning over a male customer but he is immune to her...er...charms and gets up and leaves. Brad comes in and orders a banana smoothie. Guy asks Brad how things are going at the surf shop and he tells him he went out with Paige once, but he wasn't sure about her. Brad says Guy missed out and then leaves for work.
Meanwhile, Brenda breaks the Coffee Shop phone by dropping it in a bucket of water so that the male customer (who is a telecoms worker) will have to be called to fix it(!)
Building Site
Some of Doug's men are having a dispute with the customer when Glen arrives. The customer is upset that the builders keep leaving mess everywhere, so the men declare that they're going on strike. Glen tries to reason with the bloke (Neville) but he won't listen to reason - the strike is on.
Pam is still worried about Brad going out with a single mother, but says that maybe she's OK when you meet her in person. she does think he'd be better off with someone his own age though. Pam wants to know why Doug is dressed up to go to the bank and warns him not to use the guesthouse money on any new projects.
The phone rings and it's Glen telling Doug that the men have walked out. Doug rushes off.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is washing up. Guy decides to go and see Paige and ask her out - he reckons she doesn't care about Brad, so it'll be a good way to prove it to Brad.
The telecom technician arrives and Brenda combs her hair, but when she goes into the shop, it turns out the technician is female(!) The technician tells her the other guy is happily married with five kids. But she knows what Brenda is going through - good men are hard to find. But she'll tell Brenda how she finally met a bloke as a tip.
Surf Shop
Guy has come to see Paige. He turns on the charm and apologises for not being in touch with her. He reckons he's been thinking about her a lot and offers to take her out again. Paige says she'd like to, but she's seeing someone at the moment. Guy encourages her to cheat, but just then Brad comes in. He's not happy.
Building Site
All the men are back on the job - Glen has apparently sorted everything out. Doug is impressed.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is telling Guy about her conversation with the female phone technician. Apparently she advertised for a man to share her house - twelve men turned up and she picked the best one - now she's married to him! Brenda's going to try it out herself! She won't have to actually rent a room, it's just an excuse to meet someone. Guy warns her to be careful.
Guy tells Brenda that Brad sprung him in the shop before he could get to Paige. He knows there must be some evidence against Paige somewhere though.
Doug gets home from work and tells Pam how brilliant Glen was today. He reckons he can trust Glen any time from now on. Doug confesses that he's spent the cheque - but by taking a big chunk off their mortgage! Pam is very pleased.
Brad comes in but then realises he's left a surf video he wanted to watch at the shop. He borrows Doug's ute to go and get it.
Doug tells Pam that he has an idea for an investment in their future - and it won't cost a cent.
Glen comes around looking for Guy to play guitar with. He's not there, but Brenda enlists him to give his opinion on her house advert.
BRENDA: Man wanted. Age 30-40. Non-smoker with no pets. Sense of humour definite advantage, rent $75 a week.
Glen suggests dropping the rent price and not limiting the age. Brenda makes a few adjustments.
BRENDA: Man wanted. I reckon that says it all, don't you?
Surf Shop
Guy has broken in(!) and is snooping around with a torch. Brad comes in and isn't impressed. Guy tells him there's a good explanation but Brad is very angry. He says he's taking Guy down the police station.
Doug has come to tell Glen that he has some plans for him.
GLEN: What plans?
DOUG: Simple. If you marry Gaby, I'll make you a partner in the business!
Glen chokes on his tea!
<<1564 - 1566>>
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