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Neighbours Episode 1548 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1548
Australian airdate: 23/10/91
UK airdate: 20/10/92
UK Gold: 07/10/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Todd comes in to find Phoebe in the living room and apologises to her for his joke the other day.
PHOEBE: That's OK, I've come to terms with your twisted male values, Todd.
Phoebe invites Josh, Todd and Lucy to her house tomorrow for tea and Josh says that'll be fine. Todd and Lucy don't look too impressed(!)
When Phoebe has gone, Todd moans at Josh.
LUCY: Phoebe's OK, I just don't fancy having dinner in a funeral parlour.
JOSH: You're worried some of the guests might give you the cold shoulder!
Todd asks Josh if he fancies Phoebe. He says he doesn't, but fins her a very interesting person.
TODD: There's enough weirdo romances going on at the moment.
Cut to: Glen and Gaby who are having a full-on pash on the sofa. Dinner appears to have been forgotten(!) Gaby tells Glen that he couldn't handle her making the first move and he admits that she was a bit full-on(!) They start kissing again and fall on to the floor!
Melanie is packing up the last box and Joe is very sad to be leaving the Mangel house. They're looking forward to London - Melanie wonders if Jane could show her around a bit. Joe tells Toby that he's proud of the way he's handling staying behind. Joe gives Toby his watch.
TOBY: On ya wild man.
JOE: On ya wild man.
Christina is missing Caroline and so is Paul. Paul says it's going to be a real hassle in the office with Melanie gone as well. Christina offers to help out, but Paul says she should stay home and pamper herself.
Christina's mother phones up.
CHRISTINA:(quietly into the phone) No, I haven't told him yet. Because I don't know how he's going to take it.
Josh is telling Todd off for being derogatory about Phoebe. Glen surfaces and looks very tired indeed, but won't give them any details.
Glen answers the door to Gaby and welcomes her with a kiss. In the background, Josh, Lucy and Todd heckle.
Joe and Melanie slip over to say goodbye. They look with interest at Glen and Gaby(!)
The Office
Christina has come in to see Paul. She tells him that they'd better start discussing names. Christina tells him carefully that there's an Alessi family tradition for a particular name - it's her uncle's name and her grandfather's, and there's never been a man in the family without the name.
PAUL: And what might this name be?
Paul laughs derisively and says Benito Robinson is a silly name. Christina counters that everyone could just call him "Ben" but Paul still isn't keen. He prefers "Paul" - Paul Robinson, Jr. Christina is not impressed.
PAUL: Benito! How about Mussolini?!
CHRISTINA: If this child is anythign like his father, the name will be quite apt, Mr Dictator!
She stalks out.
Toby and Joe has brought Toby's things over. Dorothy says he can use the pool whenever he likes, and she's got a place in the yard for Bouncer too. Toby will have Ryan's old room and Toby goes off to have a look. Dorothy offers Joe and Melanie a lift to the airport later - but they'll take Joe's ute because there's more room.
DOROTHY: Toby seems to be handling things quite well.
JOE: Yeah. Good. Really good.
Coffee Shop
Glen greets Gaby with a kiss. But he only has half an hour for lunch.
GABY: I think I'll have to talk to your boss about that!
At another table, Phoebe doesn't think Lucy and Todd want to come to tea tonight.
JOSH: That's because they think you're weird...eccentric.
PHOEBE: I prefer weird.
Josh says Phoebe has a chance to prove them wrong tonight, but Phoebe says she's not interested in that. Instead, they can have a lot more fun.
The Office
Melanie has dropped in to say goodbye to Paul. Christina has come back and is moaning on about the name issue again. Paul asks Melanie what she thinks of the name Benito and she tactfully says she's neverheard of the name. She doesn't like Paul Robinson Junior much though.
MELANIE:(to Christina) Good luck with everything, try not to murder him, I'm sure he'll be a great father whatever its name is!
They hug and then Melanie is off.
The phone rings and Paul answers it, "Paul Robinson, Senior". Christina rolls her eyes.
All the furniture has been moved out now. Joe and Sky are sitting in the middle of the living room floor.
Melanie comes in.
MELANIE: So, are we all set?
JOE: The power's off, water's off, mail's been re-directed...
MELANIE: That's just about it.
JOE: Yeah.
MELANIE:Oh, I was really looking forward to making this place our home.
JOE: Yeah, I know how you feel, Mel. I always thought we'd...
But a taxi has drawn up outside. They pick up their bags. Joe has a last look around.
JOE: See youse later.
He walks out of the front door, closing the door quietly behind him.
Phoebe's house
The living room looks like a right dump with a coffin in the corner and a snake in a tank. Phoebe offers them to hold it, but Todd quickly refuses. Josh tries not to laugh. Phoebe thought they'd watch a video after dinner - Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.
Lucy observes the coffin.
TODD: It's not occupied, is it?
PHOEBE:(knocking the coffin) I don't think so, but I can't be sure. Dad is so untidy. He always leaves his work lying around all over the place. I'll never forget that time that he lost a client. We had to turn the place upside-down to find her!
The Airport
Joe has been to the duty-free shop to buy presents for his mother and Jane. Joe sits down with Toby.
JOE: Well, Toby. This is it, mate.
TOBY: Yeah.
Christina is sulking and tells Paul to fix his own snack. Christina is reading a baby name book. Eventually she calls a truce - after all, it might not be a boy after all. They agree that if it is a boy, they won't consider either Benito or Paul Jr as a name. Christina asks Paul what he thinks of Walter, but Paul says he'll be called Wally. Trent and Heathcliff are also struck off the list.
Phoebe's house
Todd, Phoebe and Lucy are watching the movie when Josh brings in their pizza. Todd says he heard a noise coming from the coffin and Lucy looks quite scared too. Just then, the coffin lid opens a crack and Todd and Lucy run out in terror(!) Phoebe and Josh crack up and Phoebe explains she did it with fishing-line!
JOSH: You do realise by the time they stop running they're going to think you're even weirder?!
PHOEBE: Well, they were so convinced that the daughter of a funeral director must be really strange, I couldn't disappoint them!
Phoebe opens the coffin fully and it turns out to be a drinks' cabinet.
The Airport
Melanie and Joe's flight is being called, but Toby has disappeared. They look around for him, calling. They decide to wait - Joe can't go without saying goodbye to Toby.
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