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Neighbours Episode 1547 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1547
Australian airdate: 22/10/91
UK airdate: 19/10/92
UK Gold: 06/10/98
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby tells Doug that she's glad Glen has made him seen sense about having another baby. But her own plans with Glen are not going very well. Doug advises her that Glen is a bit different to most men. Pam and Doug reminisce about how they met - apparently Pam picked him up in her father's taxi, naked, on a dare from his mates! She thought someone with that much guts and a sense of humour was worth getting to know!
Doug advises Gaby to try a romantic dinner, just like Cody did with Todd - tell him it's a dinner party and then don't invite anyone else! Anyway, she's got nothing to leave.
Caroline tells Christina that she's been offered a job in New York with Rosemary. Christina is shocked and Paul is still sulking in the background. He snits that it's about money, but Caroline points out that money is Paul's No.1 concern in life! She wants to follow her career path. Paul accuses her of being disloyal and Caroline takes exception to this - she's given her all to Lassiter's.
Gaby has come to invite Glen to her "dinner party" tomorrow night. He's a bit evasive, but he eventually accepts. On her way out, Lucy offers to help Gaby with the cooking - she knows the sort of food Glen likes - nothing too fancy.
Christina tells Caroline that she knows it selfish, but she really wants Caroline to stay. Caroline says she hasn't made her decision yet. Of course she'll miss the whole family, but it's such a good opportunity to get ahead. Christina starts moaning that she'll be having the baby soon so Caroline has to stay.
Lucy is telling Todd that Glen is to be the only guest at Gaby's dinner party. Todd asks her why she's helping Gaby when she tried to sabotage things between Glen and Gemma.
LUCY: Everything's different now. Glen and I are like brother and sister and I want to see him happy!
Lucy thinks Gaby is a good choice for Glen - she'll bring him out of himself. They just need a little push to get together.
The Office
Paul and Christina have brought Caroline some morning tea. Paul tells her he has a better offer for her - even better than the recent contract they drew up. He wants to offer to pay for all her clothing and her hairdo, as well as a company car. Also, he has a couple of international deals in the pipeline that he'd like her to take on as the major consultant. But Caroline interrupts him.
CAROLINE: I get the picture. And I'm really touched that you believe in me, both of you. But I've made my decision. I'm going to New York.
Christina starts moaning, but Caroline asks her not to make it any harder - she'd be crazy to turn her back on Rosemary's deal.
CAROLINE: I'm sorry, really. But I'm going.
Coffee Shop
Todd is telling Lucy that Josh has given up lunch to work on an experiment in the science lab with Phoebe. Lucy says that Josh might want to go out with Phoebe and that's up to him. Todd reckons that as Josh's friend it's up to him to save Josh from himself(!)
Gaby comes in and joins them at a table. She tells them she's thinking about cooking Japanese for Glen, but Lucy and Todd advise against - Glen would prefer a nice pie. Or a roast dinner might do. Lucy agrees and offers to do the gravy.
Caroline has just told Rosemary that she's accepting her job offer. Rosemary is delighted, and to Caroline's shock, she wants her on a flight to New York tonight. Caroline had been hoping to wait until after the baby was born, but Rosemary can't wait. She offers Caroline a quick trip home after the birth. Caroline agrees and goes off to pack! Rosemary tells her she'll pick her up around 7pm to take her to the airport.
Gaby is dressed in a Japanese yukata dress, ready to welcome Glen. She's got a red dress underneath so she change her appearance between courses(!)
Caroline comes in to tell them that she's emigrating (like you do). She's sorry to leave Gaby in the lurch with the boutique, but Gaby isn't worried. Caroline says that she could try to get her Gabrielle label into the US market - the dress she has on is lovely. They hug goodbye.
Lucy and Todd are rushing about with food. Glen and Doug are chatting in the living room and Glen says he'll see him at the dinner party. Doug is evasive and says he doesn't know quite who's coming to the dinner party. Doug is forced to admit that it's just Glen - and it was his idea. He asks Glen to give Gaby a fair go. Glen doesn't look particularly chuffed.
Gaby is putting the finishing touches to the table. Pam and Doug are just on their way out to a movie. Doug almost tells her that he spilled the beans with Glen, but he chickens out!
DOUG: One word of advice. He's a poor, innocent bloke. Marshmallow on the inside. Have mercy on him!
Lucy comes in with some part-baked food that Gaby can put in the oven. Gaby is very nervous.
GABY: At least I'll get his attention. Glen Donnelly is a marked man!
Glen tells Todd he knows he'll be the only one at the dinner party. He's got a little plan of his own though - he wants to take Todd with him, just to see the look on Gaby's face.
TODD: She'd kill me!
GLEN: But what a way to go!
Todd will only have to stay for a few minutes, just so Gaby gets the message that he can play her at her own game. Todd agrees, but only for ten minutes. Todd tells Glen he'd better get changed, but Glen reckons he already is(!)
Caroline is looking sadly through an album containing photos of herself, Christina and Paul. She's packed her suitcase and is ready to go. Paul asks Caroline to do him a favour - to check up on the financial viability of the Daniels Corporation. Caroline refuses to spy on her new employer. Paul points out that her job would be at stake too, but Caroline says she trust Rosemary.
Christina comes in holding back tears and gives her her favourite earrings. They hug, crying, and tell each other how much they'll miss each other. A horn beeps outside and Paul picks up Caroline's suitcase.
CAROLINE: Look after my sister, you hear?
PAUL: Hey. Thanks for everything. I mean it.
He kisses her on the cheek and then they hug.
Caroline and Christina hug one last time and then she's gone.
Lucy and Glen are waiting for Glen to arrive. Lucy runs out the back door while Gaby answers the door to Glen and Todd. Glen says he's brought Todd along and they can always order a pizza if there isn't enough food(!) Gaby isn't impressed when he puts the lights on and generally acts like a caveman. Then he puts the TV on. Gaby gets very angry and tells him to go home. Todd runs out in terror(!)
GABY: Go on, get out. You're a boorish, insensitive slob and I've already wasted far too much of my time on you.
Glen offers to drop his act, but Gaby is very angry.
GLEN: I've got a side you haven't seen yet.
He leans in and kisses her.
GABY: If you're going to kiss me, at least do it properly.
They head off to the sofa.
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