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Neighbours Episode 1541 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1541
Australian airdate:
UK airdate:
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Apparently Mrs Mangel wants to sell the house because she's having another operation soon, and she needs to do up her house in the UK. Joe and Melanie are downcast.
Doug has come round to the idea of having another baby and is quite looking forward to it now(!) Brad comes in with a package Gaby asked him to give to Pam.
BRAD: What is it?
PAM:(awkwardly) Er, it's a...pregnancy test kit.
BRAD:(surprised) Yeah? Who's it for?
DOUG: It's not for me! And it's not for Gaby.
PAM: So, it must be for me.
BRAD: Far out! I didn't know you wanted more kids!
DOUG: Well, these things happen.
BRAD:(teasing) How?!
PAM: It's probably just false alarm...that's what this is for.
BRAD: Oh, I get it. That's why Gaby wanted me to come straight home. She wanted you guys to have some time on your own.
DOUG: And some people think he's a bit slow...!
Coffee Shop
Brenda is cleaning up and observes that Guy has got big muscles now. Then she suggests that Guy gets a proper job - he didn't train for three years as a recreational officer to work in a cafe. Guy gets a bit cross and Brenda tells him off for snapping at her - and he's been doing a lot of that lately. Guy apologises.
Melanie and Sky are playing when Joe comes in - he's taken the rest of the day off work. Joe was hoping Mrs Mangel would give him the house eventually, but now they'll have to rent somewhere else - but Erinsborough is very expensive. Melanie says she'll ask Paul if he's got any ideas, because he has real estate contacts. Joe says he's going to ring Jane - maybe they can get a loan to cover what Mrs Mangel needs and then maybe buy the house.
Pam hasn't done the pregnancy test yet. Brad isn't sure about having a little kid around, but reckons it would be OK. Doug goes off to work.
PAM: It'll probably be a false alarm.
DOUG: Think positive!
PAM: I *am*!
When Doug has gone, Brad asks Pam what she knows about steroids. She is a bit surprised and tells him that there are a lot of nasty side- effects, including impotence.
Joe has had no success with Jane - apparently Mrs Mangel needs to pay for full- time nursing after the operation. Mrs Mangel is very ill and having a major operation.
JOE: I've got to go and see her, Mel.
MELANIE: Of course, I understand.
JOE: You do?
MELANIE: Absolutely.
Joe is worried about going off to England so soon after getting married. Melanie suggests that they *all* go. Joe isn't sure at first, saying his life is spinning out of control, but eventually comes round to the idea!
Brad brings up the topic of steroids again. Pam says that they're not a good thing and gets suspicious that Brad is taking them. Brad assures her that he isn't.
BRAD: Just heard some of the guys talking about it, that's all.
PAM: Some of the guys, or *a* Guy?
Brad tries to change the subject, but Pam asks him directly if Guy is taking steroids. Luckily for Brad, the phone rings at that moment, and he uses the distraction to make a sharp exit!
Toby comes in looking for food(!) and is surprised to see Joe there. They break the news to him about the house being sold, and also that they're going to England for a holiday for a couple of months. Mary Crombie will look after Bouncer for them.
Coffee Shop
Pam comes in for a coffee and chats to Brenda (they're still a bit awkward with each other). Pam casually asks if Guy is around, but he's gone down the markets. Pam tells Brenda that she thinks Guy might be taking steroids. Brenda is shocked.
Ramsay Street
Joe is messing about in his ute when Doug comes over. He show Joe some photos of his bucks night, including the one of Joe dressed in purple. Joe says he doesn't care if Doug shows them to anyone - he's off to England. Doug is sad to hear that Joe is leaving the street and wishes him luck in England - he thinks it sounds very expensive!
Coffee Shop
Toby tells Brenda that they're all going overseas to see Mrs Mangel. Brenda is surprised.
Guy comes in with some vegetables from the market. Brenda follows him into the kitchen and confronts him about the steroids. Guy admits that he is taking them, and it's none of Brenda's business.
BRENDA: What would your father say if he knew?
GUY: I don't care!
BRENDA: Your father never had reason to take any drugs to win anything, and neither do you, it's dishonest, Guy. It's cheating!
GUY: Bull! It's about winning!
Melanie is showing Sky a picture book about London. Toby has made a list of things to take with him to Europe(!)
Joe tells Melanie that it might be very expensive for them all to go to England. Melanie tells him to get some quotes.
Ramsay Street
Toby is playing frisbee and throws it into the front of No.28 where Brad is working on his surf board. Toby tells Brad that he's going to Europe.
Guy comes over and sends Toby away. Then he confronts Brad about the steroids - Brad denies that he told anyone! Brad insists that steroids are for mugs. Guy tells him aggressively that winning is all that matters.
Joe has got some flight quotes which are a lot because Toby has to go full-price and Skye is half-price. Melanie says they have a lot of bills too. She wants to sell her granddad's chair to help raise some money. But Joe won't hear of this - and decides maybe it's not a good idea to take Toby out of school at this stage of his education. Joe wonders if he could stay with Madge.
Toby comes in and overhears that he's not going to Europe. He looks very fed up.
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