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Neighbours Episode 1540 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1540
Australian airdate:
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Mandy Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby is shocked to hear that Pam might be pregnant. Pam isn't completely sure yet, as she hasn't done a test, but she's "two weeks late". She was hoping it might have been night duty throwing her body out of whack, but now she's not sure.
GABY: Wow.
PAM:(off her look) You see, that's exactly why I didn't want to tell anyone!
GABY: No, mum, look! I think it's great. It's just that...well, I knew something was up, but...at *your* age!
PAM: Well, thanks very much!
GABY: You know what I mean. It's just a bit of a shock.
PAM: You're telling me!
GABY: So, you haven't seen a doctor?
PAM: No, I've been meaning to pick up a test kit from the chemist, but I just haven't had time.
GABY: Mum, you've *got* to find out! Why don't I go to the one at Elliot Park? It stays open a bit later. I should just catch them.
She gets up to go.
PAM: Heaven only knows what your father will think.
GABY: Are you kidding?! He'll be rapt!
Joe and Melanie are back from their honeymoon. Joe carried Melanie across the threshold.
JOE: Crikey, how many croissants did you have?!
They kiss and tell each other what a great time they had on honeymoon. Just then, Brenda pops round with a box of groceries for them to save them cooking on their first night home. When she's gone, Joe thinks the place smells a bit musty and discovers the damp carpet.
Guy and Brad are training. Brad is knackered and Guy tells him he must push on.
Just then, Doug drives up and stops to say hello. He offers Brad a lift home, but Brad says he'd better carry on training with Guy, although it's like training with Carl Lewis(!)
Toby and Sky are home. Joe asks why there's a swamp in his bedroom. Toby explains about the water- bed.
Bus Stop
Lucy is standing at the bus stop when a red car drives up with some drongo teenagers in it. They taunt Lucy and she tells them to "rack off, pimplehead". They threateningly get out of the car and tell Lucy they don't like "molls like her calling them names"
Doug is telling Pam that he saw Paul at lunchtime and that he's obsessed with the arrival of his baby. Doug is looking forward to seeing how Paul gets on with sleepless nights and dirty nappies. Doug says that raising kids were the best years of his and Pam's life - he's too old for it now, and will leave it to Paul.
Bus Stop
Lucy tells the guys to leave her alone, but they continue to taunt her. Just then, Gaby comes along.
GABY: What do you think you're doing? Just clear off if you know what's good for you!
TEENAGER 1: Oh, yeah? And who's going to make us?
GABY: I am!
TEENAGE 2:(laughing) You and whose army?!
GABY: Don't worry, Luce, I learnt jujitsu in Japan. I've been dying to test it out on a couple of creeps like these.
She adopts a martial arts pose.
TEENAGER 1: I'm quaking in me boots! You expect us to fall for that?!
There is a bit of a pause.
TEENAGER 1: Come on, mate. Let's not waste our time on a couple of scrags like these.
TEENAGER 2: Yeah, right. Scrags. Come on Dave- o, let's go.
They drive off, and Gaby comforts Lucy, who is very relieved.
Doug is reading the paper which is full of bad news, apparently. Pam awkwardly brings up the subject of babies again, but just then Brad comes in, and he's invited Guy to stay for dinner too! They talk about the cross- country race and Guy says that winning is everything. Doug thinks there's fun in just competing, but Guy says he doesn't run for fun.
Lucy and Gaby are having a cup of tea. She asks Gaby not to mention the incident to Helen as she'll worry. Gaby admits that she doesn't really know jujitsu - she only went to two classes! But it was enough to get them out trouble today, luckily.
Joe tells Melanie and Toby that they should do the house up - get some new furniture and curtains. Toby asks if he can have a totem pole for his room as he's into archaeology these days.
Gaby arrives home and is surprised to find Guy is having dinner with them. She tells Pam quietly that she didn't manage to get to the chemist for the pregnancy test kit, but she'll find an all- night one after dinner. Pam tells her not to bother, she'll just get one in the morning. They serve up dinner and Brad and Guy arrange to go running at 6.30am tomorrow.
No.24, the following morning
Guy has made a smoothie with a raw egg in it (yuk). He pours a class each for himself and Brad. Brad reluctantly drinks it. Brenda isn't impressed at being woken early.
As they head out, a jar of tablets drops out of Guy's pocket on to the floor, and Brad picks them up, asking what they are. But he has already guesses.
GUY: It's no big deal.
BRAD: Hey mate, come on, you don't want to get caught up with these things.
GUY: They help me put on a bit of muscle, that's all. Just lay off, will you?
BRAD: How long you been taking them?
GUY: Not long. They're not addictive if that's what you're worried about.
BRAD: Hey, man, steroids are no joke. And it's illegal to take them anyway without a doctor's say so.
GUY: What's it to you what I do?
BRAD: What kind of mate would I be if I just sat back and watched you stuff yourself up?
GUY: Well, I've got training to do, you can do whatever you like. Just mind your own business.
Brad looks worried.
Gaby is surprised that Brad has gone training with Guy and says he should do something more useful with his life. Gaby asks Pam about the pregnancy kit and Doug overhears. He looks shocked.
DOUG:(to Gaby) How can *you* be pregnant?!
GABY: Uh- uh, you're barking up the wrong tree, Daddy- o!
DOUG:(to Pam) *You*?!
There is a bit of a pause and Gaby decides to make a sharp exit!
DOUG: *Pregnant*?!
PAM: There's no need to say it like that, Doug, it's not the plague(!)
DOUG: How?! I mean...when? How long? Are you sure?
PAM: No, I'm *not* sure. That's why I want the test kit. But I am late.
DOUG: Pregnant?!
Coffee Shop
Brenda is very tired this morning after being woken up early. Brad comes in and goes up to Guy who is working behind the counter. Brad apologises for "preaching" at Guy this morning, but he says he saw a lot of guys get in to steroids in the USA and it never ended well. One guy got a terrible depression and killed himself. Guy pooh- poohs this(!)
Gaby comes in and sits at a table with Lucy. Brad goes over and sits with them. Gaby recoils and says that he stinks. He starts to head off home for a shower, but Gaby says she'll buy him breakfast instead - Pam and Doug need some time together.
DOUG: You could have knocked me down with a feather when you told me...but I'm getting used to the idea!
PAM: What about what you said to Paul?
DOUG: That's different, I was just sounding off! We're going to be a bit pushed for space, but...hey, I'm a builder, I can whack up a bedroom and no pain. Who would have thought it?! Back to the baby- making business after all this time!
PAM: I'm glad you're happy(!)
DOUG: Why, aren't you?
PAM: I know what a baby means, Doug.
DOUG: Well, so do I!
PAM: My career is *just* getting back on the rails. And I wanted to get into district nursing...I think that could be *really* exciting...
DOUG: Well, you can still do that...afterwards.
PAM: Oh Doug, I'm done with nappies and never having enough time to myself. I'm enjoying life. I feel like it's my time, I've earned it!
Joe is kissing Melanie goodbye as he goes to work.
JOE: I miss you already!
MELANIE: Oh, me too!
They kiss some more, and as Joe is about to leave, the phone rings and it's Mrs Mangel ringing from England. Joe soon looks a bit serious and says he'll wait to hear back from them. He puts the phone down.
MELANIE: What's wrong?
JOE: She's selling the house. We're going to have to move out of Ramsay Street.
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