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Neighbours Episode 1538 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1538
Australian airdate:
UK airdate:
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Mandy Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy is helping Sky and Toby to get ready for bed. Toby is laughing at how Justine was pursuing Glen.
DOROTHY: I'm sure she was just caught up in the spirit of things. Weddings can sometimes make people feel all sorts of things they wouldn't normally feel...
Toby is glad that Joe and Melanie are married and asks to stay up late as it's a Saturday.
Just then, Dorothy's friend Winnie calls, who doubts Dorothy's ability to look after the kids!
DOROTHY: Oh, come on, Winnie, how much trouble can two children be?!
Todd is looking forward to covering Joe's gardening round, so he can earn money to go to the USA to see Cody. Lucy thinks he'd be throwing money away.
Josh comes round and tells Todd that he's been to the soccer final. Todd thinks Josh has been with a girl, but he insists he hasn't.
LUCY: Guys, are you going to stand around arguing or help get this place cleaned up?
JOSH: I'd rather argue.
TODD: Yes, me too!
Lucy is not impressed and hands Josh a broom! They chat about the wedding and Lucy tells them that Christina has gone in to labour - it looks like she'll be an aunt soon!
Paul is pacing the waiting room when Helen arrives. He's worried - the baby isn't due for another five weeks. Helen tries to calm him down. In conversation, Helen tells him that she was at Paul's birth, and he came out looking very grumpy(!) Paul is worried about letting Christina down, but Helen assures him he'll be fine.
Toby has convinced Dorothy to let him stay up late. There's a knock at the door and it's a delivery guy with a waterbed. Apparently Joe has ordered it. Toby asks Dorothy if they can assemble it so that it's ready for Joe and Melanie when they come home.
Paul and Helen are still in the waiting room. Presently, Christina herself comes out, and tells them it was a false alarm. Helen heads off, leaving Paul to take Christina home. Paul tells Christina that he's realised how unprepared he is now - and he's going to put it right.
Lucy tells Todd that she doesn't get much time to see Guy. The phone rings and Josh answers it in the kitchen - it's Trish. He tells her he can't talk. Todd gets suspicious and grabs the other extension, but Josh has already put the phone down. He tells Todd it was a wrong number(!)
Helen comes in and explains Christina had a false alarm. She's very pleased to hear that all the mess has already been cleaned up. She gives Todd some cash, and says she's going to match everything he earns dollar for dollar for now on. Todd is thrilled and says he'll be seeing Cody before Christmas!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Helen has got her hair in a towel as she's put some dye on. Todd and Josh come out. Todd is suspiciously asking Josh what he's doing today, but he won't say. Lucy tells Todd he'd better find out what Josh is up to soon, as he's nearly got the bet won!
Josh goes over to Dorothy, who is unfurling the hosepipe to fill up the water- bed. He asks Dorothy how she is getting on looking after the children. Dorothy is offended that nobody seems to think she can cope!
Toby is riding his bike and then (rather unconvincingly) falls off. Dorothy and Helen rush over to Toby who has hurt his wrist. Dorothy is beside herself, but Helen says Toby will be fine. As they get to the house, there is water pouring down the steps - filling the water bed has gone wrong! Helen hurries to turn the tap off.
It turns out that Sky has grabbed the hosepipe and has flooded the hall floor. Dorothy is very stressed and doesn't know what to do first!
Lucy and Christina are having a coffee and discussing the false alarm. Lucy tells Christina that she's been studying hard as she's decided she wants to go into advertising and it's very competitive.
Paul is at his desk, engrossed in working out different routes to the hospital(!) He's also planning to do trial runs at different times of day.
Dorothy and Helen are trying to mop up the water. Toby has hurt his knee. Just then, Helen realises that she hasn't rinsed the dye out of her hair - it should have been done half an hour ago! She rushes into the No.32 bathroom.
Josh comes in through the back door. Todd nags Josh to admit he is seeing a girl. Josh says Todd will need proof, and there's only a day and a half to go now.
JOSH: I think you and Phoebe will make a superb couple. And who knows, her father might give you a job as a grave- digger(!)
Dorothy is patching up Toby's knee. Helen comes out screaming that her hair is a disaster. She takes the towel off and they try not to laugh. Dorothy sends the kids off outside and she and Helen disolve into giggles. Helen observes that they've forgotten their feud
DOROTHY: Helen, I've really missed you. Hair and all!
HELEN: I've missed you too!
Dorothy and Helen are hanging out and having a glass of wine. Dorothy explains that she didn't steal Helen's idea for the youth art workshop, but now she'd like Helen to coordinate it. Helen agrees.
Todd comes in and balks at Helen's hair. She tells him not to ask(!). Dorothy tells Todd that there's a letter for him from Cody at the Willises. He jumps up to get it, but before he goes, Josh asks him if he's looking forward to his date with Phoebe(!). Dorothy and Helen are surprised.
Paul is looking very smug - he has decided to hire a full- time nurse for Chrissie. Christina says she doesn't want a total stranger around 24/7 and he doesn't need to worry. He says he'll compromise and make it a part- time nurse. He finally suggests asking Pam to look in on Christina. She agrees.
Toby and Sky are colouring. Dorothy says it's been a big day. Toby tells her that he and Sky like her a lot, and he knows they can be a handful. Dorothy says at least she's friends with Helen again. Toby asks if they can go out for burgers tomorrow night and Dorothy agrees.
Helen is trying on hats to hide her hair, but it's not really working. Todd comes in with his letter and sits down at the kitchen table to read it.
CODY:(V.O.) "Dear Todd, I hope things are going well with you. I miss you a lot. Sometimes, I even miss Josh! Even though it sounds like he's being a real dweeb lately. You know how we said we should go out with other people? Well...I've met this guy...and...I really love him. I'm sorry, Todd. I wish there was an easy way to say it, but there isn't. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But you have to know that it's over between us."
Todd looks very shocked.
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