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Neighbours Episode 1537 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1537 (Joe and Melanie's wedding)
Australian airdate:
UK airdate:
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Mandy Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
No.22 (Morning)
The twins and Melanie are getting ready for the wedding. Melanie is panicking about everything and Christina tells her that all she has to do is say "I do". Christina comments that she has a bit of back pain this morning.
Paul comes in and Caroline tells him that the bucks night shenanigans was very juvenile. Melanie urges them not to quarrel as she's got a lot on today.
PAUL: Well, you're having a Ramsay Street wedding, aren't you? so, as Dad said to me, and I now pass it on to you: 'No wedding in Ramsay Street ever goes smoothly'!
Joe is telling Toby about his bucks night and he is laughing. Joe tells Toby that they have to make things easy for Melanie today as she's very stressed.
Doug and Glen pop round waving a white flag(!) Doug promises to show Toby the photos. Joe tells them he's not mad with them - but he *will* get even!
Doug is a bit fragile this morning. Pam is heading off to the hairdressers. Doug observes that weddings are difficult for women - because they have to look nice, but not nicer than the bride(!) Apparently Brenda isn't coming to the wedding as she's still feeling awkward around Doug. Doug wonders if he should speak to her, but Pam just looks at him, so he decides not to "set her off again"(!)
DOUG: I hadn't thought of it before. There's a big burden for blokes like me, stuck with that sort of charisma. I mean, when you're attractive to women, it's not all beer and skittles! It's a huge responsibility!
Pam rolls her eyes and walks off(!)
Melanie's mum is fussing around Melanie while Caroline does Melanie's hair. Melanie's father and sister (Justine) are making tea for everyone.
Melanie has got her old pearls for "something old" and her dress for "something new". Caroline gives her a garter for "something borrowed". Now all she needs is "something blue". They suggest one of Joe's jokes(!)
Paul comes in and tells Melanie that he and Christina have decided to promote her to Lassiter's Reception Manager for a wedding present! Melanie is very pleased.
MELANIE: This is really terrific. Marrying Joe, having friends like you...it's just going to make today the best ever.
Outside No.24
A paty hire van is on the pavement and Pam drives up. Helen tells her that everything is OK with the wedding at the back yard, and Lassiter's are going to cater it. Pam tells Helen that Brenda is not coming to the wedding. Pam asks if Helen and Dorothy have patched things up, showing her a leaflet about art classes. Helen is not pleased.
HELEN: Not only did Dorothy not approach me, the whole thing was my idea in the first place!
PAM: Well...I'm sure Dorothy didn't mean to offend you...
She looks a bit uncomfortable.
Dorothy pops round to see Joe and winds him up about Melanie's dress design and forgetting his speech(!) Joe says his Best Man will take care of everything. Dorothy tells him she's really happy to look after TOby and Sky while he and Melanie are away.
Glen comes in and Joe asks him urgently to pop round to No.22 to check that Melanie's dress isn't too outlandish(!). Toby has got his speech ready, and he's got the ring. Joe is *very* nervous and stressed now. He's determined that everything goes smoothly for Melanie's mistake.
TOBY: Don't stress, Dad, no slip- ups.
GLEN: Not unless...Mel changes her mind.
JOE:(horrified) She wouldn't do that, would she?! She wouldn't do that to me, would she, Tobe?!
Melanie is looking for something blue. To get her mother off her back, she asks her to go down to the church to check on the flower arranging. Melanie's sister (Justine) decides to go with her. On the way out, Justine bumps into Glen and tells him there's no spying allowed!
Melanie's dad is chatting to the twins and playing with Sky. Christina goes off to help Melanie to find something blue. On the way down the stairs, Melanie twists her ankle and they say that the bruise can be her something blue!
Melanie and the wedding party are walking down the aisle.
JOE: How does the dress look, Tobe?
TOBY: She looks real beautiful, Dad!
Joe turns round to look.
JOE:(quietly) Yeah, not bad, eh?!
Melanie arrives at the front of the church and lifts her veil.
The ceremony proceeds with shots of the congregation and of course, Joe and Melanie. Helen is looking very upset and trying not to look at Dorothy.
Toby has remembered the ring which he hands over.
JOE: Melanie, with this ring, I wed thee with all that I am. With all that I have, I honour you. In the name of God, Amen.
He puts the ring on Melanie's finger and she is crying with emotion.
MELANIE: Joe, I receive this ring...oh, sorry, I always cry at weddings!
They hand her a tissue!
VICAR: Before God, and in the presence of us all, by solemn consent and promise, by the giving and receiving of a ring and by joining of hands, Melanie and Joe have now accepted each other in marriage. I declare them to be husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.
Melanie and Joe kiss, and the congregation claps.
Marquee in the back garden of No.24
Glen calls everyone to order to read out the telegrams:
GLEN: "Best wishes to you both, I'll drink a toast to you tonight, love Jim"
TOBY: This one's from Matt: "I knew it was only a matter of time before Joe fell for Melanie's pancakes"
GLEN: "Congrats, does this mean we'll see less of you, or more of you? Signed, the Boys at the Waterhole"
TOBY: This is from John and Grandma Mangel: "The weather here in England is damp, but our hearts are full of sunshine for you both"
GLEN: "One of the happiest days of Harold's life was finding out that you two were in love. Love and best wishes from the two of us, Madge"
Joe gets up to make his speech.
JOE: I've been married before. And I didn't think I'd be nervous this time, but the old pins are a bit wobbly. Maybe it's just because I can't believe how lucky I am to have a wife like Mel.
JOE: And you know how much I'd like to have Madge and Harold sitting here with us...but, uh, he's probably watching over us, wishing Toby would sit up straight. Harold's death taught me to value my friends, you know, and I do. *We* do. All of you. But I value Mel, my best friend, most of all.
He sits down and they kiss.
TOBY: Mel says I'm supposed to say how beautiful the bridesmaids look. Well, they do. That was easy. That's all I've got to say, except I'm glad Joe finally got real and asked Melanie to marry him. If he hadn't done it soon, I was going to ask her myself...to marry Dad, not me(!) ...Not that I wouldn't, Mel! (To the crowd) Thanks!
They all laugh.
GLEN: And now the father of the bride...Bill Pearson!
BILL: There's a rumour going around that I've been saving my money to pay someone to take Melanie off my hands. Now, I want you to know that it's true! Just joking! Look, I'll cut it short. Joe - welcome to the family!
No.24 (Kitchen)
Justine finds Glen in the kitchen, asks him if he's single then practically throws herself at him. Glen is very uncomfortable and tries to get away, unsuccessfully!
Joe and Melanie are just heading off. They thank Dorothy for looking after the kids and then say goodbye to everyone. Glen is still trying to shake Janine off.
MELANIE'S MUM: You must be so relieved, dear, not to be ending up an old maid.
MELANIE: Thanks, mum, I needed that(!)
Melanie throws her garter (caught by Bouncer!) and then the bouquet - caught by Justine! Glen looks even more uncomfortable(!)
When they've gone, Christina suddenly sits down and tells Paul urgently that the baby is coming!
<<1536 - 1538>>
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