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Neighbours Episode 1525 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1525
Australian airdate: 20/09/91
UK airdate: 17/09/92
UK Gold: 04/09/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Nancy Brewster: Marilyn Maguire
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug is around for dinner with Brenda again. They are getting on very well and Doug compliments her on her cooking. They flirt a bit and then Toby comes in. He says he left something behind in the house when he stays there, so goes off to get it. On his way out, Brenda observes that Toby seemed a bit "odd".
Josh, Lucy and Todd are discussing the Brewster case again - they're debating whether to go to the police. Josh and Todd think they shouldn't withhold evidence.
Paul is sulking like a child that Chrissie has gone over to see Glen. Caroline tells him he's being very immature. Chrissie comes back and Paul snaps at her, saying she shouldn't be apologising to Glen - he's not sorry. Both twins think Paul should make more of an effort, but there's no reasoning with Paul.
PAUL: I don't want him as a friend or anything else!
CHRISTINA: Well, whether you like it or not, Paul, he's your half-brother! And for the sake of the rest of the family and us, I think you should make the best of it!
PAUL: Listen to me. I don't want anything to do with Glen. And Chris, you're my wife so I would expect you to stick with me on this one! Now I don't want you going anywhere near Glen. Please.
Robinsons, the following morning
Josh and Todd have just come back from the police station - the police want to speak to Joe about the matter, too. Todd might have to appear in court as a witness, which he isn't fazed by at all, and is quite looking forward to missing school(!)
Melanie is getting Toby and Sky ready for the day ahead. Melanie and Toby are getting on very well. As they're about to leave, Brenda pops round and tells Melanie that she thinks Toby might have stolen something from No.24 - Madge and Harold's valuables' drawer has been left open a bit. She doesn't know what was in the drawer, so she doesn't know what's missing. Melanie says Toby probably just had a look - she doesn't believe he's been stealing. But she does not look entirely convinced.
Coffee Shop
Josh, Todd and Lucy are speculating on the murder weapon used to kill Mrs Brewster(!)
Doug invites Brenda to play darts at the Waterhole after work - Pam is working late again.
Josh, Lucy and Todd talk about Guy who they think is rather unpredictable, especially with women. Lucy thinks it would be fun to find out what Guy is really like(!)
Melanie tentatively tackles Toby about the stealing issue. He says he's never stolen since the previous incident - he promised Joe he wouldn't. Melanie gently asks him if he took anything from No.24. Toby takes great offence and storms off back to school.
TOBY: I haven't been stealing and I don't care what you think!
The Waterhole
Doug and Brenda are playing darts, but isn't doing very well. Doug gives her some tips. It seems that Brenda is just feigning being poor at darts because her next shot is a bullseye. She invites Doug to dinner again.
A car park
Josh, Todd and Lucy are walking along when Todd recognises a woman - it's Nancy Brewster herself. (What are the chances?!) He confronts her by standing in front of her car. At first Mrs Brewster is very defensive and says her husband deserves to be in trouble with the police - she just wanted to give him a fright. Todd and Josh reason with her - she could be charged herself! She starts to see their point and agrees to go down the station to tell the police she hasn't been murdered.(!)
Doug and Brenda are flirting again. Brenda is lapping up Doug's compliments. She asks Doug what Pam thinks about him spending time at No.24, but he says that Pam doesn't mind at all.
Josh, Todd and Lucy are telling the twins that the Brewster "murder" case has been solved.
Toby is still pouting about the stealing accusation. Melanie apologises for upsetting him, and insists she wasn't accusing him. Toby admits that he did take something - Harold's pocket watch.
TOBY: I only took it because it was mine.
MELANIE: What do you mean?
TOBY: Well, Granddad said he'd give it to me when I was older. It's been passed on from his family to him, and he said he'd give it to me.
MELANIE: Why didn't you wait and ask your Grandma for it?
TOBY: Cos no-one else heard. And they mightn't have believed me.
Melanie says they'll have a talk to Madge - she's sure it will be fine. They have a bit of a hug and Toby says he's glad Melanie is going to be his mum.
Brenda and Doug are washing up and talking about Brenda's first marriage to Roy. She hated living in a country town, so she's down here looking for a new life. She admits that she'd be willing to get married again though, with the right bloke. She doesn't think anyone should stick out a marriage that obviously isn't working, but Doug says that some people do it for the sake of the kids.
Paul has come home early to spend the evening with Chrissie. However, the twins are off to the jazz club. Paul offers to join, them.
CHRISTINA: I doubt you'll enjoy it, Paul.
PAUL: Why's that?
CHRISTINA: Because Glen will be there.
PAUL: Oh. In that case, count me out.
PAUL: And I don't want you going, either.
PAUL: Caroline, just keep out of this, would you, it's got nothing to do with you.
CHRISTINA: Who do you think you are?
PAUL: I am your husband! And I'm telling you I don't want you going out with Glen Donnelly.
CHRISTINA: Paul, I'm hardly going out with him, he'll just be there, that's all. And anyway, I enjoy his company.
PAUL: Oh, that's wonderful, that is. You just go out and enjoy his company while I stay here at home! Great.
CHRISTINA: Well, I didn't know you'd be home, did I?
PAUL: Well, I am, and I want you here with me.
CHRISTINA: Not in the mood you're in, thank you! Oh, Paul, I do love you, but sometimes I don't like you very much. And I may be your wife, but I've still got the right to mix with whomever I please. So you have to like that or lump it.
PAUL: Oh, charming!
CHRISTINA: Well, you could come along and join us, if you behave yourself. But if you can't, then don't come along. Well?
PAUL: I'm not going anywhere he is.
CHRISTINA: Then I'll see you later.
She walks out with Caroline.
Brenda and Doug are saying goodnight. Doug says he'll have to take her out for dinner to repay her kindness.
When Doug has gone, Guy raises his eyebrows and says that Brenda seems to be getting into something tricky.
BRENDA: It's obvious his wife doesn't appreciate him. If she did, she'd be spending more time with him. If she's not careful, she'll lose him!
GUY: To you?
BRENDA: I didn't say that.
Guy thinks Brenda is making a big mistake - he's seen Doug with Pam and thinks they get on really well. Brenda reckons that it's just a facade(!) She thinks Doug feels the same way about her as she does about him.
GUY: I thought it was a game between you. Two old flatterers from way back.
BRENDA: Well it may have started out that way, but it isn't anymore. He really feels something for me. I know it!
GUY: I think you're heading for a fall. Put the brakes on while you can.
BRENDA: No way! If Doug's wife doesn't want him, I do - and I'm going after him. Every woman for herself!
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