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Neighbours Episode 1524 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1524
Australian airdate: 19/09/91
UK airdate: 16/09/92
UK Gold: 03/09/98
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Belinda Bourne: Alicia Meadows
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul and Glen pretend to be friends for Jim's sake.
Jim asks Glen to put up some shelves for Paul.
Lucy, Todd and Josh are discussing Harold. Helen is away for a bit (driving the campervan back with Joe).
Todd sees a picture of Nancy Brewster in the picture - she's gone missing. They look at each other uneasily. Finally they reluctantly agree to go back to the Brewster garden and have another look, just in case Mrs Brewster really is buried there.
Glen comes in - he's just been seeing Jim off at the airport.
Dorothy is on the phone to her friend Winnie who is congratulating her on her council election win. She says she'll bide her time with Felicity Brent - but she still doesn't know who could have informed her.
Brenda has been suffering from insomnia since the news about Harold came through. Guy looks out of the window and sees a woman coming. He panics and tells Brenda to get rid of her - meanwhile he hides behind the kitchen counter.
The woman knocks and introduces herself as Belinda Bourne. Brenda tells her that Guy has gone to Antartica to work(!) and promises to give him a message. When the woman has gone, Guy tells Brenda that they used to be an item but doesn't give her any details.
Paul reluctantly gives Caroline time off to work at the boutique, but he's not pleased about it. Glen comes round to put the shelves up. Paul tells him he'd better put up the shelves and then leave straight away. (That's nice!)
Brewsters' Garden
Todd, Josh and Lucy have arrived. Todd starts to dig and is joined very reluctantly by Josh - he's worried that there's a decomposed body awaiting them!
Time passes and their hole gets deeper - but there's nothing there, not even the plastic bag that was there before. Lucy says that he could have moved the body, but just then Mr Brewster himself arrives and starts yelling at them. He lifts Todd up by the neck of his jumper and tells him he's going to have him charged.
Christina and Glen are having a chat. She asks after Karen and they chat about babies. The twins reckon that Glen and Paul could be friends if they hang out more(!)
Brewsters' Garden
Mr Brewster has made Todd and Josh replace the earth that they excavated. Todd tells him about the newspaper story about Mrs Brewster. Mr Brewster says he did move his wife's clothes etc away - he dug everything up and sent them to the tip. He has calmed down a bit now.
MR BREWSTER: Now I'm going to say this once, slowly. I. Did. Not. Kill. My. Wife. Now if you promise to leave and never come back, I won't call the police. Alright?
Coffee Shop
Gaby tells Brenda that Dorothy is on the warpath that someone gave Felicity Brent information about her. Brenda looks a bit worried(!)
Josh, Todd and Lucy come in and sit at a table.
Meanwhile, Belinda Bourne comes in.
BELINDA: Guy! Your Auntie told me you were in Antartica!
GUY: Er...I was, I only just got back...
Belinda hugs him but Guy tells her that they can't see each other any more.
BELINDA: There's someone else?
GUY: Yeah. I don't know how to tell you this but...Josh and I are very good friends.
He puts his hand on Josh's shoulder and Josh looks very shocked(!)
Gaby and Caroline are looking through some drawings. There's a bit of tension between Gaby and Glen. When Gaby and Caroline has gone, Christina invites Glen for dinner.
Coffee Shop
Guy, Josh, Todd and Lucy are laughing about the cover story. They also decide to give up on the Brewster thing.
Belinda comes back in again and tells Guy that they really need to talk, so he reluctantly invites her over to Brenda's tonight.
Brenda has come to confess to Dorothy.
BRENDA: I don't know how to tell you this. It was me.
DOROTHY: What was you?
BRENDA: I told Felicity Brent about your husband and the counterfeit money.
Brenda is very apologetic and says that she thought the information was common knowledge. Dorothy is not pleased and tells Brenda that an apology won't restore her reputation.
DOROTHY: In future, I'll remember never to discuss anything in front of you.
Dorothy comes over to see Josh, Todd and Lucy. Erinsborough High has been saved - they've been taken off the closure list! Now Dorothy will have to concentrate on other issues while she's on the council.
When Dorothy has gone, the Nancy Brewster case comes on the television news. Apparently Mr Brewster has been arrested and will appear in court next week!
Belinda has come over for her chat with Guy. She tells him she had to find him - their relationship is too important to throw away. Guy tries to dissuade her by saying he's a penniless no-hoper. He tells her he'll never be able to offer her the "things she needs and deserves". He advises her to go home and forget about him. She eventually agrees.
Glen is setting the table and opening the wine when Paul comes home. He's not happy to see Glen there and starts ranting at him.
PAUL:(to the twins) I don't want Glen in this house - ever. Is that clear?
He explains that he and Glen were just pretending to like each other so Jim would go off on his trip. He starts writing Glen a cheque for the work on the shelves. Caroline tries to reason with Paul, but he's not having any of it.
PAUL: Listen, Caroline, this is my house, and I don't want him in it, is that clear?
The twins are speechless.
GLEN: You know what you can do with your cheque.
He walks out.
Christina calls Paul a spoiled brat and chases after Glen.
Todd, Josh and Lucy are pondering the Brewster case - did he really kill his wife? As they're talking, Glen comes in and storms to his room, closely followed by Christina.
Todd tells Christina about the Brewster case - he doesn't know whether to tell the police about the belongings in the garden. She thinks they're better off staying out of it.
<<1523 - 1525>>
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