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Neighbours Episode 1510 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1510
Australian airdate: 30/08/91
UK airdate: 27/08/92
UK Gold: 14/08/98
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh splashes acetone in his eyes and tells Todd her can't see.
Todd bustles Josh into the kitchen and helps him to rinse his eyes, shouting to Lucy to get Pam or Adam to take Josh to the hospital. He tries to reassure Josh, but he still can't see anyting.
Madge and Harold are up late. Madge confides in Harold that Michael may still be married to his first wife. Harold is shocked and rather doubtful - Michael is such a decent chap. But if it's true, what will it do to Helen? The only thing to do now is to find out if Michael is divorced or if his wife has died.
Brenda shows Madge a rash that's come up on her chest and wonders what it could be.
Melanie is looking a bit down and says she's fed up of people grabbing her hand to see her ring - it's been a long day.
Toby comes out.
JOE:(suspiciously) What are you doing up?
TOBY: I heard Melanie coming in. Have you told her yet?
MELANIE: Told me what?
JOE: Oh...
TOBY: Can I?
JOE:(shortly) Yeah.
TOBY: Dad's going on Dream Date tomorrow.
MELANIE: Fair dinkum?!
Joe is a bit nervous but Melanie reckons that it will be great. In any case, Joe is sure to have a holiday as he's the batchelor asking the questions. Melanie and Toby decide to come along to give him moral support.
Lucy is pacing and Brad is sitting with her. Todd and Doug finally arrive home and tell them that the hospital is keeping Josh in for a while until they can ascertain how much damage there's been to Josh's corneas. Lucy is very worried that Josh will end up blind. She hasn't been able to contact Jim yet either. Apparently Josh is taking things fairly well though. Lucy wants to rush down to the hospital but Doug urges her to get a good night's sleep and be her normal self when she visits Josh tomorrow.
Adam comes in to see Josh and he recognises him from his footsteps. He reckons his other senses have been heightened. Apparently the damage to Josh's corneas wasn't as bad as they first thought, so Josh has a fair shot. His eyes could recover completely.
ADAM: Try not to worry.
JOSH: I'm not worried. They say you guys can perform miracles these days.
He does not look convinced.
Hospital, the following morning
A nurse is feeding Josh when Doug and Brad come in. Brad's brought Josh his own surf-board - he wants Josh to have it. Brad says the accident is all his fault for selling Josh's board to Brenda, but Josh says he should have been using protective goggles.
Adam comes over to see Madge (who has been to births, deaths and marriages archives). Adam tells Madge that he had a great time in Newcastle. Brenda flirts with Adam and Madge warns her off and then introduces her. Madge suggests that she shows Adam her rash. He suggests it could be because she's changed her brand of soap to "Madge's cheap stuff". Madge looks a bit put-out(!)
Green Room
Melanie and Toby are waiting for Joe backstage. A bloke comes in and asks Melanie if she'd like to be on the show - one of the female contestants has broken her ankle. She agrees. Toby is very shocked - Melanie is engaged! Melanie takes her ring off and says she'll disguise her voice so Joe doesn't know it's her. Also, she'll say crazy things so Joe doesn't pick her. Basically, she's just desperate to get on TV!
Lucy, Todd and Brad are visiting Josh. They put on the TV to watch Dream Date.
JOE: I pity the poor girl who gets stuck with Joe.
TODD: Dream Date? More like Nightmare Date!
They sit down to watch, and sure enough, there's Joe! They are also surprised to see Melanie and one of the four contestants!
Joe starts telling the host about his life as a gardener and that he has two kids and so on. Melanie speaks in a deep voice and says she's in a mud-wrestling team and won't win any beauty contests(!)
Doug and Adam are actually watching Dream Date and laughing at Melanie. Adam has some calamine lotion for Brenda and Doug says he'll take it over later. Adam warns him to watch out for Brenda(!)
Madge and Harold are babysitting Sky and watching Dream Date. Harold is quite taken by contestant number 2, but Madge says she's as dull as ditchwater! Madge hopes that Melanie wins.
HAROLD: I should think not! All this would be a waste of time if Joe wins a date with Melanie.
MADGE: That's what you think!
The gameshow goes on. Melanie ends up winning the audience vote!
HOST: Joe, by popular demand, I think we've found your dream date! Step on down to the wall of love, contestant number 1
Melanie is shocked and forced to go to the wall to "meet" Joe. Toby is watching from the Green Room. In number 32, Madge jumps with joy.
HOST: Joe, your dream-date likes tap dancing and would like to own her own pet pig! Joe, meet Melanie Pearson!
The wall slides back and Joe is gobsmacked to see Melanie!
Brenda and Doug are hanging out and Brenda is being quite flirtatious as usual.
BRENDA: I can't believe you're Adam's father, you could pass for his brother!
DOUG: Oh, lots of people make that mistake(!)
Doug answers the door to a delivery bloke - it's an envelope for Madge from the Register of births, death and marriages.
Backstage at Dream Date
The host is asking Melanie and Joe how well they know each other and they confess that they live together as friends. Melanie apologises to Joe, but the host says they're still eligible for the prize.
HOST: Enjoy your holiday anyway, nice to meet you!
Melanie is worried that Joe is angry with her, but he isn't, he just wanted the holiday really. Melanie feels guilty though saying she's come between him and his destiny!
Josh is putting on a brave front, but when Todd and Brad have gone to the front door, Lucy tells him to stop it - she knows he's really upset. Josh admits that he's terrified - he doesn't know what he'll do if he's really blind.
JOSH: I won't be able to go surfing, use the computer, watch television, just being on my own doing the things I love the most.
LUCY: The doctor says your chances of recovery are quite good...
JOSH: Yeah, the doctor tells me things I want to hear. I mean, I can tell by the tone of his voice he doesn't hold out a lot of hope for me.
LUCY: You're wrong!
JOSH: Now who's pretending, Lucy? You know if doesn't look good, I can tell. (angrily) *Why* did it have to happen to *me*?! What sort of life am I going to have if I can't see? I'm just scared, Lucy.
He starts to cry and she hugs him.
Joe, Melanie and Toby arrive home. Madge and Harold greet them and tell them how much they enjoyed the show. Melanie still feels guilty though. Harold wonders if Simon will mind, but Melanie says it's "just Joe" so everything will be fine.
In the living room, Madge tells Joe that he and Melanie are destined to be together.
MADGE: Now listen to me, Joe Mangel. Fate has given you a second chance with Melanie. *Don't* blow it!
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