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Neighbours Episode 1509 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1509
Australian airdate: 29/08/91
UK airdate: 26/08/92
UK Gold: 13/08/98
Writer: Tara Smithson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Simon Hunter: Fredrick Whitlock
Bob Cooper: Felicia Arena
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim goes to see Michael's friend in Perth and realises that Michael is a bigamist.
Harold is moaning that Madge has burnt cheese on to the grill pan. He also tells Madge off for her part in Paul's conspiracy against Felicity. Madge says Felicity has a huge business empire and not to worry about it.
Toby is grilling Joe about his audition for Dream Date.
JOE: Well, the sort of thing they ask on the show, what's my favourite food, what sort of undies do I wear?
TOBY: Why do they want to know that?
JOE: I hate to think.
TOBY: I hope you didn't tell them about your leopard-skin jocks!
Joe tells Melanie that he hopes he hasn't messed things up. She thinks it'll be fun and Joe might meet the girl of her dreams. Toby says they could have a double wedding(!) and then asks Melanie why she hasn't had an engagement party. Joe reluctantly agrees that they can hold it at No.32
Dorothy has brought Todd and Josh a tuna casserole - she's helping out while Jim is away. They chat about the school closure and they offer Dorothy their support in the protest.
Josh and Todd decide to pop over to Brad's to see how the surfboard is going. Dorothy answers the phone to Jim.
DOROTHY: I'm just popping dinner in the oven for the boys. Glen's out for the evening, can I help? ...You can't be serious. Michael Daniels?
Garage of the Willises
Pam brings Brad a sandwich while he sands down Josh's new board. It's looking quite good, but Brad hasn't got enough money to paint it. Josh and Todd arrive and are very impressed by the board. Josh asks him about the colour. Brad suggests stripes or psychadelic peace symbols, so Josh says that a plain board is fine(!)
Harold is on the phone to the campervan company - they've offered him a $5,000 discount just like Brenda said. Brenda says it's the least she could do. They chat about Lou's son - she's trying to think of a birthday present for him.
There's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy. She asks Madge evasively about Michael Daniels and his "sister". Madge doesn't know anything, but is suspicious at Dorothy's line of questioning.
Melanie and Joe have set up the engagement party - it's going to be a bit of an open house. Joe is skulking in the background telling Melanie what a great catch Simon is. Madge is surprised.
MADGE: What was all that about? I thought Joe quite liked Simon?
MELANIE: He does, I think.
MADGE: But that's the third crack he's had at him this morning. Have they had a fight or something?
MELANIE: No, I think Joe's a bit down on love, you know, seeing me and Simon together has reminded him he's all on his own.
MADGE: You think so?
MELANIE: Suppose he's a bit jealous.
A look comes over Madge's face.
MADGE: Jealous? You could just be right...
Pam answers the door to Brenda who has come to introduce herself to the Neighbours. She admires Josh's surfboard and asks Brad if she can buy it - for $275, for Guy's birthday. Brad tells her it's for Josh, but the price is just too good. He agrees to sell it to Brenda.
When Brenda has gone, Pam tells Brad off - Josh is going to be really disappointed. Brad says he'll just make another one.
The engagement party is in full swing. Dorothy tells Madge that Joe is looking very depressed. They talk about the school closure and Madge says she'll do everything she can with the council to fight. She brings up the topic of Michael's sister and wants to know what Dorothy knows. Madge threatens to ring Helen to find out, so Dorothy agrees to tell her - but Madge can't tell anyone.
Brenda, Simon and Melanie are chatting and Brenda is eyeing up the "talent" in the room. Joe catches Toby drinking some beer from a bottle.
Josh comes over to pick up his board and Brad is forced to confess that he's sold it. Josh is not impressed, and tells Brad not to bother making another one. Pam gets an "I told you so" look on her face.
Joe is telling Toby off for drinking beer. Toby says he's a hypocrite - Joe himself always has a bottle in his hand. Joe sends him to his room.
Brenda is still checking out the talent and flirts unashamedly with a bloke called Bob. (Marco Alessi in another life!)
DOROTHY: I hope you'll be gentle with him(!)
BRENDA: Why, do you want the left-overs?!
Melanie is a bit distracted and tells Simon she's worried about him. Simon points out that it's their party and they should be enjoying it.
Todd is trying to reason with Josh - Brad was skint, after all. Josh is still fed up though and decides he's going to make his own. He has a good knowledge of aerodynamics after all.
Harold is telling Brad about his and Madge's forthcoming trip. Brad tells Harold seriously that he should try out surfing while he's up there(!) He reckons it'd be un-Australian not to and offers to make Harold a board(!)
Madge tells Joe that Toby did have a point - Joe does drink quite a lot. Toby looks up to him and copies him.
JOE: I admit I've been sinking a few lately, but things haven't been going too well, you know?
MADGE: Yeah, I'd heard you've been a bit moody. What's the matter?
JOE: Aw, you know, just...
MADGE: Melanie seems to think you're jealous.
JOE: Eh?
MADGE: Yeah, she thinks you're jealous of her and Simon's relationship because you don't have anyone yourself at the moment.
JOE: No, no, it's nothing like that.
MADGE: No, I reckon it's much simpler than that. I reckon you're just plain jealous of Simon.
JOE: Oh, come off the grass, Madge!
MADGE: I'm right, aren't I? Melanie's the one you're having problems with. She's the one you were going to go out to dinner with.
JOE: Alright, alright. It's Melanie. Well, it was. It's a bit late now.
MADGE: Have you told her how you feel?
JOE: Aw, I can't. Look at her. Look at them - they love each other. I don't stand a chance, Madge.
Madge, Harold and Brenda get home from the party. Brenda was hoping the party would be a bit wilder - she felt like dancing. Brenda has a look at Harold's records and says she might get in some dancing after all.
Pam and Joe are talking about Melanie. Pam thinks they're going to be very happy. Joe is stomping around putting cans in bags. They talk about alcohol and Pam says Joe should be sure that he doesn't use alcohol as a crutch.
The phone rings and Joe goes to answer it. Toby creeps out and tells Pam that Joe has been very snappy lately. Joe gets off the phone and tells them he's going to be on Dream Date tomorrow night!
Madge has gone to bed. Brenda makes Harold dance in the living room. Madge comes out and tells Brenda off - she's trying to sleep. She drags him off to bed.
Garage of the Robinsons
Josh is making his surfboard and it's shaping up quite well. He goes to get some acetone but accidentally splashes some in his eyes. He gasps in pain.
JOSH: Oh my God!
TODD: What's the matter?
JOSH: I can't see!
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