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Neighbours Episode 1504 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1504
Australian airdate: 22/08/91
UK airdate: 19/08/92
UK Gold: 06/08/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy is depressed about modelling - she's not really enjoying it, but doesn't want to let on to Jim in case he says "I told you so". Todd tells Lucy that Jim and Dorothy have got together. Lucy doesn't believe him, but Todd explains about the diary and the events since then. Lucy isn't very chuffed.
Brenda is cross with Lou for not telling her the extent of the hatred between him and Harold.
BRENDA: Half of Queensland hates him. At least they do after they've driven a couple of Ks in one of his used cars. But you know Lou. Loves the world and thinks the whole world loves him back.
Madge thinks she'd better tell Harold about Brenda's family connections after all, in case he finds out some other way. Brenda suggests that she and Madge butter him up, but Madge tells her just to be on her best behaviour.
BRENDA: No worries. I'll be an angel, I promise!
She slurps her tea.
Lucy still can't believe the news about Dorothy and Jim's fledgling relationship. Just then Jim comes in.
TODD AND LUCY: Is it true?!
JIM: Hang on, one at a time.
LUCY: Dad, are you really going out with Mrs Burke?
JIM: Well...yes I am, as a matter of fact. And I'm feeling pretty good about it too, they don't build them like Dorothy Burke anymore.
TODD:(fake smile) Yeah.
Jim hopes that they don't hate the idea.
JIM:(to Todd) I really owe you, mate. Just think, if you hadn't read Dorothy's diary, we might have carried on the same way we were forever.
TODD: Yeah. Just think(!)
He heads off to pick up some flowers and meet Dorothy for dinner!
Madge and Brenda have made Harold a lovely meal, and entirely vegetarian too. Brenda tells Harold that she can't believe that Harold has to diet because he's such a fine figure of a bloke. Harold is flattered!
Paul comes round to meet Brenda.
MADGE: Paul Robinson - meet Brenda C...Riley!
Madge and Paul chat about Felicity Brent. Paul says he'll get his own back on Felicity yet, but otherwise things are going quite well at the moment. Apparently Parkside Pacific are building up near the guesthouse too, so it must be a good spot.
Dorothy and Jim are chatting about their ruse.
DOROTHY: How are our juvenile delinquents taking it?
JIM: About as well as we expected. Todd is in a state of shock!
Dorothy thanks Jim for his help. After all, she was very vulnerable after the business with Colin and got confused about her feelings for Jim, which she wrote in the diary.
JIM: I was flattered, Dorothy, I really was.
DOROTHY: Thank you. You're a very nice man, Jim Robinson. No wonder I thought I loved you for a few days.
JIM: We're friends, aren't we? Nothing wrong with friends loving each other.
She wonder how long to string Todd along. Jim thinks they should keepit going a little while longer - so that Todd learns his lesson properly about reading other people's private diaries.
DOROTHY: Shall we draw the curtains and dim the lights? Really give them something to worry about!
JIM: Why not?
No.26, the following morning
Todd observes that Jim was home late last night. He and Lucy ask how serious it is with Dorothy.
TODD: I mean, you're not thinking of doing anything drastic like marrying her, are you?
JIM:(laughs) Of course not!
TODD: Phew!
JIM: No, it makes more sense to live together for a while. In fact I'll talk to Dorothy today about how she feels about renting her place out and coming over here.
Todd looks horrified but Jim says that they'll have a full-qualified teacher to help them with their homework, and also, Dorothy is very good at discipline. Lucy is fairly resigned about it, but Todd looks horrified!
Just then, Dorothy pops round. Jim gives her a kiss on the cheek and Dorothy insists on giving Todd and Lucy a lift to school, despite their protests.
HAROLD: What part of Queensland are you actually from, Brenda?
BRENDA: Er...ah...the south-eastern part I suppose you'd call it, yeah.
HAROLD: Oh, really? Which area?
MADGE: Ah...well it's a funny coincidence, Harold, but Brenda was brought up in the same area we were.
HAROLD: Is that a fact? Really? I suppose we even went to the same high school!
BRENDA: Oh, yes, probably! I would have been a few years behind you two, though!
They laugh, amicably.
HAROLD: Goodness, gracious me, what a coincidence. I wouldn't be surprised if I knew your family.
BRENDA: Doubt it.
HAROLD: No, no, come on, what was your maiden name?
MADGE: Harold, while you were in the shower, I discovered that Brenda is a member of the Carpenter family.
Harold's face falls.
MADGE: Isn't it a small world?
HAROLD: Carpenter?
MADGE: Yeah.
HAROLD: Brenda Carpenter! Good lord, you're Lou's younger sister!
BRENDA:(nervously) That's right. That doesn't matter, does it?
HAROLD: Well of course it matters! I will not have a Carpenter in this house! And there is no way on this earth I'll have one running my Coffee Shop!
MADGE: Harold, love, don't stress!
BRENDA: We've already signed the papers!
HAROLD: You got that lease through utter deceit! I'm going to ring my solicitor and get him to tear it up straight away.
Madge tries to reason with him, but he insists he wants Brenda out of the house. She worries that he'll give himself another heart attack.
Photographic Studio
Lucy is advertising bathroom accessories. The photographer is rather sleazy and keeps wanting her to lower the towel she's wearing.
Coffee Shop
Harold is serving the customers when Madge comes up. She tells him that Brenda is at home, packing her things. She thinks Harold should consider Brenda on her own merits - at least they could get away on holiday then. But Harold won't hear of it. Paul comes over and tells Harold he's being silly, but Harold says there's more to life than money.
Melanie rings the Coffee Shop with an urgent message for Paul about the guesthouse.
Madge is about to start working on Harold again, but he holds up a finger.
HAROLD: My decision is final.
Photographic studio
Lucy is standing in a bath now. The photographer hints that if she's nice to him, he might be able to get her some better modelling jobs. Lucy kicks him and stalks out.
LUCY: I quit!
Madge is apologising to Brenda for Harold's behaviour. Brenda is philosophical and says it can't be helped, although she had been looking forward to a stay in Erinsborough. Brenda asks if she can make a couple of phonecalls and casually checks with Madge which company Harold was buying his campervan from.
Dorothy and Jim are laughing about Todd. When Todd comes in, they tell him there's good news - Dorothy is moving in with him.
TODD: Wish I'd never looked at the stupid diary.
Jim and Dorothy start to laugh and confess that it's all been a ruse. Todd thinks it was a sick joke, but Jim points out that it was worse that Todd read Dorothy's diary. Todd apologises and says he's very relieved - he was thinking about joining the army(!)
Coffee Shop
Brenda has popped in to say goodbye. She tells Harold that she could have got him a trade discount off his campervan as she happens to be friends with the owner - $5,000! Harold looks interested but a bit guilty.
HAROLD: I haven't been very true to my principles, have I? Holding a grudge against you because of your brother. Just because I happen to believe that the man is descended from the apes...
MADGE: Harold!
HAROLD: So I've decided to put my feelings to one side and take you on your merits, Brenda.
MADGE: And a special trade discount.
HAROLD: Well, it would be a pity for you to have to go back to Queensland. And for you, Madge, to miss out on your holiday.
BRENDA: So...er...
HAROLD: So...if you still want the shop and the house, then they're yours!
Brenda swings Harold around in delight.
Paul pops around to see Jim. There's a problem up at the guesthouse - they're building a dam. So there won't be any watersports. Now it's impossible - even to water the garden. Parkside Pacific have bought the land right next to the dam site and do watersports on the dam itself.
JIM: That means we're history.
PAUL: I'm sorry, Dad.
JIM: Well, I'll survive. What about Doug? This could be the setback that breaks him.
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