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Neighbours Episode 1503 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1503 (Brenda Riley arrives)
Australian airdate: 21/08/91
UK airdate: 18/08/92
UK Gold: 05/08/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Phillip East and Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Simon proposes to Melanie.
Melanie is very shocked and says if she wasn't ready to move in, she definitely isn't ready for marriage. However, she does want to be happy.
MELANIE: Simon. Please don't hurt me.
SIMON: I won't.
MELANIE: I love you.
SIMON: I love you, too.
They kiss.
SIMON: So, was that a yes?
MELANIE: Simon. Would it be OK if we put the wedding off just for a little while until I get used to the idea?
SIMON: The wedding can be whenever you like.
MELANIE: Then it's a yes.
Simon is delighted and kisses her again.
Joe, Toby, Madge and Harold are hanging out. They tell Madge that Mel is cooking tonight so they won't stay for tea. They also talk about Madge and Harold's trip and they promise to write when they go. But Harold is concerned that they haven't sub-let the Coffee Shop yet. Apparently Brenda Riley is arriving tomorrow.
Todd comes around for his tutoring, looking like he's entering a torture chamber(!) They decide to set up dates for future tutorials, but not in the diary on the table, which is apparently Dorothy's personal one. She goes to get her business diary, but just then she gets a call from the police - the fire alarm is going off at the school. When Dorothy has gone, Todd sits down to study. But then he looks over at the diary.
Joe and Toby come in, all full of beans. Simon is still there and Melanie reveals that she's got engaged to Simon.
MELANIE: Simon asked to marry him and I've said yes!
Joe is shocked.
JOE: That's all...that's all a bit sudden, isn't it?
TOBY: No it's not, Dad! Congratulations, Mel.
He hugs her.
MELANIE: Thanks, Tobe. We want you to be there to help out at the wedding, don't we, Simon? We're not sure what yet, and it won't be for a while, but...
TOBY: Congratulations Simon.
Joe snaps out of his shock.
JOE: Oh...all the best. All the best.
He hugs Melanie.
MELANIE: We want you to be there too.
JOE: Oh, try and keep me away. Congratulations, Simon. Look after her, won't you?
He heads off to the kitchen looking gutted.
Todd is bored of waiting for Dorothy to come back and starts wandering around the room. He looks again at the diary and eventually picks it up and starts reading it. What he reads clearly surprises him. He hears Dorothy's car approaching, so puts the diary back.
Coffee Shop, the following day
Madge and Harold are waiting for Brenda to arrive. Todd and Josh are at a table and Todd is telling Josh about the diary - Harold shoos them off!
Just then, Brenda arrives. She likes the look of the Coffee Shop and they take her inside to have a look.
Melanie offers to drop Sky at kindergarten, but Joe is in a bad mood this morning. He says it's work. Melanie looks a bit upset. Toby says he'll have a talk with Joe.
Coffee Shop
Madge is showing Brenda the ropes. Brenda thinks that Harold's portions are a bit small but he says it's all about margins. Brenda takes the books off to a table to read them.
In the kitchen, Harold doesn't think that Brenda is the right person. Madge doesn't agree and says that Harold just doesn't like Brenda's sense of humour.
MADGE: She's competent. She just makes bad jokes.
Lassiter's Bridge
Madge comes across to see Melanie - she's heard the news from Toby. Melanie is looking rather unsettled though and tells Madge it's all rather sudden. Not that she isn't thrilled - it's just been like this before and it hasn't worked out. Madge reassures her. Melanie says that Joe has been pretty grumpy lately too. Madge is surprised - he was OK last night.
Coffee Shop
Brenda tells Harold that his books are great and he asks her not to call him Harry(!). But there's one problem - the rent is too high. But Harold says that's non-negotiable. Brenda says she's ready to sign and they agree to meet up at 5.30pm with Paul.
At a table, Josh is grilling Todd for details about the diary. Apparently there was stuff about how wonderful Jim is in there. Unfortunately for them, Dorothy comes in and looks thunderstruck. She leaves without a word.
Harold, Madge and Brenda are going through the contract when Joe comes in. He's still in a bad mood. Brenda signs the contract. Madge and Harold are excited about the trip. Madge invites Brenda to stay with them until she finds somewhere. Harold doesn't look very impressed(!) Madge goes on to say they are looking for a tenant and Brenda says the house would be right up her street! Harold pulls Madge into the living room.
HAROLD: What do you think you're doing?!
MADGE: I am getting us away on our holiday!
Outside No.32
Toby is playing with Sky when joe comes over. He asks Joe why he's so upset.
TOBY: Don't you think you're a little bit jealous?
JOE: Of what?
TOBY: She's found someone - you haven't.
JOE: I've got you two, that's plenty.
TOBY: Don't worry, Dad, we'll find someone for you, you'll see.
Joe smiles and takes the kids inside.
Josh and Todd are still joking around about Dorothy liking Jim.
Just then, Dorothy herself comes around looking very annoyed indeed.
DOROTHY: May I come in? Good evening, Josh. I know you read my private diary, Todd. I heard you in the Coffee Shop at lunch time so don't bother lying about it.
She tells Todd that she didn't want him spilling to Jim, so she got in ahead of him and told him herself.
DOROTHY: Thank you, Todd. It seems that marriage might be on the cards! We could all end up in one big happy family.
Todd looks appalled(!)
Madge is showing Brenda around the house. She asks Brenda how she found out about the Coffee Shop.
BRENDA: Actually...and ex-boyfriend of yours tipped me off.
MADGE: Really? Who could that be?
BRENDA: Lou Carpenter?
MADGE:(shocked) Good grief, do you know Lou?
BRENDA: You could say that. I'm his little sister.
Madge realises the resemblance now - she and Brenda haven't seen each other since they were young kids.
MADGE: Last time Lou's name was mentioned around here, Harold had a heart attack!
BRENDA: That bad?
MADGE: Oh, that bad.
BRENDA: Better not take any chances then, mum's the word!
MADGE: Mum's the word, absolutely. This could send Harold to an early grave!
<<1502 - 1504>>
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