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Neighbours Episode 1496 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1496 (Gaby Willis arrives)
Australian airdate: 12/08/91
UK airdate: 07/08/92
UK Gold: 27/07/98
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
ADAM: Gaby! What are you doing here?!
He hugs her, delighted to see her but is clearly still besides himself about Brad. Adam introduces her to Caroline and Gaby admires the house - it's much better than what she was expecting from Cody's letters. Gaby starts giving out presents - she's even got one for Caroline as she thought she and Adam were still engaged. She has some presents for Brad too and is sad that she's missed Cody.
GABY: Where is everyone, anyway?
ADAM: Er...you'd better sit down, Gab.
Joe is doing the ironing, much Todd's amusement. Todd asks Joe if he needs any help and Joe is pleased - he's got a load of work on at the moment.
TODD: I want to start saving up to go to America to see Cody.
JOE: You'll be flat-out getting to Tassie on what I pay!
Melanie comes in through the front door and Joe bustles Todd out through the back door. Melanie comes in and Joe tells her how much he appreciates her. But Melanie's head is full of Simon. She's shocked that Joe has already done her ironing and very pleased though.
Gaby is very shocked about Brad's situation. Adam tells her that they haven't got $10,000 - he'll have to try to sell the cars. Gaby says that's no good - Doug won't be able to run his business without it. Gaby suggests getting their customers to pay up. Caroline offers them a bridging loan, but they say they'll try the customers first. Adam shows Gaby into Cody's room.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Adam is introducing Gaby to Todd, Melanie and Joe. Joe's combi has a flat battery and Gaby says they can give him a push. Melanie gets in the drives seat and the combi is soon started. Joe offers her a lift, then says it's his turn to cook dinner tonight. But Melanie says she'll just grab something on the way home.
The Office
Melanie comes in all bright and breezy. There's some roses on her desk - Simon is asking her out for lunch, but she can't go because Paul has got her working. Caroline thinks Simon is getting very serious. Melanie looks a bit serious - she's not sure if Simon is coming on too quickly.
MELANIE: I just want to be super-positive that I'm not making a fool of myself.
CAROLINE: Don't analyse it! Just enjoy it!
Melanie agrees and says maybe she really has found Mr Right.
Garden in Elliott Park
Joe and Todd are doing the gardening job. Todd is knackered after moving rocks but Joe is keeping him busy.
As they work, Joe overhears a row between husband and wife. He hears the man threatening her, "If you don't keep your mouth shut, I'll shut it for you!"
Adam and Gaby have had no luck getting a bank loan. Gaby says she's seen a bloke in the books that Pam has written off as bad debt. It's for $12,000 - but Doug can't afford the time or money to reclaim the debt in court. Gaby looks thoughtful.
Coffee Shop
Joe and Todd are talking about the argument between the Brewsters in Elliott Park. Todd looks rather worried and says it could be serious. But Joe says that Mr Brewster seems like a reasonable man. Todd tells Joe that Mr Brewster was digging a big hole around the back of his house.
TODD: You don't reckon he could have...?
JOE: No!...no, no, no. He's probably planting a tree. It's his yard, he's allowed!
TODD: It's a pretty big hole.
Joe starts to look worried.
JOE: Maybe we should keep our eyes open when we go back there.
TODD: It's probably nothing.
JOE: Probably.
The Office
Simon comes in with a picnic basket so they can have lunch in the office which Melanie works. Melanie offers him another typing lesson tonight, he could come over tonight. Simon doesn't want to come round because of Joe, but Melanie assures him that it's fine - she's had a big talk with Joe. But Simon reckons he knows what Joe's problem is. He won't tell her what.
Garden in Elliott Park.
Todd is on the fence, looking into the Brewster's Garden. Joe tells him to get on with the work. Todd hears a noise then sees Mr Brewster himself dragging a body-shaped object covered in black plastic.
TODD:(in panic) He's killed his wife, now he's going to bury her!
JOE: Shhh!
They peep over the fence and see Mr Brewster dropping the object into the hole.
TODD: Joe, what else could it be?! There's no other explanation!
He thinks they should go to the police, but Joe doesn't want to get involved - look what happened to the twins in their murder case!
There's a knock at the front door and it's Simon. Joe isn't too pleased to see him, but Simon has come to ask him why he doesn't like him. Simon reckons that Joe doesn't think he's good enough for Melanie. He assures Joe that he'd never do anything to hurt Melanie. He wants Joe to give them their approval. Joe says it's none of his business as long as Melanie's happy.
Adam is still stressing about how to raise the $10,000. Caroline offers him the money again. Just then, Gaby comes out, dressed in a suit. She's off to see Wilf Turner and get him to repay the debt.
GABY: You're looking at Gabrielle Martin of Thatcher, Martin and Holmes. Mr Willis' solicitors.
Adam doesn't think that Wilf Turner will buy it, but Gabrielle says it's worth a shot.
GABY: Brad's in jail. And I'm going to get him out.
Adam says he'd better give Gaby a lift.
Todd rings to talk to Mrs Brewster, saying it's the record store. Mr Brewster says she's not there and she won't be coming back. Then he hangs up. Todd is very shocked.
TODD: I knew it!
Melanie is giving Simon and typing lesson while Joe glowers in the background. Simon tells Melanie that he wants her to be happy and she says she is. They kiss. Joe looks upset.
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