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Neighbours Episode 1495 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1495
Australian airdate: 09/08/91
UK airdate: 06/08/92
UK Gold: 24/07/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Caroline is considering buying a house as an investment, and perhaps to live in when Christina's baby comes and they might want to live on their own.
Jim comes round and rants to Lucy about the modelling work. Then he starts on Paul claiming he's trying to get back at him over Glen by encouraging Lucy(!) A row ensues it ends up turning to the subject of Doug pulling out of the guest house.
JIM: Doug went to Bahgee to help his son! Don't you think I'd do the same for you?
PAUL: No, frankly I don't think you would.
Willises - evening
Adam is eating dinner alone when the phone goes. It's a dodgy bloke - "Pete Jones" - in a phone box ringing Brad about a "package". He says he'll ring back.
Josh and Todd's bedroom
Jim storms in and shouts at Todd and Josh to clean the kitchen, then storms out again! The take it calmly and then discuss Lucy's 18th birthday tomorrow - they hope Jim will have calmed down by then.
Caroline is trying to reason with Paul about Lucy's modelling - she agrees with Jim that Lucy should finish school. Paul takes her point, and when Lucy comes in, he tells her she'd better go back to school, and go back home too. She isn't happy and dramatically storms off.
Robinsons, the following morning
Jim, Todd and Josh wish Lucy a happy birthday. Jim gives Lucy a present - it's a calculator. But he's asked Helen to pick her up something special in Paris too. Josh and Todd also give Lucy a present - some cheap costume jewellery (she is not impressed!)
The phone rings and Adam answers it - it's "Pete Jones" again. Adam pretends to be Brad and suggests they meet up at the Blackbird Cafe at 1pm.
Adam confides in Caroline and asks her to come along, and bring her camera as well. He wants to set a trap.
ADAM: It might be the only thing that can save Brad from jail. Are you with me?
CAROLINE: Of course!
Josh and Todd's bedroom
Josh and Todd are cleaning their rooms and talking about Lucy's boring birthday. They agree to do something about it.
Caroline is trying to convince Adam to go to the police, but he can't see the point - he has no proof.
CAROLINE: How do I get myself mixed up in these things?!
Blackbird Cafe
Caroline goes across the street with her camera while Adam sits at a table outside. Presently "Pete Jones" sees him and comes over. Adam tells him that he knows the package must be dodgy. Just then "Pete" sees Caroline taking photos. He pushes Adam over and makes a run for it, getting away down the street.
Todd and Josh are off to play football while Jim heads off to play golf.
Adam is depressed that he didn't achieve anything with "Pete Jones". She tells Adam quietly that the penalty for drug smuggling in Bahgee is the death penalty. He is horrified.
Jim tells Lucy that she must cancel future work. Lucy says she will, but only in school time, she can work on the evenings and weekends. Jim is not impressed.
LUCY: Forget it's my birthday, because you've managed to spoil it.
Adam has spoken to the police, but there's nothing they can do. They advise Adam to watch his back in case "Pete" comes after him.
The phone rings and it's Pam from Bahgee. She's found Doug, but they haven't been able to see Brad yet. She starts to cry and tells Adam that the prisons are horrendous in Bahgee.
PAM: We're going to have to get him out...we're relying on you.
ADAM: On me?
PAM: We need ten thousand dollars. There's not very much in the bank, so you'll just have to raise most of it. I don't know...sell anything!
ADAM: Ten thousand...what do you need it for?
PAM: There's a way we might be able to get him out.
ADAM: A bribe?
PAM: Adam, be careful what you say on the phone. We need the money immediately. I'll send you a fax with the address and you can pick it up at the post office tomorrow.
Pam is cut off, leaving Adam stressed out.
Lucy has come to pick up her things. She tells Paul that she's not little anymore and he doesn't need to protect her - she's 18 now and can make her own decisions. Paul hugs her and offers her a shopping spree at the boutique tomorrow for her birthday.
Lucy comes in and is fed up. But Josh calls her into his and Todd's bedroom - they've decorated it and baked her a cake from one of Helen's recipes! Also Josh gives her the diamond earrings. Lucy is very pleased and blows out the candles.
LUCY: Thank you, guys. This is a birthday worth remembering!
Adam is brooding over Pete Jones. There's a knock at the door and Adam goes to answer it. He boggles in shock to see the person at the door.
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