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Neighbours Episode 1491 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1491
Australian airdate: 05/08/91
UK airdate: 31/07/92
UK Gold: 20/07/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karen tells Glen that her baby is his.
Glen is stunned and asks Karen if it's really true - they were only together once. Karen says she doesn't sleep around, so it must be Glen's. She's been trying to find Glen for months. She explains that she couldn't bring herself to have an abortion and Glen asks her what he wants him to do to help.
Garden of the Willises
Pam is worried about Doug leaving his hotel. Adam tells her not to worry, but Pam points out that she's got a son in jail, a missing husband and she can't contact Gaby in Japan either!
Jim is showing Madge and Harold some photos of Helen's wedding. Madge asks how they are coping without Helen and Jim explains that Lucy has drawn up a roster of chores.
JIM: It's working quite well actually. Until Josh's name comes up under cooking, then everybody else makes other arrangements!
Madge invites Jim to join her and Harold for dinner. He is pleased to accept at first, but when he hears it's a vegetarian recipe from Harold's Healthy Heart cookbook he doesn't look quite as keen(!)
Melanie has been getting the kids off to bed after their night out at the restaurant. Joe wants her to sit down for a chat, but Melanie isn't feeling too well after eating too much and heads off to bed.
Glen is still trying to take in the news about Karen's pregnancy - it was the last thing he expected. Jim comes back from the Bishops and in the kitchen, Glen asks him if Karen can stay for a while. Jim isn't keen as they already have a houseful, and furthermore, he's promised Helen's room to Todd. Glen doesn't tell him about his involvement in the pregnancy, he just says that Karen has been evicted. Jim agrees that she can stay for a couple of days.
JIM: Is the father doing anything to help?
GLEN: He's trying to.
Glen goes back into the living room and reassures Karen that everything will be OK - he's going to look after her.
Joe is trying to broach the subject of his and Melanie's relationship over breakfast, but she is oblivious. He suggests that he gets Madge and Harold to have the kids tonight and they could do something together. Melanie says she shouldn't be too late, although she has a big hardware convention on at work.
Madge and Harold have agreed that they will both follow the same diet while Harold is recuperating, and Harold is weighing a rather reluctant Madge. Harold has lost nearly a kilo so far, and he says they'll start a walking regime this afternoon. Madge isn't very impressed!
Joe comes in and asks them to look after the kids this evening. He tells them he has a date, but won't tell them who it is until he knows it's going to work out. Harold tells Joe that he has to be positive but take things slowly. But Madge counters that women like men who know what they want! Joe looks silently from one to the other as they bombard him with advice!
HAROLD: You know the old saying - softly, softly, catchee monkey!
MADGE: That's all very well if he wants to spend the rest of his life with a monkey!
Glen explains to Jim that Karen used to be a neighbour during the time his mother was ill. Karen realises that Glen hasn't told Jim about his part in the pregnancy. Glen says he'll tell him tonight.
Coffee Shop
Pam is sitting outside at a table, very worried about Doug. Joe brings her order out and asks for her advice about becoming more than friends with a friend. Pam advises him to tell her, but to set the mood properly - maybe he could cook her a meal?
Adam comes to tell Pam that Foreign Affairs have found out more about the drugs charge on Brad - apparently they found 6-7oz of hashish in the base of a lamp Brad was carrying. Apparently it belonged to a backpacker mate. Pam can't believe Brad would be that gullible - and also wonders if the backpacker mate will come to claim back the lamp: he might not know that Brad is in jail.
Jim comes in from a meeting and heads of to make a cup of tea. Glen follows him out to the kitchen and tells him the whole truth about Karen's pregnancy. Jim takes it quite well.
The Office
A rather handsome blond man comes in and introduces himself as Simon Hunter - he's with the hardward convention. He asks her to do some secretarial work for him.
MELANIE: Well, no problem, I'll take care of it personally. When do you want me? I mean...I'm free whenever you're ready. Totally at your disposal.
A road
Adam is driving Pam to the airport - she's had enough of waiting and is off to Bahgee to track down Doug.
On the way they pass Madge and Harold who are out smelling the roses and generally waxing lyrical about life and their relationship.
Glen is surprised that Jim is being so understanding, but he points out that he can hardly be critical after his history with Glen's mother. He says that Karen is welcome to stay for as long as she wants - it's the least they can do.
Karen heads off to pick up the rest of her stuff.
Joe has cooked a lovely meal for Melanie with wine and candlelight.
Melanie comes in.
MELANIE: Madame Zolga was right! I have found the man of my dreams!
JOE: Oooh! I haven't even opened the wine yet(!)
But Melanie goes on to explain that his name is Simon Hunter and he just walked into the office this afternoon. She finally notices the table that Joe has laid out and thinks that he has a date. Joe covers and says it's just a girl that comes into the Coffee Shop sometimes. He looks very dejected.
When Melanie has gone off to change, Joe sighs.
JOE: Well, that went pretty well I thought, Bouncer! Entrees went down a treat.
He drops the food into Bouncer's bowl.
Glen is explaining what happened between him and Karen (no, not in *that* much detail!) Apparently it was one night shortly after his mother died - they drank too much and comforted each other. But Glen can hardly remember anything about the evening. It pretty much killed their friendship and he didn't see her again until she turned up yesterday.
GLEN: I want to look after them. I want to give them everything they need.
JIM: It's good you feel that way.
GLEN: I know what it's like not having a father. I don't want my kid to go through that.
JIM: There's not a lot I can say to that. The question is, how far are you prepared to go?
GLEN: As far as Karen wants.
JIM: You mean that you'll marry her, if it comes to that?
GLEN: As far as she wants to go, yeah.
JIM: I hope you realise what a big step you're taking. It'll change your life in ways you may not be ready for. Are you sure you can handle that?
GLEN: I'll just have to, won't I?
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