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Neighbours Episode 1490 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1490
Australian airdate: 02/08/91
UK airdate: 30/07/92
UK Gold: 17/07/98
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen tells Joe that in describing his perfect woman, he's described someone they know.
The Pub
JOE: Melanie?!
GLEN: It's Melanie to a T, mate!
JOE: But we're mates!
GLEN: Couldn't it be more than mates?
JOE: Melanie? You've got to be joking!
GLEN: Why?
JOE: Oh look, I mean don't get me wrong, she's a great girl, we get on like a house on fire, but me and her...talk about the odd couple!
GLEN: Don't you think she's attractive?
JOE: You're really serious, aren't ya?!
GLEN: Sure. As far as I can see, she meets every one of your requirements!
There is a long pause.
GLEN: So? Do you think she's attractive or not?
JOE: Yeah...she's attractive...but she's not really my type, is she?
GLEN: You've never thought about it? You and Melanie?
JOE: Well...I'm not really her type am I? She likes older men.
GLEN: You're older.
JOE: No, "older" older!
Glen points out that Melanie may say she likes older men, but she actually goes out with men her own age.
GLEN: And the kids think the world of her, don't they?
JOE: Well, that's true enough...she's the closest thing they've got to a...oh, this is nuts! What am I doing talking like this?!
GLEN: Because you said you were sick of being single.
JOE: Well, I'm sorry I spoke!
GLEN: Just answer one question for me. How would you feel if Melanie said she was going away tomorrow - forever.
Joe looks pensive.
Madge is talking to Adam about Harold overdoing things and breaking his diet - it's very hard to get through to him. Just then, Harold comes in from the garden and tells Adam that Madge is mollycoddling him. He reckons he can't wait to get back to work. Madge rolls her eyes.
When Harold has gone off for a shower, Madge gives Adam a box of biscuits so that Harold won't break his diet in eating them. Adam says he'll try to find someone who likes them.
Glen and Joe come in and sit on the sofa. Joe looks at Melanie weirdly and asks if she's going out - apparently she's off to see Madame Zolga the clairvoyant. Joe derides her, but Glen points out that Joe was worried enough about the smashed bride and groom on the cake yesterday!
Melanie heads off and Joe follows her to the front door and offers her the se of the combi.
JOE: It's pretty nippy out tonight.
MELANIE:(taking the keys) Thanks, Joe! See ya.
JOE: See ya.
When Melanie has gone, Joe comes back into the sitting room.
GLEN: 'It's pretty nippy out tonight' Ha!
Glen laughs raucously at Joe.
Dorothy is randomly answering the phone at the Robinsons. She takes a message for Glen - it was a Karen Constantine. When Glen comes in he explains that she used to be a neighbour at his mum's place. They chat about Helen and Michael's honeymoon and how jealous they are of their European travel!
Joe is waiting up for Melanie to come in. Finally she arrives very late - apparently the combi was playing up! Joe asks how Madame Zolga was. Apparently she agreed about the cake figurines being a very bad omen. Also, Madame Zolga has told Melanie that there's someone on the horizon for her.
JOE: Better keep your eyes peeled then! Never know when you might bump into them...
MELANIE: Yeah...at least I've got a few clues. Madame Zolga says it's someone who works with their hands.
JOE:(looking at his hands) Yeah?!
MELANIE: Yeah. Wonder if it'll be some workman who'll come into the office or something?
Just then there's a knock at the door and it's Adam. He gives Melanie the biscuits from the Bishop place. Melanie gets a thoughtful look on her face and wonders if Adam could be the man Madame Zolga was referring to?!
Bishops, the following morning
Harold is not impressed that Madge has done him half a grapefruit and two pieces of toast for breakfast. He moans on that he wants some muesli.
HAROLD: All right then, I'll get it myself.
MADGE: Harold, if you do that, we're going to have a very nasty argument!
Harold decides to go out for a walk, and Madge can't follow him because she's still wearing her dressing gown. She runs off to change.
Ramsay Street
Melanie comes over and asks Adam if he's missing Gemma. He says he is and he's planning to go up to Newcastle soon to spend some time with her. Melanie is relieved and says she thinks Madame Zolga must have screwed up!
Dorothy is cleaning a car when a woman walks past - it's Karen, the woman she spoke to on the phone last night. She offers Karen a cup of tea while she's waiting. Meanwhile, Madge hurries after Harold.
DOROTHY: There are time when I wouldn't mind living somewhere more peaceful. New York, perhaps!
Dorothy shows Karen in. She admires Dorothy's artifacts and explains that she used to help to look after Glen's mother when they lived next-door.
Toby tells Melanie off for listening to the clairvoyant, but Melanie says that Madame Zolga is hardly ever wrong! Joe is about to broach the subject of friends becoming more when Glen calls round and disturbs their conversation.
JOE: I ought to brain you for getting me thinking about Mel! You've made me think about what she means to me...she *is* special to me. I've always felt protective toward her. I've always thought she'd be the ideal wife and mum, you know, but me and her?
GLEN: Why not take her out to dinner? Figure you need some time alone with her without the usual distractions and the kids...
JOE: Yeah...
GLEN: Might help you sort out your feelings.
Madge dashes in and finds Harold asleep on the couch. She thinks he's dead and shakes him. He jumps up in shock.
MADGE: I thought you'd had another heart attack!
HAROLD: Well if anything is going to give me another heart attack Madge, it's you! If you're not nagging me to death, you're half-scaring me to death!
Harold says that he's stressed out and shouts at Madge to shut up and leave him alone.
Glen answers the door to Karen and is very pleased to see her. He offers her a beer, but she says she doesn't drink anymore. Also, she's been made redundant from her job. Also, she's been kicked out of her shared flat and quarrelled with her parents too.
Joe has put on a nice shirt and is lying on the sofa when comes in.
MELANIE: Going somewhere special?
JOE:(casually) Well, it depends, you know. Would you like to go out to dinner tonight, my shout?
MELANIE: Sounds wonderful! But do you think you can afford to pay for all four of us?
JOE: Oh, I was talking about just the two of us...if you prefer.
MELANIE: Oh Joe, I know you must think I get sick of the kids, but I don't, honestly! I love it when we all go out together.
TOBY:(coming in) Are we all going out tonight?
JOE: Beauty! Yeah...looks like it.
TOBY: Great!
JOE: Yeah(!)
Madge is trying to get Harold to come in from the garden. He's still in a very bad mood and insists he's just trying to lead a normal life. He starts running up and down the stairs.
MADGE: Harold, stop it!
HAROLD: No, not till you stop treating me like some sort of invalid!
MADGE:(starting to cry) Harold, please!
He hugs her and tells her that they can't go on like this.
MADGE: If anything happens to you I don't think I'll be able to cope.
They agree to compromise - Harold will take things easier and Madge will stop nagging him.
HAROLD: You do realise I love you more than anything in this world, don't you?
Karen tells Glen that it's difficult for her to get work because she's pregnant. Glen is pleased for her.
GLEN: Don't tell me the father ran out on you. Who is it?
KAREN: It's you.
Glen is shocked.
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