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Neighbours Episode 1489 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1489
Australian airdate: 01/08/91
UK airdate: 29/07/92
UK Gold: 16/07/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Number 32
Glen comes round to go on a job with Joe. He tells him about the bride and groom smashing apart on the kitchen floor. But Glen doesn't think there's anything to worry about - Helen and Michael have gone off on their honeymoon without any hitches.
Madge has brought Harold some breakfast from home. He's moaning about the hospital food and is dying to get home. Madge isn't sure - she wants him to take his recovery slowly. But Harold insists that he'll recover better at home.
Christina is feeling a bit tired this morning after the wedding. Paul wants to stay home today and pamper Christina. Also, he wants to look into pre-natal learning, explaining that babies can be mentally stimulated while still in the womb.
Gardening job
Joe and Glen have arrived at their gardening job. Bouncer runs off and starts barking loudly at a snake. But Joe and Glen don't see it and get to work.
Harold is packing his bag when Pam comes in with some leaflets for Harold. She tells him that he really must take things easy. When Harold is out of the room, Madge broaches the subject of "marital relations". Pam is quite embarrassed but tells Madge that apparently the strain is equivalent to walking up two flights of stairs. Madge had better discuss things with the doctor.
Gardening job
Glen moves a rock and is bitten by the snake. He tries not to panic and puts Glen straight in the ute to drive him to the hospital. But the ute won't start.
Paul has been talking to a bloke from the University about pre-natal learning. Christina still isn't convinced, but Paul is very enthusiastic.
Harold is embarrassed that Madge discussed their sex life with Pam.
MADGE: For heavens sake, Pam is a nurse! It's nothing she doesn't know.
HAROLD: Well, she doesn't know it about *us*!
Madge tries to get Harold to calm down and watch TV, but he wants to go by the Coffee Shop. Madge won't let him though, she just wants him to take things easy.
A road
Joe is cycling to the hospital with Glen on the back of Toby's bike. He looks knackered(!)
Paul has found out that mid-term is the right time to start stimulating the baby, so they can get cracking straight away!
Caroline comes in and shows Lucy the poster of Lucy as the Lassiter's girl. Christina is not amused but Paul points out that she has a lot on at the moment hatching a genius(!)
Harold sees that he has been mentioned in the church magazine and is pleased. He's not impressed that Madge has made him a low-cholesterol and low-calorie dinner though! Then he starts talking about going on the Scout Jamboree, but Madge has already spoken to them. Harold is angry but Madge points out that it wouldn't be fair to the scouts if he had a medical emergency in the middle of their jamboree. Harold is forced to agree.
Glen and Joe have made it to the hospital. Glen seems fine but Joe is beside himself(!) Pam comes in and says it was probably just a harmless carpet snake, much to Glen's relief. She advises Joe on first aid for snake bites in case it happens again.
Paul has got a funnel against Christina's stomach and is chatting down it to the baby(!) He starts teaching the baby sounds like "water" and "music".
CHRISTINA: How did I get mixed up with a nut like you?!
PAUL:(down the funnel) Now for the most important noise of all...money!
He jingles some coins down the funnel.
Pam is trying to get in touch with Doug in Bahgee, but he's not at his hotel - he's checked out.
Harold is going out to do some light gardening, much to Madge's horror. Harold says he's very bored and his mood is not improved when Madge gives him a jigsaw puzzle. She begs him to build up slowly.
MADGE: Oh, Harold it's just that I love you. It would break my heart if I lost you.
The Pub
Joe and Glen are playing darts and celebrating the fact that Glen is still alive(!). Glen gets all melancholy and says that if he had died, there'd be no-one special to miss him. They start talking about their love lives, or lack of.
GLEN: What sort are you after mate?
JOE: Well, you know. Someone who likes kids. Likes a bit of fun. Got a sense of humour, not too conservative, you know? Easy-going. Someone who's not going to change me.
GLEN: That's a bit of a list!
JOE: Yeah - well, I'm obviously asking too much.
Glen thinks for a bit and says that Joe has described someone they know perfectly.
JOE:(in surprise) Who?
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