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Neighbours Episode 1439 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1439
Australian airdate: 23/05/91
UK airdate: 25/05/92
UK Gold: 07/05/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe and Melanie have been invited to Jan's engagement party(!) Melanie is keen for Joe to come - there'll probably be a lot of single women there.
MELANIE: Joe, I think you're scared!
JOE: I've never been scared of any woman in my life...except Mum.
Melanie reckons it's high time that Joe started dating again. She suggests working on his technique, saying it's harder these days because modern girls are very sophisticated. He has to come across as a really genuine guy.
Pam is absolutely gutted at failing her exams and Doug is trying to comfort her. Adam comes in late with a bottle of champagne.
ADAM: Hey, what happened to the party?
PAM: Waaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaa-ooooo-hhhh!!!!!!
She goes off to her room, crying.
ADAM: Was it something I said?!
He's shocked to here that Pam failed and can't understand it - she knew all the material really well.
Ramsay Street
Paul sees Madge and asks how she is. She tells him she's been getting plenty of rest since she's been off work(!) Madge asks how things are gong with Paul and he tells her that he's got high hopes for the future with Rosemary.
Melanie is coaching Joe on his pick-up lines. First impressions are everything, and she advises him to try a few lines out on her. Joe plays along.
JOE: G'day sexy-legs, what are ya drinkin'?
JOE: What's wrong with that?
Melanie reckons he has to be more romantic and show more finesse.
JOE: OK, you've got to help me to trap a female of the opposite sex! Do with me what you will, Mel, I am silly-putty in your hands!
He flings himself dramatically against the fridge(!)
Doug and Adam are keeping a low profile while Pam despairs in her bedroom. Doug says that they'll all have to pull together and support Pam. Whatever sort of job she ends up with, they'll have to make her feel like it's the best job in the world.
(The following morning)
Pam has surfaced. She's gob-smacked to see Cody making her bed, and even more surprised to see Adam doing the hoovering(!) Doug comes in from putting the bin out and has made Pam a nice breakfast on a tray - with a rose in a vase! Pam starts to cry again and doesn't know how she'll find a job - there's not much around. Doug and Adam try to encourage her, but she just starts to cry.
The Office
Paul is ordering some accessories for Melanie, and one of them is a cellular phone! (Or should I say, brick.) He decides to head over the Coffee Shop to try out his phone. Melanie tries to put him off but she can't stop him. In the end she rushes out of the office himself so Paul will have to say there.
Coffee Shop
Melanie rushes in and tells Madge to hide. Paul follows her in and Madge is forced to show herself. Luckily, Pam comes in and realises what happening, so she thanks Madge for "minding the shop for her for five minutes"(!) Madge's bacon is saved!
Joe comes in with some bags and tells Joe that he's been out to buy some new clobber. She drags him off to the office.
The Office
Joe has tries on some of his glad-rags.
JOE: What do you reckon, eh, a real lady-killer!
MELANIE: Well, that's one way of putting it!
Melanie is not impressed with his taste and says he stands out like a beacon. She says it's not the real him.
JOE:(depressed) Look, I'm getting so that I don't know who the real me is anymore.
Melanie apologises and tells him just to relax and be himself and women will fall for him in droves. She offers to take the clothes back and exchange them for something suitable for him.
Outside No.28
Madge thanks Pam for helping her in the Coffee Shop. Pam says she'll be free to help out from now on, but as she talks, she spots a letter from the nursing people in the letterbox. Ripping it open, her face breaks into a smile.
PAM: These are my official exam results, and according to this, I've passed!
No.32, evening
Joe is trying on the clothes that Melanie got for him. Melanie thinks he looks great. Joe is off to a singles bar and is quite nervous.
JOE: Oh Mel, thanks for everything.
MEL: Just be yourself.
JOE: Meself. Yeah.
Singles Bar
Joe is lurking around and nearly falls down the stairs. He is too shy to approach any women and sits down at the bar for a Scotch.
Paul has come to ask Melanie to come into work early tomorrow. He's surprised to hear that Joe has gone out. He tells her that he's going to do a big deal - Lassiter's is going to be part of the Henson chain!
Singles Bar
Joe is not doing very well with the women in the bar. Eventually a woman called Susan joins him at the bar and looks quite interested in him.
Doug has got Man's ring back from the pawn brokers. She hasn't told them about the exam results yet because she is enjoying Adam and Doug doing the cooking and washing-up(!) Eventually she tells them what's happened - there was a mistake on the list at the hospital.
Joe shows Susan in and goes off to make them a drink.
SUSAN: Sure. Anything you want.
In the kitchen, Melanie is hiding.
JOE: I can't believe it, Mel, she's fallen for me like a ton of bricks!
He tells Melanie to go and say hello while he make the drinks. In the living room, she catches Susan stealing money out of Joe's wallet.
MELANIE: I know, you don't I?
SUSAN: Yeah, you work for that creep at Lassiter's.
MELANIE: Right. That's right, Paul has you thrown out of the Waterhole for doing exactly what you're doing now.
She throws Susan out of the house.
MELANIE: Just stay away from Joe, otherwise I won't be responsible for what I do!
She slams the door.
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