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Neighbours Episode 1438 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1438
Australian airdate: 22/05/91
UK airdate: 22/05/92
UK Gold: 06/05/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge and Dorothy get trapped in the ladies' toilet together.
Art Gallery Ladies' Toilet
Dorothy is telling Madge off for getting them locked in.
MADGE: Alright, alright, it's all my fault! I'm being punished already, locked in for the night with you!
DOROTHY: Oh, of all the people I could have been trapped with. Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis. Little Al Pacino. Clive James!
Dorothy walks around looking for a way out.
MADGE: You'd think they had a better standard of graffiti in an art gallery!
DOROTHY: It's quite nicely illustrated, though(!)
MADGE: Yeah, I see what you mean!
DOROTHY: Even if some of it is rather rudimentary.
MADGE: Some of it's just rather rude!
Madge starts to laugh at some of the graffiti and Dorothy joins in.
Cody is wondering what Darren is like - he might be a dweeb(!) She thinks she should check him out more before she goes out with him. Doug says she can check him out by going out with him!
CODY: How come you're so keen for me to go out with Darren?
DOUG: I'm not!
PAM: Yes you are!
DOUG: Well...it's just that Bill's already told Darren that...
PAM: ...that what?
DOUG: ...that Cody's interested.
Pam thinks that Doug just wants work from Bill! Cody isn't phased and says she will go out with him.
Art Gallery Ladies' Toilet
Dorothy and Madge are still reading the graffiti. They start talking about their ex-husbands. Madge says that Fred made Colin look like an angel in his philandering.
DOROTHY: I still can't quite believe that I let him walk all over me twice. You'd think I'd have learned the first time.
MADGE: Oh, I put up with Fred for years. Anyone would think I was a masochist!
Madge hopes that Gemma will miss her, but Dorothy doesn't think Josh will notice. Madge confesses that she revealed Dorothy's plan about getting him back to the Robinsons to Josh. Dorothy says she'll just think of another way to get him back.
Dorothy writes a message on a napkin with lipstick. Then she ties it to a bottle with a hairband and throws it at the window, smashing it. To their delight, an alarm goes off. They resume shouting for help.
Pam is looking through the paper for potential nursing positions, just in case she passes her exams. The results will be out tomorrow afternoon.
Doug answers the phone and it's Darren. Cody speaks to him. They arrange to go out tomorrow night.
Madge and Dorothy come in laughing their heads off and tell Helen and Gemma that they've had a "night on the tiles"(!) Apparently Martin the security guard saved them and they both quite fancied him into the bargain(!)
HELEN: And here I was worried you two wouldn't get on!
MADGE: Really? Well it just goes to show how wrong you can be about people, doesn't it?
Josh is waiting up for Dorothy. He tells her he's fixed her a snack and put the kettle on. She "confesses" that she's deliberately been giving him a hard time to force him back to the Robinsons.
DOROTHY: I thought it was for the best, but now I regret it.
JOSH:(wary) Yeah?
DOROTHY: Yes! Now I see what a conscientious and reliable young man you are, I'm quite happy to have you stay!
JOSH:(faintly) Thank you...
Dorothy says they can be best friends, like she and Ryan were. She hugs him.
DOROTHY: I think we're going to be great pals!
Josh is lost for words!
(The following morning)
Dorothy asks Josh to give her a back rub as her back is aching. Luckily for Josh he is saved by Cody knocking on the door. Dorothy offers them a lift to school, but they say they're happy to walk(!)
CODY: Who's your new best friend?
JOSH: She has got me really spooked! She's too nice! And she wants me to give her a massage when I get home from school!
CODY: You're such a drongo sometimes, Josh, isn't it obvious? She must have found out that you're on to her plan to drive you back to the Robinsons. She's just changed her tactics, that's all!
Josh takes this in and wonders how to change his own tactics. Cody tells him that she's going out on a date with Darren. She obviously wants the information to get back to Todd.
Helen tells Doug that Todd is very depressed about Cody.
DOUG: Well, you know what they're like at that age. Forever only lasts until next week!
Doug has come to invite Helen to a surprise party for Pam passing her nursing exams. Hang on, shouldn't he be sure that she's passed first?! Helen doesn't pick up on this potential fatal flaw in the plan, and agrees to come.
Wildlife Park
Gemma is feeding the marsupials and Madge is visiting to see how she's going. Gemma's supervisor tells Madge that Gemma is doing really well at the zoo.
GEMMA'S SUPERVISOR: Well, I'll leave you to it, I've got to go and feed the lions. Now where did I leave that bus-load of Christians?!
Coffee Shop
Pam is filling in at the Coffee Shop, so she won't be home until 6pm.
Cody comes in and introduces Darren to Doug and Pam. Hang on, isn't that the artist later know as Michael Martin?! Anyway, "Darren" introduces himself and makes small-talk with Doug and Pam.
Cody and Darren sit at a table and Doug invites Darren to the party later.
Wildlife Park
Gemma is cleaning out the monkey cage. The monkey, Jacko, throws some food at Gemma. He seems in a bad mood and snarls at Gemma. Madge says that she'd better get out of the cage, and with that, Jacko lunges at her and bites her.
Josh says he's ready to give Dorothy the massage and she looks horrified!
DOROTHY: Why are you taking your shoes off?
JOSH: Well, I've been reading up on shiatsu. That's Japanese massage. I have to walk up and down on your back!
Luckily, Dorothy is saved from a trampling by Helen's arrival. Josh starts to laugh and admits that he's been teasing Dorothy. Helen tells Josh that it's time he came home now. He thanks her and goes off to pack.
Helen asks Dorothy what she and Madge got up to last night. Dorothy is evasive though, and goes off to get ready for Pam's party.
Doug is getting the party ready. Helen and Dorothy arrive, and Cody and Darren are already there. Darren isn't chuffed to see Dorothy there - she is the principal after all. Dorothy is rather alarmed to see Cody with Darren and looks over at them suspiciously.
Wildlife Park
Madge is bandaging Gemma's arm. Gemma is upset, saying that she thought Jacko trusted her. Madge says that animals are just unpredicatable, that's all there is too it. Gemma's boss has to send the monkey away to a zoo - they can't risk him attacking a member of the public. He tells Gemma it's not her fault - though she should be more alert in future.
Dorothy is telling Helen and Doug the story of she and Madge getting locked in the ladies' loo.
DOROTHY: We did make the most of it. In fact, I think we may have emerged as friends!
HELEN: Really?!
Cody and Darren have been keeping a look out for Pam through the front window and spot her coming up the drive.
CODY: Dad! She's here!
DOUG: Places, everyone!
The door opens and Pam comes in.
EVERYONE: Surprise!
They start to sing, "For She's A Jolly Good Fellow" but break off when they realise Pam is crying.
DOUG: Pam! What is it, love?
PAM: Oh, it's a really nice gesture, Doug, but I'm afraid the surprise is on me. I failed!
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