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Neighbours Episode 1411 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1411
Australian airdate: 15/04/91
UK airdate: 15/04/92
UK Gold: 30/03/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Jeremai
- Helen tells Madge and Harold Mr Henson is sending someone to assess the hotel, so they'll have to be on their guard at all times
- Phil tells Paul and Caroline if they want to see Christina alive again they'll do exactly as he says
PAUL: If you think this is some kind of joke, you might noticed I'm not smiling! Now, what the hell have you done with my wife?!
PHIL: Nothing! No, I mean, she's perfectly safe. Look, Christina is our...insurance. You see, if everything goes to plan and Carter gets acquitted, we don't collect on our policy.
Caroline realises that Phil has set this whole thing up and it was him that made the phone threats.
CAROLINE: If anything happens to Christina...
PHIL: Look, if anything happens to Christina, it'll be because of what you do, or don't do.
PAUL: Alright, alright. What do you want?
PHIL: well, I'm going to be your houseguest. Just to give you the support and encouragement you might need to say the right things in court. (to Caroline) But first there's something you and I need to take care of.
PHIL: Well, you see, the police are going to get suspicious if I don't come back with Christina soon. So...you and I are going to go out the back way, and then me and..."Christina"...are going to come in the front way. Bit of fun, eh?
He laughs, and Paul and Caroline cringe.
Toby wants to go over to see Harold, but Joe wants him to help him in the garden to stop Bouncer escaping. Toby looks so disappointed though that Joe agrees he can go.
Gemma is telling Madge about her new job while Harold cleans the house. Toby comes in and Madge says she'll end the housework strike - as long as Harold has learnt his lesson.
Sky pulls some clean washing off the line and tells him that "Deedee did it". Apparently Deedee is Sky's imaginary friend. Doug comes over and asks after Melanie and Joe invites him in for a dinner.
In a fit of hilariously bad acting, accompanied by a clenched fist, Paul confronts Phil:
PAUL: Where. Is My. Wife. Listen, if I can just talk to her on the telephone...
PHIL: Just relax! Nothing will happen to her as long as you're sensible.
When Phil is at the window. Paul picks up a poker and creeps up behind Phil.
PAUL:(brandishing the poker) Alright!! Fun and games are over now. Now I want to know where Christina is, and I want to know now!
PHIL: Or...?
PAUL: Or I won't hesitate to use this on you!
PHIL: If my friends don't hear from me at a certain time, then Christina's history. Now drop it.
Paul does so.
PAUL: Alright, come on. Everyone has got their price. What's yours? You name it, any amount. Is it cash, you want...?
PHIL: Oh, it sounds very tempting. But if Carter goes to jail then he implicates me. So I'm going to have to say...no. Now look, why don't you do everyone a favour and stop being the hero? Look, the best thing we can all do is just relax until it's time for Caroline's performance in court.
Gemma answers the phone to the Wildlife Park - they want her to come in today because they're short staffed.
GEMMA: What am I going to wear?!
MADGE: I don't think the animal will mind how you look!
Harold thinks there might be a uniform, so Gemma decides to wear overalls.
Madge isn't enjoying her work at the moment - everyone is on edge with the efficiency person hanging around. She tells Toby she has to have an operation on her throat soon, but she assures him it's only a little one. Toby looks really worried and says that Melanie's granddad has died and now he's worried that they'll die too.
HAROLD: You don't have to worry about us shuffling off just yet. We're as fit as fiddles, aren't we. And anyway, Melanie's grandfather was much older than Grandma or me - he was into his eighties.
Toby brightens up a bit.
MADGE: I intend sticking around until I'm a great-grandmother.
TOBY: You mean...?
MADGE: Yes, when you have kids.
TOBY: That could be a long time.
MADGE: Exactly!
She hugs him.
Joe has a job for Doug repairing someone's carport. Doug says he'll go around today and give them a quote, and Joe is a bit surprised that he'll go around on a Sunday. But he's more preoccupied by Sky's imaginary friend and doesn't think it's healthy.
Harold is still cleaning and now is getting Shane's sports trophies together to send to him. There's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy. She tells them she has good news - Colin has rung from the Church to tell them that the Fete has gone very well and a lot of money has been raised for the Homeless Children's Fund. Madge drops hints about Colin and his place in Dorothy's house, but Dorothy won't rise to the bait!
Phil is telling Caroline that she has to give both sets of evidence in court (both hers and Christinas), changing clothes in between.
PHIL: As long as both you and Christina cast doubts over whether it was Carter you saw, then they'll dismiss the case and...well, we can all live happily ever after!
Detective Stewart comes around and is introduced to Paul. He's come to have a chat about their testimonies - Christina's in particular. Paul says she's in the bath and calls her. Phil tells Detective Stewart that he'll be staying over for a few days to protect the girls.
Caroline goes off to see where "Christina" is.
Toby is admiring Shane's trophies and says only Joe has more, for football and cricket - apparently they used to call him "Mad Dog Mangel". Toby asks Harold where his trophies are and he awkwardly tells him that he hasn't got any.
MADGE: Toby, don't be too tough on your granddad. Lou Carpenter used to win all the trophies when we were in school.
HAROLD: Do you have to bring up his name again?
TOBY: Who's Lou Carpenter?
MADGE: Oh, someone we went to school with. A friend.
HAROLD: Oh, really, a friend! Better still...
MADGE: Lou was good at everything. And not just sports...
Harold bristles at this.
TOBY: Wow, everything! He must have been a *real* champion.
HAROLD: I was once honorably mentioned for my Scouting activities, you know.
TOBY: Oh, it's OK, Granddad.
HAROLD: Darts! Darts - very mean player with the old arrow, you know. You ask Mad Dog.
TOBY: Anyone can play darts. Even Melanie!
Harold looks most put out!
Detective Stewart tells Paul and Phil that he's not sure that Christina can stand up to cross-examination. Caroline comes back, dressed in a dressing gown and towel and sits down with Detective Stewart. He advises her to stick to the truth in her testimony, nothing more. He's arranged for a car to meet her, but Phil and Paul say they'll take the girls to court. He reluctantly agrees. He wants to talk to Caroline again but "Christina" tell him she's upstairs on the phone.
Garden of the Willises
Gemma comes by looking for Adam as Doug is watering the garden. She's come to tell him about her day at the Wildlife Park. It was a bit boring, she spent the afternoon cleaning out animal cages. Doug tells her she'll just have to work up the ladder, and it's hard to get work at all these days, so she's lucky to have a ladder at all. He advises her to stick with it.
Joe, Harold, Madge and Toby are having a cup of tea. Joe sends Toby home so he can have a word with Madge and Harold. He's worried about Sky's imaginary friend. Madge tells him not to worry - it's quite normal at Sky's age. JOe's still worried though, there's nothing about this in Kerry's parenting books. Harold advises Joe to give Sky some more attention - she might be lonely for children of her own age to play with. Joe determines to take Harold's advice. He heads off home.
When Joe has gone, Harold tells Madge that he's hurt that Madge made so much of Lou Carpenter's prowess. He feels he's gone down in Toby's estimation and needs to do something to put it right- somehow.
No.22 - late night
Phil tells Caroline and Paul that the plan will work well tomorrow as their "dress rehearsal" went so well.
PHIL: Let's hope for Christina's sake that you're just as convincing tomorrow . Now, who's for coffee?!
Paul despairs.
PAUL: If only I hadn't gone away on business, none of this would have happened!
CAROLINE: It's my hair you should be pulling out. I mean, I'm the one who fell for his smooth talk, hook, link and sinker.
PAUL: If anything happens to Chrissie...I will never forgive myself.
CAROLINE: Nothing will happen, I won't let it! Look, we'll be out of that court room so quickly his head will spin. And then I'll free Christina and hopefully that'll be the end of it.
PAUL: Do you honestly believe that?!
CAROLINE: Don't you?!
PAUL: Look, the only guarantee we've got that Chrissie will be alright is Phil's. And quite frankly I don't put any faith in anything he says!
CAROLINE: Yeah, but as long as I do as he says, then they'll free Christina, they won't hurt her, surely?
PHIL:(from the kitchen) Hope you two aren't hatching some sort of escape plan - for Christina's sake.
Paul doesn't think Phil's mates will be taking any chances - they've just got three loose ends to tie up - him, Caroline and Christina.
CAROLINE: You really think they're going to try and kill us, don't you?!
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Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi, Phil Hoffman in Neighbours Episode 1411
Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi, Phil Hoffman

Toby Mangel, Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1411
Toby Mangel, Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel

Madge Bishop, Gemma Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1411
Madge Bishop, Gemma Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel

Joe Mangel, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 1411
Joe Mangel, Bouncer

Sky Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1411
Sky Bishop

Doug Willis, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1411
Doug Willis, Joe Mangel

Phil Hoffman, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1411
Phil Hoffman, Paul Robinson

Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1411
Caroline Alessi

Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1411
Gemma Ramsay

Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1411
Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel, Madge Bishop

Joe Mangel, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1411
Joe Mangel, Doug Willis

Dorothy Burke, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1411
Dorothy Burke, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

 in Neighbours Episode 1411

Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1411
Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel

Phil Hoffman in Neighbours Episode 1411
Phil Hoffman

Alan Stewart, Caroline Alessi, Phil Hoffman, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1411
Alan Stewart, Caroline Alessi, Phil Hoffman, Paul Robinson

Alan Stewart in Neighbours Episode 1411
Alan Stewart

Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1411
Caroline Alessi

Gemma Ramsay, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1411
Gemma Ramsay, Doug Willis

Toby Mangel, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1411
Toby Mangel, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel

Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1411
Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi

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