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Neighbours Episode 1402 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1402 (Dorothy Burke's estranged husband Colin Burke turns up)
Australian airdate: 02/04/91
UK airdate: 02/04/92
UK Gold: 17/03/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Colin Burke: Robert Alexander
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy goes round to Madge's and find her estranged husband there. She drops a plate and smashes it.
MADGE: Um, don't worry, I'll get the dustpan.
COLIN: Talk about a surprise, after all these years.
DOROTHY: Yes...I'm sorry, I'm intruding. I'll go.
She dashes off.
HAROLD: What extraordinary behaviour!
MADGE: Are you a friend of Dorothy's?
COLIN: Well, you could say that.
HAROLD: No...you're not related? Madge was making a joke before about you and Dorothy having the same surname.
COLIN: Well, it depends on what you mean by related. We're married.
Harold and Madge are speechless in shock.
Bowling Alley
The bowling ball is still stuck on Joe's hand, but the only thing the receptionist can suggest is calling an ambulance(!) Melanie tries to pulls the ball off, as other bowlers giggle at Joe.
Lucy and Glen are washing up and chatting about boys at school. Jim says Todd's room looks like Mission Control with all Josh's computer equipment in there!
Glen is going out with the boys to a nightclub and Lucy wants to go. Glen says that Lucy is underage.
Dorothy is very upset that Colin has turned up and hopes it's just a coincidence that they've bumped into each other. Did Ryan get in touch with him?
HELEN: Dorothy, I have *never* seen you so rattled.
DOROTHY: I'm not rattled! Maybe just a bit. The thing is, I thought I had my feelings for him under control, but now that I've seen him again I don't know what I feel! I don't need this kind of emotional confusion in my life right now!
There's a knock at the door and Dorothy panics.
DOROTHY: No, I will not let him put me on the defensive like this! This is my house, my life and I am secure in it. I've got nothing to be afraid of.
She goes to the door, and it is indeed Colin.
COLIN: Hello, Dorothy, talk about a small world!
DOROTHY: Yes, isn't it. What do you want, Colin?
COLIN: Isn't this incredible? I couldn't believe it when you walked in. I had no idea you lived here.
DOROTHY: Well, I do. Now, what do you want?
COLIN: Don't you think we ought to talk?
DOROTHY: No I don't! Not now at any rate, I have company.
COLIN: Oh come on, we've got so much to discuss!
DOROTHY: Alright, but some other time.
COLIN: Dorothy, there's a lot of air to be cleared between us. Don't you think we should start as soon as possible.
DOROTHY: I fail to see how another day or two could make any appreciable difference after twelve years! Come back tomorrow, Colin.
COLIN: Dorothy, please...
DOROTHY: Goodnight, Colin.
She closes the door in his face.
Bowling Alley
Melanie has asked the manager if Joe can buy the ball so he can go home - for $90! Also a bowling bag to hide it will be $45.
MELANIE: Well, we've got to do something, we have to pick up Toby and Sky from Madge. She'll be wondering where we are!
Joe realises he has no choice.
MELANIE: Don't worry about it, Joe, things like this happen to me all the time!
Glen is off out and Lucy snits at him that he promised her the first drive in Bertha. That means now. She makes Glen take her out.
Harold thought Joe was behaving strangely, standing outside in the dark and refusing to come in(!) They talk about Dorothy and Colin and find it strange that Dorothy has never mentioned him. Madge tells Harold that Gemma has gone to the cinema on her own. She reckons Adam Willis would be a good match for her - he and Caroline have "gone off the boil" from what she hears.
Joe is trying to get the bowling ball off his hand by using butter as a lubricant(!)
JOE:(to Bouncer) One word, one word of this to anybody and you'll be on stale bread and water for a month!
Melanie comes in from putting the kids to bed. Joe is fed up and embarrassed and sends Melanie off to bed.
Jim is reading when Glen comes in. He wants to know where Lucy is and Glen explains that she went for coffee with a guy from Lassiter's ages ago. Jim isn't pleased that Glen took Lucy out with him and tells him to go and find her. Just then, Lucy comes out of her room dressed in her nightie. She tells Jim that she tiptoed in - he must have fallen asleep reading. Jim is confused - he can't remember falling asleep. He warns Lucy not to go out again without telling him.
When Jim has gone, Glen observes that Lucy still has her earrings on and she admits she climbed in through the window five minutes ago.
No.30, the following morning
Colin comes to the door with some almond croissants and Dorothy scolds him - it's only 6.30am!
DOROTHY: I don't know why you're so anxious to talk to me after all these years! Couldn't it wait until a more civilised hour?!
COlin lets himself in and says he's just come to see how Dorothy is and get them back on a friendly footing.
COLIN: Nice, place. Very you! Has a stamp of your personality.
DOROTHY: Is that supposed to be sarcastic?
COLIN: I meant it as a compliment, actually!
Dorothy opens the curtains.
DOROTHY: Yes, well, you might as well sit down, now that you're in. I'll go and change.
Colin thinks Dorothy looks very well and "hardly a day over". She isn't impressed.
DOROTHY: I think it's best if we stay on safe ground and just talk about the weather.
COLIN: The weather? The Dorothy Burke I knew had much more interesting things to talk about than the weather!
He offers her a croissant and she reluctantly accepts.
Garden of No.24
Madge is cleaning the pool when Helen comes around. She tells her about Dorothy's husband, but Helen already knows. She won't gossip with Madge about it though - she wants to respect Dorothy's privacy. Madge storms off saying that Helen and Dorothy are as thick as thieves these days.
Dorothy and Colin are reminisicing about old times. Then Dorothy says it's all very well, but she hasn't forgotten what happened.
DOROTHY: You'd be surprised at how long a woman can hold a grudge against a man who walks out on her, taking their life savings!
COLIN: You know, I was hoping you might have forgotten that part.
COLIN: What can I say, I'm not proud of it. Even at the time, I felt pretty rotten, but I didn't have any choice.
DOROTHY: I see. Someone was holding a gun to your head, were they?
COLIN: Virtually. I'd already transferred all the money I took from the company overseas. And then they were on to me. I needed funds for a quick getaway and there was nowhere to go but our bank account!
Dorothy says that Colin shouldn't have embezzled money in the first place! He reckons he was only taking what was owed to him by the company for his ideas.
DOROTHY: That might be a nice, comfortable rationalisation. But it doesn't change the fact that you are a thief, Colin!
COLIN: Can we make that the past tense, please?
DOROTHY: You tell me. There are some who would say once a thief, always a thief.
COLIN: Yes, I suppose. People who only see things as black or white.
Dorothy asks Colin what he's doing in Erinsborough. He says it's just a coincidence - he has a new job. He needs to find somewhere to stay - it's lonely and expensive in a motel. Dorothy rolls her eyes and starts to show him out.
DOROTHY: It's been interesting talking to you.
COLIN: Interesting enough for us to do it again?
COLIN: Well, I'll take that as a maybe then.
Colin tells Dorothy to keep his past a secret - otherwise it might affect his new job. He says he's been punished enough for what he did. She reluctantly agrees.
Joe has the hand with the bowling ball stuck on it in the freezer (Melanie's idea). Eventually he takes his hand out, and to his surprise, his fingers slips right out of the ball!
JOE: Ohhhh thank you, the patron saint of bowling!
Melanie apparently rang Pam for advice - the cold stops the fingers from swelling, and therefore it will slip off.
Madge and Harold come around and Harold looks at the bowling ball with interest.
HAROLD: I didn't know you bowled!
JOE: Oh, yeah, trying to give it up(!)
Harold reckons he used to be a good bowler himself. Then he pretends to get his fingers stuck.
JOE: You're not serious are you?
He pulls his hand out.
HAROLD: Well, what kind of a fool would get his fingers stuck in a bowling ball?!
Joe just glowers(!)
Glen tells Lucy to hurry up and get off to school. He doesn't want to be responsible for her antics, either.
LUCY: You're only my *half*-brother.
GLEN: Yeah, and I've got a feeling that's going to be a half too much!
He does think Lucy should be sneaking out behind Jim's back and hanging out with dodgy guys.
LUCY: You know, you sound more like a jealous boyfriend than a brother.
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