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Neighbours Episode 1401 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1401
Australian airdate: 01/04/91
UK airdate: 01/04/92
UK Gold: 16/03/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Todd is on the phone to the hospital - Josh's Dad has been admitted, but there's no word on Josh. Apparently the truck just ploughed through the newsagent. Cody suggests going over to Josh's place - at least then they'll know if anything terrible has happened.
Dorothy is still on edge about her husband. Jim comes back but he hasn't got anymore information - the man had left by the time he got there.
When Jim has gone, Dorothy is still a bit on edge - the man did look like her husband, but he's probably changed a great deal - after all *she* has. She tries to act nonchalant as she makes a cup of tea.
HELEN: So it means nothing to you?
HELEN: You're now perfectly calm?
DOROTHY: Absolutely.
HELEN: You don't take sugar.
Joe tells Toby how great he was in the play and then sends him off to bed. Melanie is making a list of about 50 people to come to her granddad's birthday party. The kids are off bushwalking tomorrow, and it's Melanie's day off, so she suggests she and Joe do something tomorrow.
Josh is OK and sitting on the Willises' couch, although he's obviously very upset. He was lucky to be in the garage out the back when the accident happened. He just doesn't know what his family will do now - his Dad has a broken arm and a few stitches, but could have been killed.
JOSH: We've got nothing. No home, no business. Not even a bed to sleep in. When Dad comes out of hospital, he and Mum are going to have nowhere to go. What are we going to do?
Josh is lying awake on the couch, when Melissa comes out. They have a chat about the accident. Melissa tells him that the most important thing is that they're all still alive - all their friends will help.
JOSH: I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you, Melissa.
MELISSA: Things will work out, you'll see.
JOSH: I hope so.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Dorothy comes over to see Harold and Madge.
DOROTHY: When the old vocal chords are fighting fit again you must come over for afternoon tea!
MADGE: Yes, I'll look forward to that(!)
Harold and Dorothy chat about the church fete and Harold tries to persuade Dorothy to come along - they're hoping to raise $17,000 and start a youth refuge. He mentions that the accountant is popping around tonight and his name is Burke.
HAROLD: I thought you perhaps you might know him.
DOROTHY: Really? Why?
HAROLD: Well, his name is Burke, I thought he might be a relative or something.
DOROTHY: Oh, I shouldn't think so, Burke's fairly common.
MADGE: You said it, girlie.
Harold doesn't know the man's first name, but Dorothy looks rather worried.
Joe, Toby and Sky are waiting for Harold and Madge to return. Harold is looking forward to the bushwalk with Toby and Sky.
Melanie is singing tunelessly while washing up. Joe comes in and asks Melanie to help him clean out his wardrobe to give stuff to Harold's fete. Melanie says she will, as long as they can go ten-pin bowling afterwards. Joe is pleased and says he was a bit of a champion in his day(!)
Josh and Jim come in. Josh's Dad is a lot better and is being release later today. Apparently Josh's uncle in Mildura has offered to put the whole family up. But Josh is going to stay with the Robinsons so he can continue at Erinsborough High. Todd and Josh will share a room. They go off to salvage some of Josh's stuff from the wreckage.
When they've gone, Melissa looks very down. She tells Cody her family are emigrating - to America. Her father has been offered a long-term contract and they'll be leaving as soon as everything is organised. It could be as early as next week.
Bowling Alley
We are treated to a montageof the inner workings of the skittle retrieval mechanism. Finally, we see Joe and Melanie - and Melanie is winning. Joe keeps bowling into the troughs at either side and he's not pleased. Meanwhile, Melanie continues to get strikes!
Dorothy is really beside herself and is watching through the living room window in darkness, trying to see Madge and Harold's accountant. Helen pops round and tells her she's being a bit paranoid.
Melissa tells Cody that they might not be coming back from America. Cody is upset and says she'll miss her so much - and how will they tell Josh? Josh comes in and is feeling a bit more upbeat.
Helen is telling Dorothy about Josh coming to stay, but she's not listening and is peeping out of the window instead. Helen tells her to just go over and introduce herself, then she'll know for sure. Dorothy says she does have a biscuit plate belonging to Madge, she could take it back...
Bowling Alley
Melanie is still doing well. Joe reckons he's just having an "off day"(!) He picks up Melanie's ball and thinks it's very light. He tries to bowl with it, but his fingers get stuck in the holes. He end up lying on the floor with his fingers still in the holes!
Dorothy knocks on the door to return the plate to Madge. Harold shows her in to meet their dinner guest.
HAROLD: I'd like you to meet our friend and neighbour, Dorothy Burke.
The accountant turns round and Dorothy recoils in shock. The biscuit plate slips from her hands and smashes on the floor.
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