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Neighbours Episode 1391 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1391
Australian airdate: 18/03/91
UK airdate: 18/03/92
UK Gold: 02/03/98
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Matt punches Aiden. Gemma shouts at Matt to go away.
Pam is cooking breakfast before her first class at Uni. Melissa has been sleeping over and they were up until all hours talking about boys. Doug doesn't think Todd will be home any time soon, and everyone falls silent. Doug walks into the pillar in the middle of the room and decides to pull it down - he's been thinking about it for ages. Cody asks Melissa if she can read what she wrote in her diary and she eventually agrees.
A road
Helen and Josh are driving along. The place Todd used to be is over 400kms away.
JOSH: We'll find him.
HELEN: I hope so.
Melissa says that Cody can read the page in her diary that she wrote last night. Pam tells them that Doug will have to organises lunches for the girls. Doug is brandishing a sledge-hammer to pull down the pillar, and Pam worries that the whole house will collapse(!)
CODY: Mum does have a point there, Dad, I mean, what if that pillar's holding up the roof?
DOUG: I'm a professional builder! And professional builders know about things like that.
CODY: OK, I'll just take your word for it. Mum, maybe you should go and look up the insurance policy!
Pam suggests getting Jim to give a second opinion as an engineer.
DOUG: Pam, I know what I'm doing! Trust me!
Matt tells Bouncer off for watching cartoons(!) saying they're not educational. Gemma marches round and turns off the cartoons.
MATT: Hey, Bouncer was watching that!
Matt tells Gemma he's been fired for skiving off work. She realises it was because of Aiden. She still thinks Matt is paranoid, but Matt insists that the Aiden wants her back.
MATT: Gemma, come on! All you have to do is to see the way that he looks at you!
Gemma does think that's enough reason to beat someone up, but Matt says she should talk to Glen - he knows the truth from talking to Aiden.
GEMMA: I've had enough of this garbage!
MATT: Gemma, it's the truth!
GEMMA: Then why hasn't Aiden said anything to me about it?
MATT: He's not likely to say very much while you're still seeing me, is he?!
GEMMA: Well, now's his big chance, because I don't want to see you anymore, Matt! Not till you apologise to Aiden for acting like a stupid, jealous jerk.
Doug has successfully removed the top half of the pillar without bringing the roof down(!) He's going to leave the bottom bit as a planter box(!) Doug shuts the front door and a bit of plaster falls from the ceiling.
CODY: What a mess. Mum is going to murder you!
Doug rushes off to the hardware shop. Cody is in a bad mood about what she read in Melissa's diary, about when she was in goody two-shoes mode after the bushfire. Cody says she'd never be so disloyal as to write nasty things about Melissa in her diary and Melissa calls her on this, saying Cody will just have to let her read her diary.
A garage
Helen's car has got a puncture. Helen wants to put the spare tyre on and carry on, but Josh doesn't think this would be wise.
HELEN: Do you think someone up there doesn't want us to find Todd?
Josh estimates they can still be there by mid-afternoon. Helen isn't convinced they'll find Todd though.
Matt is sulking at a table. Doug comes along and Matt tells him about Gemma. Doug advises him to take control(!) but Matt says he's already dumped, so Doug tells him to play it cool - guys like Matt don't grow on trees. Matt tells him about Aiden. Doug says that women are fickle at Gemma's age(!)
DOUG: You really should ask yourself whether you're better off without them! Maybe you'd be better off with someone else.
MATT: No. No, she's the one I want.
DOUG: Oh, well. Don't say you weren't warned!
MATT: Yeah. Thanks for the advice(!)
DOUG: Anytime.
Aiden wants Gemma to go for a walk to exercise her leg and Gemma snaps at him. She tells him she can't understand what's got into Matt, and Aiden offers to go back to Queensland. Gemma says there's no need for that - it's up to Matt to change his behaviour, not Aiden. Aiden is pleased to hear that Gemma and Matt have split up.
Doug has fixed the hole in the ceiling. Cody comes home having skipped netball practice. She has bought a new diary and is desperately writing up a new, edited one to show Melissa!
Cody finds a piece of plaster on the floor and Doug tells her not to tell Pam about the ceiling. Cody demands a $5 raise in pocket-money.
DOUG:(reading over Cody's shoulder) Alright, I'll make a deal. You forget everything about the broken plaster, and won't tell Melissa that her best friend reckons she should wax her King-Kong legs!
A dingy hotel
Josh and Helen have arrived. Josh rings the bell and the manager comes out. They explain that they're looking for Todd. The man has seen him, but he didn't leave a forwarding address. He's not impressed - Todd owed him $50. Helen settles the bill, as long as they can have a look at Todd's room. With a bit of an extra bribe on top, the man agrees.
Cody is writing like mad! A montage shows the passing hours with Pam and Doug bringing her food and drink. Cody doesn't pause for breath, and finally flakes out on the sofa. She tells Pam she's got serious RSI. Pam thinks she should just keep a better diary in future - but Cody says it was just constructive criticism(!)
Melissa comes in from netball practice and Cody hands over the diary.
CODY: Here it is, my diary. Read it from cover to cover. I have no secrets.
MELISSA:(giving it back) Thanks, but I'd rather not.
CODY: But you have to. I promised you you could.
MELISSA: Yeah, but diaries are supposed to be personal and people can take things the wrong way.
Cody tries to get Melissa to read it, but she won't.
MELISSA: Cody, you're my best friend. If I can't trust you, who can I trust?
Gemma has tripped over while out on a walk. Aiden says he's sorry for being over-protective in the past.
AIDEN: Look, Gemma. I know you've been straight with Matt, and he's been straight with you. This trouble's all my fault.
GEMMA: No, it isn't...
AIDEN: Yeah, I'm the one who's been playing games. Matt was right about that.
Gemma is stunned.
AIDEN: I tried to be your friend. It was either that or lose you altogether. But it wasn't enough. I don't want to see Matt get hurt, but I love you, Gemma. And I'd do anything to get you back.
Todd's former room
There's nothing left in the room, but a dropped photo of Cody on the floor.
HELEN: Poor Todd. He must have been miserable living here.
It's a dead end. Josh suggests trying the local cafes - they might be able to find where Todd worked. On their way out, Helen trips on a loose piece of carpet and falls down the stairs. She lies motionless at the bottom.
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