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Neighbours Episode 1390 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1390
Australian airdate: 15/03/91
UK airdate: 17/03/92
UK Gold: 27/02/98
Writer: Timothy Daly
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Aiden Devlin: Blake Collins
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen tells Jim that he'd like to move in with him.
Jim is on top of the world this morning and has resumed his early morning cycling with Dorothy. Helen is delighted.
Jim answers the door to Glen, who's got all his stuff. Helen is surprised to see him (apparently Jim hasn't mentioned he was moving in!) Helen is very pleased, and gives Glen a hug.
Aiden isn't sure what his plans are - maybe he should start looking for somewhere to rent. Gemma doesn't want him to hurry away though.
GEMMA: It's nice having you here. I'm going to miss you when you go.
AIDEN: Well...that's great, cos I've really enjoyed being here with you...more than you know...
He starts to broach the subject of their relationship, but just then, Matt comes in through the back door and gives Gemma a good-morning kiss. Aiden is not amused.
Matt tells Gemma that Hilary has rung to tell him that she's going overseas for a few months. Gemma and Aiden make plans to go and see a film, but Matt has to work.
Pam is cleaning the oven when Helen comes in, carrying their mail. She's come to talk about shifts at the Coffee Shop. They chat about Adam's apprenticeship with Doug. Pam picks up the mail and looks through it. She pulls out a letter and looks at it in surprise.
HELEN: Something the matter?
PAM: It's a letter from Cody, addressed to Todd Landers, marked "Return to Sender"!
HELEN: Let me see.
PAM: She knew all the time where he was! He must have changed addresses, so it's been returned.
HELEN: While we were going out of our minds with worry.
PAM: When we asked Cody if she knew where Todd was, she swore she didn't know. I wonder who else knows. Melissa? Josh? I bet she told them.
HELEN: Very likely. Oh, damn them!
PAM: Don't you worry Helen. I will personally drag out of her everything she knows.
HELEN:(upset) Well, if you don't, I will.
Glen hasn't got a lot of stuff to move in, it's all in a couple of boxes. Glen is a bit sad to leave the place where he and his mother lived - it wasn't a lot, but they lived there for a long time. Jim tells Glen he'll be in the room opposite Todd's. Glen asks what the story is with Todd.
GLEN: I hope it's not cos he couldn't stand living with you.
JIM: So do I.
Coffee Shop
Helen is working at the Coffee Shop and approaches Cody, Josh and Melissa who are sitting at a table.
HELEN:(to Cody) Dropped into your house this morning. There was a letter there for you.
CODY: Oh, really? Who from?
There is a bit of a pause.
HELEN: From you, as a matter of fact.
HELEN: Yes, it was a letter from Todd, from you, marked "Return to Sender".
Cody's face falls and she looks very guilty. Helen says she and Pam both want to know why Cody lied about knowing where Todd was, and so will Jim. Cody tells her that she wasn't lying - she really didn't know where he was when she was asked, it was only later that she found out. But she really doesn't know where he is now that he's moved. Josh says that Todd made them promise not to, but Helen says that's no excuse.
HELEN: If you'd told us, we could have gone to see him. We might have been able to talk him in to coming back home. But we can't do that now. We can't even try! You had a very good chance of getting him back, Cody. Well, if that's the last we hear of Todd, we know whose fault it is.
Gemma and Aiden are listening to LPs as they have similar tastes in music. Aiden starts telling her how he doesn't relate to other girls like he does to Gemma - but Gemma is oblivious and tells him he's bound to meet someone soon. The phone rings and Gemma answers it - it's Madge to say that she won't be home from the Waterhole until late tonight. Aiden tries to get back on the subject of his feelings for Gemma, but he's interrupted by the timer on the oven (Gemma is cooking pies). He then suggests that they go for a walk.
Coffee Shop
Josh, Melissa and Cody come to the counter to talk to Helen again.
MELISSA: We'd just like to say we're sorry for not telling anyone where Todd was.
HELEN: It's a bit late now, isn't it?
JOSH: We honestly don't know where he is now, though.
HELEN: I believe you. But can't you see what you've done by not telling anyone?
JOSH: The thing is, Todd's a mate. And when a mate makes you promise something...
MELISSA: Josh tried to talk him out of it...
JOSH: When I saw him, I told him he should come home. But he still feels he's going to be in too much trouble.
HELEN: But he won't be! I hope you told him that in your letters.
CODY: All I want is for Todd to come home.
HELEN: I want you to promise me, that if he does contact you, you'll tell use so we can go and see him.
MELISSA: We promise. Don't we?
CODY: Yeah.
HELEN: Josh? (a pause) Well, you think about it.
She goes into the kitchen.
JOSH: How can we promise to tell them, if we've already promised we wouldn't tell them?
MELISSA: We've got to!
JOSH: No! I am not ratting on a mate!
CODY: I don't think that matters anymore, Josh.
JOSH: I beg your pardon?
CODY: Well, I used to feel like that too, but now I'd do anything to get him back. And if I can promise, then so can you. Josh, we have to!
JOSH: Yes, alright, OK, I guess.
Gemma goes in to see Madge while Aiden and Glen chat outside. Aiden tells Glen that he's still trying to get back in with Gemma. Glen thinks he's being very unfair to Matt, but Aiden reckons that Gemma was his girlfriend first.
Pam and Helen are talking. Pam reckons she'll watch Cody's every move from now on. But Helen has decided to go and look for Todd herself - she'll start at his last address, maybe someone there knows something. Pam is dubious, but Helen says she has to make some effort. She's not going to tell Jim though, and tells Pam she'd better not tell Doug - they'll keep it quiet.
Coffee Shop
Matt comes in and tells Glen he's been sacked for skiving off work yesterday (when Gemma and Aiden were in the pool). Matt says he shouldn't have been jealous, taking the afternoon to keep a watch on Aiden and Gemma. Glen wonders if he should reveal the truth to Matt. In conversation, Matt tells Glen that they're sort of related - his mum is Jim's cousin.
GLEN: Matt, look, I think there's something I ought to tell you.
MATT: I'm listening. Come on mate, it can't be any worse than what's already happened today.
GLEN: You were right in the first place.
MATT: Right about what?
GLEN: Aiden. He's still in love with her. He's trying to get Gemma back.
MATT: What?
GLEN: He told me himself. I wasn't going to say anything, I didn't want to get involved but...after what you've been through today I reckon you deserve a break. Besides, you're family. I'm sorry, mate.
MATT: Yeah.
Jim is doing some technical drawing while Glen wanders around the house. Glen picks up his guitar and starts playing it, so Jim resignedly stops his drawing. They talk about Glen's day and he tells Jim about Matt being sacked. Jim says he'll try to have a word with Matt's boss to smooth things over. They also chat about the family relationship with Matt - GLen has been thinking about the rest of the family and wonders what other relatives he has. Jim says it's about time he found out who's who and goes off to get some photos.
Helen and Pam have gathered Cody, Josh and Melissa for a talk. Helen tells them about her plan to go and look for Todd. They don't know any more information about Todd's plans. Josh offers to go along with Helen, but she isn't keen for them to miss school, and tells them to keep this search a secret. Josh insists that he should go along - even if they find Todd, he'd be more likely to talk to Josh than to Helen. Cody wants to go along too, but Pam immediately vetoes this. Helen relents and allows Josh to come along, providing he gets the approval of Dorothy and his parents too.
Jim is talking to Glen about the family. They didn't react well to news of Glen's existence, and he hasn't had the nerve to tell Lucy yet.
JIM: My wife died having Lucy, and she's always had this rather romantic, idealistic view of her mother. If she finds out that I was unfaithful to her, she won't be very impressed. It will come as a bit of a blow.
Helen comes in and tells Jim that she's "going to an art exhibition in the country" for a few days. Jim tells her to take her time and have a few days to forget about Todd(!)
Outside No.24
Matt is waiting when Gemma and Aiden come back from their walk.
MATT: Would you mind taking your hands off my girlfriend?
GEMMA: Matt!
AIDAN: What's the problem?
MATT: Aiden, don't try to play the innocent with me, OK, I've had enough of the act.
GEMMA: What's got into you?
Matt tells Gemma that it's between him and Aiden - he's trying to steal Gemma away. Gemma says he's wrong, and Aiden denies it too. Matt gets angry and punches Aiden. He falls to the ground. Gemma shouts at Matt to go away.
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