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Neighbours Episode 1386 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1386
Australian airdate: 11/03/91
UK airdate: 11/03/92
UK Gold: 23/02/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Outside Lassiter's
Melanie is trying to hide, but Christina sees her and comes over and rants at length about Caroline and how she's always had to boss since they were little girls. She's not going to take it any more. Melanie tries to placate her, but it's like talking to a wall. She thanks Melanie for being on her side(!)
Joe is sampling Cody's gingerbread men, or as Cody calls them, "Gingerbread Persons"! Doug tells Joe that Cody is being fantastic around the house, but Joe reckons Cody is trying to butter him up for something. Doug suggests a bet and they shake on it.
A road
Melissa and Josh are following Cody. She stops at a letterbox to post a letter, skipping along happily. Josh and Melissa watch her suspiciously. Josh observes that Todd must have phoned Cody with his new address and Melissa starts - what new address?!
Madge and Harold are back. They talk with Helen about Gemma's health and her ex-boyfriend Aidan staying over. They can't see a problem with it. Harold gives Helen a present - it some sand off the beaches they have visited - all different colours.
HELEN:(strained) It's lovely. Thank you both very much!
Harold finds some hotel towels that Madge has put in the suitcase by mistake. Harold is horrified that Madge has stolen towels. Madge rolls her eyes.
The Office
Caroline is in a very bad mood - she hasn't been able to get hold of Paul. Melanie thinks it's just as well - they're fully-booked and Caroline should concentrate on that. Caroline decides to call building security and get the gift shop locked(!)
A road
Josh and Melissa are still following Cody. She takes her flowers into a Church, much to their surprise.
JOSH: What would Cody be doing in a church?!
Harold is still banging on about the towels. Madge is not impressed, saying it would cost more than the towels are worth to send them back. Harold is not impressed. Madge says that Harold took a shower cap, but Harold says it was only disposable!
Josh and Melissa have come to wait for Cody to come back. It's not long before Cody arrives home. They ask her straight out what she was doing in a Church.
CODY:(crossly) You followed me.
JOSH: No, we didn't...we happened to go and get a milkshake and we saw you...
CODY: You followed me! You two call yourself friends and you go around chasing after a person like...
But her mask slips back on and says it's no big deal, she was just keeping her "deal" with God. She explains that when she was lost in the bushfire, she told God she'd be a better person if he let her live, and he did. She feels really good about her new life.
Melanie comes in to see Helen, hoping she can help to resolve the Twin War. She explains about Christina wanting a new hotel logo and now it's all about who's got the most clout. Helen thinks they'll resolve things, but Melanie can see it getting a lot worse.
Cody is telling Josh and Melissa how she appreciates the simple things in life now - like the shape of clouds or a bird in a nest. They don't think she's as fun anymore.
JOSH: Can we have the real Cody back, please. I know you're in there somewhere!
They start to try to get her to drop her mask by telling her gossip from school - like Debbie Langford thinking Cody is a wimp. Cody nearly buckles, but her mask stays on.
MELISSA: I give up. If that didn't do it, nothing will.
Harold has come to see how Joe and the kids are. Doug is also there and Harold tells him what a great time they had - the trouble didn't start until they got home(!) He tells Doug and Joe about the towels and they don't think it's too serious. Harold is worried though - the owners treated them as friends. Doug suggests that Harold sends them a cheque, but he's not convinced. Joe says he'll help him to write a convincing excuse note.
JOE: 'Dear Sir...Madam'
DOUG: 'DUring our recent stay, my wife intended to deposit the enclosed towels in the soiled laundry recepticle, but inadvertantly put them instead into the kitchen garbage bin.'
JOE: 'And we reckon the least we could do is to take them home and clean them...'
HAROLD: Oh, no, no, no, it was a resort hotel, we didn't have a kitchen!
Harold says he can't lie about it, so Joe says he might as well just tell the truth - it was a mistake.
The Office
Christina comes storming in, furious that Caroline has had the Gift Shop shut up. Caroline reckons she had no choice because Christina was making crazy decisions. Christina says she'll just work from Paul's desk instead. Caroline is unable to reason with her.
Harold has been to the bank and the post office "trying to restore their good name". He's sent a bank cheque to the hotel for the towels. Madge rolls her eyes - she's already washed and dried the towels and sent them back with an explanatory letter. Harold cringes - he's sent a letter with a lie in it about the towels being soiled.
HAROLD: Those wonderful people! That wonderful resort! We'll never be able to go back there again!
MADGE: Harold, you're the one that's always saying that honesty is the best policy, maybe this will teach you to practise what you preach!
Josh and Melissa are just leaving and Cody says she's going to write a letter to Todd now.
JOSH: That's what I meant to ask you - what's his new address?
CODY: What?
JOSH: I got a postcard from him the other day, he said he's moved on to another town. But he says he will write as soon as he settles down.
CODY: And you didn't...tell me this.
JOSH: Well, no, I thought he'd phoned you.
CODY:(mask slipping) I've been writing to him every day, trudging down to mail it and now you're telling me that he's moved.
JOSH: Yes. Sorry.
CODY: The letter I wrote yesterday was sixteen pages!
MELISSA: We've got our old Cody back...
She continues to rant about Todd, saying when she gets her hands on him, she'll "punch his lights out". Doug and Joe come up and Joe observes that he's won his bet(!)
The Office
Christina and Caroline are still bickering, this time over use of a calculator. Helen and Melanie come in.
HELEN: It seems my information was correct.
Christina and Caroline blame each other for everything that's gone wrong, but Helen says it's already straightened out - she's spoken to Paul this afternoon and he's given the authority to sort things out. She's going to install a new temporary manager until he can get back and sort things out. Caroline threatens to go back to Parkside Pacific, but Helen says it really will be only temporary.
CHRISTINA: So who would this new acting manager be? Jim, I suppose?
HELEN: No, no, Jim's too busy with his own work.
CAROLINE: I guess it's you, then.
HELEN: No, it was Paul's selection, actually, but I fully endorse it. From now on, the acting manager will be Miss Pearson.
Melanie reacts in surprise and delight! The twins glower in shock.
<<1385 - 1387>>
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