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Neighbours Episode 1385 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1385
Australian airdate: 08/03/91
UK airdate: 10/03/92
UK Gold: 20/02/98
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina and Melanie are trying to do yoga, but Christina is still steamed up about Caroline.
CHRISTINA: She takes herself too seriously, always has. Can you believe she used to file her Barbie outfits in alphabetical order?
MELANIE:(breaking off from her meditation) You are kidding! I only ever had one Barbie doll outfit, and I lost it. My poor Barbie spent most of her life buck naked. I always gave her good hair-dos though.
Melanie says that arguments always come up in business, but Christina thinks it's deeper than that. Melanie tries to calm her down.
MELANIE: Now just relax and clear your mind - it's easy, I do it all the time.
Caroline comes in and snaps at Christina, then walks off. Christina is not amused. Meanwhile, Melanie lies upside-down on the sofa, saying it increases the blood-flow to the brain!
Doug and Glen are laughing about Helen liberating Joe's frog. Doug says they still have his frong, but Glen says they have to think about the Health Department(!)
Helen comes in and asks Glen how the job's going. He's a bit cold towards her. She asks him if he'd like to come around to the Ramsay house tomorrow so they could talk.
HELEN: Tomorrow at 9? I'll make you some coffee. I just think we need to talk!
GLEN:(unenthusiastically) Alright. If you like.
HELEN: I'll see you then!
Cody is hoovering when Doug comes in. Doug is amazed at the work she's done, including starting dinner. They chat about Adam and wish he wouldn't blame himself for the kid's death.
DOUG: Two years of hard slog went into that medical degree. He can't throw it away now.
Cody says wisely that a crisis can be good sometimes - it helps you get your life into perspective.
No.24, evening
Glen popps around to see Helen, who is in her dressing-gown. He's come to tell her that he's changed his mind about tomorrow - he doesn't want to be part of the Robinson family.
GLEN: Just leave me out, please. I've got lots of good reasons for it. The way I see it, Jim's only making this effort out of guilt, not because I'm his long-lost son or anything like that. Doesn't phase me, mind you - I've always been a bit of an outsider.
HELEN: You don't necessarily have to stay that way.
GLEN: Well, I'm kind of used to it. Apart from Gran, I never really had contact with any of Mum's family. And we moved around too much to make any friends.
HELEN: Must have been very difficult for you.
GLEN: Well, as I said, you get used to it. But you also get used to meeting new people, and you can pretty much tell straight away if you're going to hit it off or not. And I don't think Jim and I ever will.
HELEN: I see.
GLEN: Look, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful you helped get me a job. But the lease on the house comes up tomorrow and then I can push on.
HELEN: You're moving away?
GLEN: Yeah, I am.
HELEN: But you can't do that!
GLEN: I can do whatever I want.
Helen hears Gemma and the boys driving up outside, so Helen asks if they can talk about it properly tomorrow.
HELEN: This is a very important decision you're making. Please.
Willises, the following morning
Cody has made Doug breakfast. Melisa and Josh are there, and they ask Cody to go to the beach, but she says she's got too much housework to do. They think she's being punished, but she assures them she isn't. She also tells them that she's been reading poetry and they look at her as if she's insane(!)
JOSH:(to Melissa) Well, she's finally lost it!
The Office
Christina storms into the office to speak to Caroline. She tells her off for sneaking out of the house this morning before she could talk to her. Caroline says there's nothing more to talk about re: the gift shop and Christina storms out.
MELANIE: Chrissie, will you and Caroline stop fighting?!
CHRISTINA: Mel, I've only just begun!
She storms out.
Melanie tells Caroline carefully that Christina wanted to apologise to her this morning. She says that Christina just doesn't want to admit that she's wrong(!)
Josh and Melissa come in and tell Doug that Cody is polishing his ute. They think she's acting completely out of character, but Doug doesn't agree. He's quite enjoying the housework blitz.
DOUG: I think she's finally taken notice of the kind, fatherly advice I've given her over the years. She's growing up.
JOSH: Cody? Are you for real?
DOUG: You should take a leaf out of Cody's book! Go to bed early. Eat sensibly. Do extra homework. Polish your shoes. Put limits on TV. Put the garbage out. Squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom. Turn the stereo down. Bake biscuits. Make your beds!
But Josh and Melissa have run out of the front door!
Helen and Glen are having a talk. Helen says that no-one is such a good judge of character from first impressions.
HELEN: I think you've misjudged Jim.
GLEN: Some people can surprise you. Not very often.
HELEN: He's a far kinder and more generous man than you might think.
GLEN: So, surprise me.
HELEN: He didn't offer you a place in his home out of guilt. He's done the same for others, including two young men who actually appreciated finding a family to belong to.
GLEN: Father of the year, huh?
HELEN: Oh, hardly, nevertheless, I thought it might help change your pre-conceptions.
GLEN: The fact is, Helen, you don't know me very well, It's not just because of Jim that this fmaily bit won't work, it's because of me as well.
GLEN: I don't belong in Ramsay Street. Or any other neat little middle-class suburb with its happy little families leading cosy little lives. I've been up against it all my life.
HELEN: And what has it made you, Glen? Tough? Bitter?
GLEN: You can call it what you like. But I'm not wrapping myself up in some double-brick cocoon with three TVs and a neat little garden. I'll suffocate. I couldn't stand it.
The phone rings, and Helen goes to answer it.
Helen gets off the phone and Glen has calmed down a bit.
GLEN: Sorry if I gave you a hard time.
HELEN: Well, you did. You talk as if everything that people like Jim and I have was handed to us on a plate.
GLEN: Well, it's a trap.
HELEN: A trap? Do you know what I think? I think you're bitter about the way jim and I live because that's what you really want yourself.
GLEN: Garbage.
HELEN: It isn't garbage, you see, you make snap judgements about things you don't understand.
GLEN: It seems so mediocre.
HELEN: Let me tell you a story.
GLEN: Oh, here we go.
HELEN: Not many people know this, but my family were poultry farmers. And I was every bit as independent as you are, even more so. Except I wanted to be sophisticated...artistic...cultured. My parents worked very hard to pay for my education...boarding school. And I had the gall to call their lives mediocre.
GLEN: Then you realised you were wrong and you all lived happily ever after.
HELEN: Not at all. I realised that their life wasn't for me and I had a blazing row with my father. And I struck out on my own.
GLEN: What happened?
HELEN:(with difficulty) My father died, still thinking that I didn't give a damn about him, or the lifestyle he'd provided for me.
GLEN: Point taken.
HELEN: Fathers are irreplaceable, Glen. Don't make the same mistake this young fool made. That's the trap.
Cody is still doing housework, much to Josh and Melissa's disgust. They can't understand what has brought all this on. Cody tells them that she has to go out on a private errand - but they can stay and hang out at the house.
The Office
Christina comes in and invites Melanie to lunch. Caroline comes out and tells her she understands what Christina has been trying to do. Caroline tells her she forgives her, and then heads off. Christina is speechless.
CHRISTINA: The nerve of her! *Her* forgiving me!
Melanie tries to explain her role in it, but Christina won't listen and gets straight on the phone. She tells the supplier that she wants to double the order!
MELANIE:(to herself) Uh-oh. There goes my shot at next year's Nobel Peace Prize!
Cody is dressed in a dress, much to Melissa and Josh's surprise. She takes some flowers out of a vase and then heads off. Melissa and Josh sit, disbelieving.
JOSH: Maybe it's some Freudian identity crisis!
Melissa says that Cody has changed so much. Josh suggests that she could be in love. Maybe they could follow her to find out?
The Office
Caroline comes in to find Christina glowering behind the desk. Christina tells Caroline that she's not in charge of the gift shop - she is. Caroline says there is already more than enough stock in the gift shop, and besides, cash flow is tight at the moment. Caroline tells her that she'll have to ring Paul so he can sort her out.
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