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Neighbours Episode 1367 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1367
Australian airdate: 12/02/91
UK airdate: 13/02/92
UK Gold: 27/01/98
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim tells Glen that he is his father. Glen is not impressed and storms out.
Melissa and Josh have called in to see Cody on the way back from the last lesson of their waiters' course. Josh tells Doug that he's talked to Jim about his meeting with Todd.
Cody is down in the dumps - she's forgotten to get Todd a birthday card. Melissa observes that Cody wouldn't know where to send it anyway. Josh realises that Cody knows the address where Todd is. She confirms this, but doesn't tell them where he is. Josh starts tickling her(!)
Jim is very upset that Glen took the news so badly - he was totally indifferent. Helen says it's a fairly predictable reaction - Glen is probably punishing Jim for taking so long to recognise the truth. She's sure Glen will calm down eventually, and then he and Jim can talk again.
Bishops, the following morning
Gemma feels like she's in the way at the Bishop house. Madge explains that Harold is just suffering a persecution complex and tells her about the old letter. Madge says she was so in love with Fred at the time, she probably would have said unflattering things about Errol Flynn(!)
Matt comes in with some fresh croissants for their breakfast and Harold also comes out of his room. He greets Matt and Gemma but ignores Madge. Harold decides he's not hungry and rushes off to work. Madge rolls her eyes.
Jim is in a bit of a better mood this morning. Helen suggests that he has another go at talking to Glen - after all, he hasn't told Glen about the name-swap issue yet. Jim says it's up to Glen to come back to him.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy sees Harold getting into his car and asks him if he and Madge have sorted their problems out after the pavlova incident. Harold bristles and tells her that it's none of her business.
Gemma is a bit down in the dumps about Madge and Harold's bickering. Matt tries to cheer her up, but she says she feels in the middle. Matt tells her not to stress out - she needs all her strength to recover from the operation.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Josh, Codd and Melissa are chatting about the new teacher, Mr Gibbs. The rumour is that he was nearly ousted from his old job from coming on to a couple of female students. Josh says it's only a rumour and they should ignore it.
Harold comes up to take their order, but they tell him that they ordered ages ago. He mumbles and then walks off.
JOSH: Welcome to the Coffee Shop of the Walking Dead!
Cody is still missing Todd and asks Josh to go home and check his letterbox to see if there are any letters from Todd.
A kitchen somewhere
Todd is washing some dishes and looks very tired. He sighs in despair.
Matt is having a chat to Madge while Gemma is resting in her room. He tells her that he's worried about Gemma - the situation between Madge and Harold is depressing her. Madge is shocked to hear that Gemma feels she's in the way. She'll have a chat with Gemma later.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Harold has finally brought Cody and Melissa's order. Melissa has a bee in her bonnet about the rumours surrounding Mr Gibbs.
At another table, Harold is telling Jim about the letter that Madge wrote. He thinks Harold is being silly.
Josh arrives back with a letter for Cody from Todd. She's delighted.
Jim tells Harold that when he was having problems with Beverly he distanced himself and went to New York - he thinks maybe Harold should try the same thing (cos it worked out really well for you, eh, Jim?!)
Cody is reading Todd's letter - he says that he's got a good job with a decent boss...
...cut to...
A kitchen somewhere
Todd is tired out and his boss keeps having a go at him. He sighs heavily.
Dorothy answers the door to Melissa, Cody and Josh. Melissa is on her high horse and demands that Dorothy does something about Mr Gibbs, the new teacher. Dorothy says she's aware of the incident which is now going around in rumour-form, but he was completely exonerated by the enquiry. The girl in question admitted that she made the whole thing up. Melissa isn't happy with this but Dorothy tells her off - stories like this can cause real trouble, so they'd better not tell anyone else.
JOSH: It's too late. It's around the whole school.
Helen and Gemma are having a chat. Helen tells Gemma that Madge and Harold will work things through, it'll just take some time. Gemma feels a lot better now after their chat - she gives her grandmother a ring for a bit of a chat. Then she says that maybe Edna can help her with something.
Doug asks Jim if he wants to get involved in the guesthouse - he wants to put in a dumb waiter and Jim has a background in hydraulics and might be able to help.
Jim tells Doug about his past coming back to haunt him, that he really is Glen's father.
Gemma just ending her talk on the phone to Edna and is really pleased with the way their conversation went. Madge comes in and the phone rings for Harold. Madge takes a message and is horrified at the contents.
GEMMA: Is there something wrong, Aunty Madge?
MADGE: Yes, you could say that. I think Harold's leaving me!
<<1366 - 1368>>
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