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Neighbours Episode 1366 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1366 (Jim Robinson receives proof that Glen Donnelly is his son)
Australian airdate: 11/02/91
UK airdate: 12/02/92
UK Gold: 26/01/98
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Glen Donnelly: Richard Huggett
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam has been changing Gemma's dressings again. She tells Madge that it's important that Gemma has a nice, stable home environment at the moment. She moans a bit about Doug. Harold is still sulking.
Jim has had a long conversation with Catherine - there are some things he got wrong in Vietnam. The woman *was* the real Catherine Hennessey - but she wasn't the woman Jim had an affair with. Apparently the nurses had name tags on their shirts and one night she swapped T-shirts with Maureen Donnelly. Maureen never corrected Jim when he called her "Catherine" (based on her name-tag). It seems that Jim and Maureen formed "an emotional bond" during their two-day affair, but Maureen was engaged, Jim was married, and she decided not to tell him the truth. Catherine and Maureen kept in touch for a while after Vietnam, but they'd lost touch - Catherine didn't know that Maureen had died, even.
HELEN: So, this is the truth.
JIM: Yeah.
HELEN: You thought you had an affair with a girl called Catherine Hennessey, but her real name was Maureen Donnelly. So Glen is your son. Jim, you went out there looking for answers, but they weren't the answers you expected, and you probably don't like that, but...what about Glen? Do you accept him as your son?
JIM: ...Yes.
Pam and Doug are having a row about the money. Doug says he's rather invest the money than blow it on a holiday. Adam rolls his eyes and tells them to stop arguing. Doug says the money is in a joint account, so they need both signatures to draw the money out. Doug tries to compromise - he offers Pam three months in Europe with the profits the guesthouse will make in the first year. She doesn't buy it though.
Dorothy is telling Ryan about a new teacher at the school - Mr Gibbs. Ryan is mooching around the house and Dorothy tells him off for lacking focus. She tells Ryan that he's bone idle, but he counters that Dorothy should lighten up!
Jim and Helen are still talking about Glen. Helen wants him to go straight to Glen with the news and an apology. He's not sure that he wants Glen to know the truth.
HELEN: But he's your son!
JIM: I have other children to think about. How's it going to affect them?
HELEN: Ji, Glen has the motivation. He'll find Catherine Hennessey and he'll find the truth. And he'll know that you've kept it from him. He'll most likely hate you for that...is that what you want?
Ryan has fallen asleep watching television and has slept on the sofa all night. Dorothy tells him off for not going to bed. She starts moaning at him about not having a career.
Doug is working on the guesthouse renovations at his desk. Pam is still in a bad mood with him. Adam suggests that Pam gets a job in nursing - they're looking for people at the hospital and she is qualified, after all. Doug laughs and says that Pam isn't about to go back to work. But Pam looks rather thoughtful.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Helen are having a chat about the new school year and Harold's bad mood. Helen is upset that she can't send Todd to school. If he doesn't come back soon, he'll have to repeat the year.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jim and Paul are having a chat.
JIM: I believe there's a possibility that Glen might be my son.
Paul is shocked.
PAUL: A possibility? Dad, you either are his father or you're not.
JIM: I believe I am.
Paul is speechless - Jim seemed so sure before. Paul is shocked that Jim cheated on his mother.
Coffee Shop
Pam comes in and orders a pavlova. Then Madge comes in. She gives Harold a list of things to pick up. He speaks to her very coldly and Madge becomes very irritated with him. She follows him into the kitchen.
MADGE: Now, you listen to me! I have been a good wife to you...I've been a loving wife...go on, deny it!
HAROLD: I do not deny it, I just do not wish to discuss it here.
MADGE: You'll discuss it, alright. Now if we keep hitting each other with things from the dim, distant past, we're likely to wake up one day and find that we haven't got a marriage!
HAROLD: You wrote what you wrote, you said what you said, it can't be changed and that's the bottom line!
MADGE: Oh, I'll give you the bottom line!
She takes the pavlova that Harold is holding and throws it at him!
This conversation is being overheard out in the Coffee Shop by Pam, Dorothy and Helen.
PAM:(to Dorothy and Helen) Pavlova's off.
Dorothy and Helen try not to laugh.
The Office
Glen comes in to ask Paul about the waiter's course. He wants to know how he's doing, so Paul has a look in the file. Apparently Glen is getting on very well. Glen wants a job at Lassiter's so he can stay in Erinsborough. Paul offers him some fill-in work as a kitchen-hand. Glen takes it - it'll do for now. Paul will keep him in mind if anything else suitable comes up. Before Glen goes, Paul says that Jim wants to talk to him about something - he should call around and see him.
Harold comes in in a very bad mood (just for a change)
MADGE: Harold, I have two things to say. First of all, I'm very sorry that I threw that pavlova, I lost control and I feel in doing so I lowered myself to your level.
HAROLD: Now just a moment...
MADGE: Secondly, if you want a change of clothes, you'll find everything in the spare room.
HAROLD: Why the spare room?
MADGE: Because if you want to sleep in there, you'll have to change in there and as far as I'm concerned, you can stay in there!
Robinsons, evening
Jim is hoping that Glen will call around after the waiter's course (Paul told him he saw Glen). Jim is nervous about what he's going to say to Glen.
HELEN: I don't think he came here looking for a hand-out. I know he has a few rough edges, but for what it's worth, my instinct tells me he's alright. He came here hoping to find his family, so we can offer him that much, can't we?
JIM: Well, I'd like to. All this time spent searching for the truth, I've had lots of time to think. I can't help asking myself, if I'd known the truth from the start, would I have rejected him? Would I have tried to get rid of him.
HELEN: Oh, no, you'd never turn your back on a child of your own. As a matter of fact, I think you're about to make that young man's day!
Pam is telling Doug about the pavlova incident at the Coffee Shop. She and Doug are getting on a bit better. Adam comes in with some second-hand medical books that he's bought. He's surprised to hear that Pam and Doug haven't decided what to do about the money yet. Finally Pam caves in and says he can have the money for the guesthouse - as long as she gets her 3 months in Europe in two years' time.
Glen has arrived. Helen makes herself scarce so he and Jim can talk.
GLEN: So, why am I here?
JIM: Well, when you first came to Erinsborough, I didn't believe your story. I reckon I said some pretty harsh things, although at the time I thought I was entitled to say them. And now I know I was wrong. What I'm trying to say is...I accept now that I am your father.
GLEN: That's big of you, Dad! I came here looking for my father. That's before I knew what you were like. So, you are my father. Big deal.
He walks out and slams the door behind him.
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