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Neighbours Episode 1351 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1351 (1991 Season Return)
Australian airdate: 21/01/91
UK airdate: 22/01/92
UK Gold: 05/01/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen tells Jim that he's his son.
Glen insists that he's Jim's son.
Christina isn't sure whether she wants to marry Paul - although they've known each other for ages, they haven't been going out long. She's got a record in rushing into things so wants to give things a bit of time. Paul is disappointed.
CHRISTINA: I'm trying to be sensible! Why don't we just enjoy the way things are before we go any further?
PAUL: Yeah, sure, alright...
Tom is telling Gemma rather awkwardly that there are complications from her injuries - she's going to have to have another operation - micro-surgery this time. Gemma is shocked to hear that she might lose her leg.
Glen is explaining that his mother served as an army nurse in Vietnam. Jim says he isn't the right Jim Robinson - he's never even heard of Maureen Donnelly, let alone had an affair with her. Glen says that his mother never told him who his father was until she was dying - he wasn't interested and has only come now for help paying the funeral bill. He's checked the records and Jim was the only James Robinson in the area at the time. Jim admits that he was in the right area, but he's never heard of Maureen Donnelly.
GLEN: I can see why you wouldn't want to admit you had an affair.
JIM: My wife, Anne, is dead, so I don't have to lie to protect her. I'm not going to admit to having a relationship with someone I've never even heard of! Seems to me you're just a con-artist trying to get a thousand bucks out of me.
GLEN: You creep. To think all those years my mother loved you. I'm glad she's not here to hear you say you didn't even know her.
There's a knock at the door and Helen answers it - it's Madge. She has come to fill them in about Gemma.
Melanie arrives with a bunch of flowers for Gemma, but Matt tells her that she can't go in - Gemma has to have a serious operation. Matt says he'll never forgive himself if Gemma loses her leg - it's all his fault.
Madge is just leaving. Jim tells Glen again that it's all some sort of mix-up. Glen is not impressed. To smooth things over, Helen asks Glen what dates were involved. Jim says he was in the area Glen mentioned in 1969, but he doesn't remember a Maureen Donnelly.
GLEN: She was always known by a nickname, Mo. Sort of short for Maureen.
JIM: Well, it still doesn't ring any bells.
Glen calls Jim a liar and storms out.
GLEN: I wish I'd never met you! I liked to think that my old man was a decent bloke.
Jim and Helen are mulling over events in the kitchen. Helen thinks that Glen seems sincere, but that it's just mistaken identity.
Christina comes in through the back door for a word about Paul. She tells them that Paul has proposed to her. Helen and Jim are shocked, but are quite pleased. Helen thinks that Christina should wait a while before saying yes - Paul's been through a lot recently with the whole Isabella thing. Jim suggests giving it a year and then seeing how they feel.
Paul is moaning to Caroline that no-one wants him to be happy. Caroline thinks that Paul could be on the rebound from Isabella and Paul is not impressed. He says that everyone is frightening Christina off, but Caroline says that at least Christina is being sensible for a change. Anyway, it won't hurt to wait for a while. Paul still isn't impressed, but Caroline points out that it's barely two minutes since Paul proposed to Isabella and now that's all over. But she won't influence Christina either way - it's up to her.
Tom and Madge are beside themselves with worry about Gemma, and also Joe, whose on the run from the police. Tom thanks Madge for being there for him.
No.22 - evening
Caroline is reading on the sofa when Christina comes in - she's been to see Gemma. Caroline suggests that they have a chat, but Christina wants to go straight to bed.
Matt brings Madge a cup of tea. He's still beating himself up about Gemma's condition. Apparently the operation went very well, but they won't know for sure for several days. Tom tells Matt that he blames Matt entirely.
TOM: Now get lost, and stay lost.
No.22, the following morning
Caroline and Paul are having breakfast. Christina comes down and busies herself making coffee. She turns down Caroline's invitation of lunch.
Melanie comes round and when the others have gone, Christina tells her about Paul proposing to her. Melanie is very excited and squeals in joy. She's surprised that Christina hasn't said yes yet, but says that maybe everyone is right about Christina thinking things through for a while.
CHRISTINA: Sometimes I think that two people have to do what they think is right. Even when everyone else thinks it's wrong.
MELANIE: Oooh, it sounds so romantic when you say it like that!
They chat about Gemma, but there's no news yet.
Matt is visiting Gemma - her leg is still a bit numb. Gemma tells Matt that the accident wasn't his fault - even if she loses her leg she still won't blame him. Tom comes in and tells Matt to leave, but Gemma doesn't want him to. He reluctantly agrees that Matt can stay.
Paul is having a chat with Jim and Helen about the proposal. They still think it would be wiser for Paul to wait a while. Paul carries on like a bratty school kid and claims that the Isabella thing is behind him. Jim points out that Paul didn't even realise he loved Christina until recently, and only after having his ego battered by Isabella. To the observer, it looks like Christina is just the thing to soothe his ego.
PAUL: You really don't have much of an opinion of me do you?
HELEN: Don't be silly, darling, no-one's trying to put you down!
Helen just wants Paul to be sure that his feelings for Christina will last - he's forcing the issue. He got together with Isabella after hurting from Gail, and Helen thinks he's following the same pattern.
PAUL: Gran, I love Christina, I really, really love her, I just wish someone would see that!
Melanie tells Caroline excitedly that they might both be bridesmaids soon, but Christina still hasn't officially told Caroline. Caroline tries to draw Christina on the subject, but she is evasive. Caroline looks quite offended.
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